Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SESSION 62: At Home With Rose



Sorry - split into two parts due to some unknown tech glitch. Don't you hate those?

Could not decide what mood I was in tonight while getting this playlist sorted. I hope it works. Mostly dark, and kinda dirty, but there are some light moments too. New best find: Best Coast. Seems like lo-fi is the new black.

Had a whole day at a day spa today! What a treat. I had some very interesting makeup though. The final "treat" was getting my makeup done, but I got home and saw it properly and removed it. Oh my god, what did that girl think she was doing? It was pretty scary. However, the rest of the day was fun. I now have dark green fingernails and bright red toenails.

We have a friend staying who has lots of new music to listen to. Wish i could take a week off work and catch up on some listening. One more reason to work for myself again: listen to whatever the fuck I feel like.

Fennesz, "City of light", Venice, (Touch, 2004). 6:35
Chihei Hatakeyama, 'Starlight reflecting on the surface of the river", Minima Moralia, (Kranky, 2006). 7:00
The Cheap Poet, "My Finger is Broken", When the Poem Falls and Brakes its Nose, (Umor Rex, 2007). 6:00
Best Coast, "a3 - angsty", Where the boys are, (Blackest Coast, 2009). 2:49
Best Coast, "b2 - gloomy", Where the boys are, (Blackest Coast, 2009). 4:03
Gfrenzy, "Mouth of Bloody Vengeance", The Need For A Crossing: A New New Zealand, Vol. 1, (Xeric, 2007). 1:38
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, "Everyday is Brainday", Split, (Digitalis, 2009). 1:18
Bloody Panda, "Ice", Pheromone, (Level Plane Records, 2007). 12:46
Ajilvsga, "Leviathan Vanquished", Medicine Bull, (Dreamsheep, 2008). 10:10
CJA, "5:16", Ironclad, (Last Visible Dog, Digitalis, 2006). 5:20
Alastair Galbraith, "Mavis Grind", Seely Girn, (Feel Good All Over, 1993). 3:26
Alastair Galbraith, "Lucid Branches", Talisman, (Next Best Way, 1995). 2:06
Armpit, "Youse", Society Of Dogs (split), (Pink Skulls, 2003). 5:08
Acid Witch, "Realm of the Wicked", Witchtanic Hellucinations, (Acid Witch Records, 2009). 2:15
Astral Light, "III", Reflections, (Not On Label, 2009). 8:22
Circle, "Re-Masturbated", Zopalki, (Bad Vugum, 1996). 7:48
Biosphere, "Spring Fever", Touch 25, (Touch, 2006). 3:15
Black Mayonnaise, "Narcotic Fog", Ttssattsr, (Emperor Jones, 2004). 7:19
Mekanik Kommando, "Pain In Eden", Analogsounds Vol. 1, Analog Cyberpunk Addendum_III, (Cracked Mirror). 4:19
Blectum from Blechdom, "Bastard Child", Haus de Snaus, (Tigerbeat6, 2001).
Boris, "Blackout", Pink, (Mangrove, 1998). 4:50
De Profundis Parade, "Don't Fear the Fake Cheerleader", "Seven Year Bitch" The Best Of Jenn Birkenow 2000 - 2007, (Vault 106, 2008). 2:35
De Profundis Parade, "LSD LSD LSD", "Seven Year Bitch" The Best Of Jenn Birkenow 2000 - 2007, (Vault 106, 2008). 6:34

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SESSION 61: At Home With Rose

Hanging out in Rose's lounge (it's been a hard day at the office)


It's kinda lounge. It's kinda not.

Favourites of late: jj and Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti.

Next week I have a whole day at the day spa. How much more loungey am I gonna be after that?

Oh, and La Quisha Redfern will once again be in attendance.

Stereolab, 'Mellotron', Peng!, (Too Pure, 1992). 2:48
Mouse on Mars, 'Lasergum', Cache Coeur Naif, (Too Pure, 1997). 3:39
A Sunny Day in Glasgow, 'Close Chorus', Ashes Grammar, (mis ojos discos, 2009). 6:24
Stereolab, 'Fractal Dream Of A Thing', Chemical Chords, (4AD, 2008). 3:37
jj, "Things Will Never Be The Same Again', jj n° 2, (Sincerely Yours, 2009). 3:34
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, 'Fright Night (Nevermore)', Before Today, (4AD, 2010). 3:35
Domotic, 'Domestic electrical supplies', Ambient for hard working people - DJ Yogurt, (Upset Recordings, 2007). 3:30
jj, 'My Life', jj n° 3, (Secretly Canadian, 2010). 1:58
Wild Nothing, 'Summer Holiday', Gemini, (Captured Tracks, 2010). 4:03
The Chills, 'House With A Hundred Rooms', Brave Words, (Flying Nun, 1987). 3:15
Bardo Pond, 'Tantric Porno', Amanita, (Matador, 1996). 6:14
Ana da Silva, 'Hospital Window', The Lighthouse, (Chicks on Speed, 2005). 4:13
Arthur Russell, 'That's Us/Wild Combination', Calling Out Of Context, (Audika, 2004). 6:57
Bongwater, 'Psychedelic Sewing Room', Too Much Sleep, (Shimmy Disc, 1989). 4:23
Bleeding Heart Narrative, 'nothing is out in the yard', All that was missing we never had in the world, (Tataruga Records, 2008). 4:50
Boards of Canada, 'Peacock Tail', The Campfire Headphase, (Warp Records, 2005). 5:25
Hi-D, 'Attic', Beats and Pomegranates, (Umor Rex). 4:13
Max Richter, 'Shadow Journal', The Blue Notebooks, (FatCat, 2004). 8:23
David Sylvian, 'The Heart Knows Better', Blemish, (Samadhisound, 2003). 7:52
Jackie O Motherfucker, 'A Mania', Ballads of the Revolution, (Fire Records, 2009). 4:58
Josephine Foster & the Supposed, 'The Most Loved One', All The Leaves Are Gone, (Locust Music, 2004). 3:50
Popul Vuh, 'Aguirre II', Aguirre, (PDU, 1975). 6:16
Andrés Segovia, 'S.L. Weiss - Minuet I - Minuet II', The Baroque Guitar, (MCA Classics). 3:51
Mount Eerie, 'Between Two Mysteries', Wind's Poem, (P.W. Elverum & Sun, Ltd., 2009). 4:18
Shearwater, 'Palo Santo', Palo Santo: Expanded Edition, (Matador, 2007). 3:48

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

SESSION 60: At Home With Rose

Flying Way Too High


Replaying Session 3 of At Home With Rose because these early shows were never podcast. Nice show this - some lovely deep resonating noise from the cream of the New Zealand noise scene.

Kahu, 'Dreamy Flying (Live)', Flying Way Too High, VA, (Arclife Records, 2000). 8:17
iryoko, 'Cut Too Short for Contentment', sonorous circle, 2008. 3:56
Rosy Parlane, 'Part 1', Iris, (Touch, 2004). 19:10
In the Interest of the Convoy, 'We saw it all through the 20th Century', (Sonorous Circle, 2008). 6:57
Omit, 'Beginning of Compression Amplified by Dislocation', Transmogrification, (self-released cassette, 1993). 1:40
RST, 'Return To The Stars', Axes, (Last Visible Dog, 2007). 4:54
Swung, 'Hik', Voice and Key, (Pseudo Arcana, 2006). 3:03
Jakob, 'Laburnum', Cale:drew, (Midium Records, 2003). 7:51
Omit, 'The Crossover', Transmogrification, (self-released cassette, 1993). 7:42
Alastair Galbraith, 'Lull and make it snow', Cry, (Emperor Jones). 1:08
White Winged Moth, 'Untitled 1', I Can See Inside Your House, (Poon Village, 1995). 6:13
Swung, 'Shuf', Voice and Key, (Pseudo Arcana, 2006). 5:11
With Throats As Fine As Needles, 'Track 04', With Throats As Fine As Needles, (Digitalis Industries / Students of Decay, 2006). 5:37
seht, 'all quiet on howth now', dronemusic, (Celebrate Psi Phenomenom, 2001). 4:29
RST, 'Adrift', Axes, (Last Visible Dog, 2007). 6:26
White Winged Moth, 'Untitled 1', Silo Blanket, (Formacentric, 1997). 8:23
seht, 'Make The Baby Jesus Cry Some More', The Voice Of The Taniwha, (Last Visible Dog, 2003).
Antony Milton, 'Pulsing', Sirens/And Where The Coloured Planes Are Rafts, (Last Visible Dog, 2005).
Greg Malcolm, 'Lonely Woman', Homesick For Nowhere, (Corpus Hermeticum, 2002).
Birchville Cat Motel, 'Lay Thy Hatred Down', Our love will destroy the world, (Pseudo Arcana, 2006).