Thursday, April 22, 2004

hey big spender

Omigod! I just drank five beers and got a bit carried away and just spent nearly US$200 on music, DVDs and design books... hey, it's gonna be cool when the package arrives! But it's gonna be equally the opposite of cool when the Visa bill gets here. Que sera sera. The place I bought the shit - - they got it going on. I swear, I could've spent a lot of money. Well, actually I did, but I could've spent more.

Today's been busy. Meetings (two); taxi service to teenagers (twice); loadsa work into the later hours of the evening. And now, due to internet spending and drinking of beer product, it is 1.41am and I'm gonna crash. Night-night!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Growing up

I can't believe that at the age I am (which I'm not divulging here) I have finally got around to thinking about saving money. I've just had a meeting with a financial consultant (what a horrid job that would be...) and have decided to salt away some of my hard-earned cash. About a year ago he talked me into life insurance (!). I have problems with these grown-up concepts. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in a moneyless society. Something like subsistence farming I guess - kinda boring and lots of digging about in the dirt.

Later today I might try to add a "comments" field. My Significant Other Dave (henceforth to be referred to as SOD) tells me it's fairly easy...

Mucking about in the html

Oh dear. I've just spent an hour fricking about with the template. I know next to nothing about html and decided I would have a go at editing the template to get some rosy tones happening on my blog. Notice my big f**k-up? Yes, I've managed to do something fatal to the "Powered by Blogger" thing that is meant (by agreement with the terms as spelled out by Blogger!) to appear beneath my posts. Oh well, let's see if the powers-that-be notice. I doubt it.
I've just managed to waste an hour on this tinkering, by the way. I hope I can continue this new-found interest without it interfering with my work. We shall see.
Well now, this is my first post. Hi, I'm Rose and I'm a graphic designer and have just moved my office home. Three weeks ago approximately. And it's weird. I've decided to do this because I'm ALWAYS working and it might be fun to take some time out and go "blah blah blah" about stuff every now and then. Maybe someone might read it. Who knows. Here goes. First blog.