Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Here's the house

It's about time I got these pics up, eh? Well, when you're seeing so many films, it's hard to keep up with the normal routine. Since I moved house I think I've only made a couple of proper meals and still have stacks of boxes to unpack. Anyway, here's some images of the new place. Firstly, the kitchen.

The dining room...


Check out the view.

Haven't taken any photos of the pool yet - tried using the pool yesterday and still too cold! I hope it doesn't take too much longer to heat up.
Much to say about films I've seen, but not enough time. Next blog, I'll be filling you in on what I've been seeing. And it's been good!

Saturday, July 17, 2004

the festival begins...

Thursday night was the Gala Opening - Hero. Beautiful, gorgeous. Amazing fight choreography. Shame I kept falling asleep. Last night SOD and I saw Super Size Me - all fast-food-consuming teens should see this film. Then Motorcycle Diaries - the story of Che Guevara's trip through Chile on an old Norton with his friend. Recommended. Makes me want to hunt out a good biography on the man. Looking forward to more films tonight...

Thursday, July 15, 2004

should be working...

I'm really in a bind. I have a job that must be finished by Monday and I have many many tickets for films for tomorrow and over the weekend. Can't do both. Am way behind because of the shift. What the fuck, I'm gonna try and get to the most important films (Super Size Me, The Saddest Music in the World, Motorcycle Diaries) and get the work done as well. That means getting up at some ungodly hour tomorrow to try and nail a large chunk of the work.

Hey, here's a pic of the new house - bad pic, but can't be buggered getting the digital camera out, so this pxt will have to suffice. This is the lounge area taken from the dining area. Most of the house is set up now, except for the huge unsorted mountain of clothes on the floor of my - get this - walk-in wardrobe. And the stacks of yet-to-be-hung paintings lining the hallway. And the embarrasingly large amount of cartons of books, most of which will probably remain in their cartons because we have no shelves to put them on. At least the essentials are sorted - clean towels, food in the cupboard, living area clear of boxes. We had the pool man around today. We have a pool man! I didn't get to meet him, but I'm guessing he's not gonna be one of those sexy latin guys you see on TV/porn films. Oh well. Maybe a kiwi equivalent...

Gotta go. Early start in the morning.

Monday, July 12, 2004

The Big Shift

We have too much stuff. We really do. But I guess that's not surprising with three teenagers and a kitchen gadget collector in one house. And my home office takes up a lot of room. We move out tomorrow and the packing is well under way. In the midst of this, I am trying to work. Pack a box here, clean out a cupboard there, and then lay out a quick page in between. It's insane. Ideally, of course, I'd be taking a few days off, but being self-emloyed just isn't like that. In particular, you have to look after your regular clients. If I was to turn down a job, they'll have to find someone else to do it, then I may lose that client entirely. There goes the rent money!

Ang is coming over today to help me - that'll be great. And I'll get to show the house off to her. I suspect quite a few people we know will think the house is pretty gross - a pretentious and tacky display of wealth. And they'd probably be right, but if the owners are happy to rent it to us for the incredibly cheap rent that it is, then I'm happy to live in comfort for however long we can stay there. I don't mind living with central heating, views of the sea, loads of room, an indoor swimming pool and all mod cons. The decor is not at all offensive - quite neutral with a few of those coloured "feature walls" in muted tones. (I sound like a real estate agent - maybe I should take up a new career.) I guess what is offensive is the proportions of it all. Quite vast. And the curved walls. We're a bit annoyed with those - not so good for hanging art.

So, next time I post we will be all moved in. Maybe some pics may be in order.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Decision made

Omigod. We're moving into the house with the swimming pool. I hope this is the right decision. SOD hasn't even seen it! Hope he won't be pissed at me when he sees it. And the craziest thing of all is that we are moving NEXT WEEK! Aaargghhhhhhh! this is going to be bloody hard going. I have loads of work to get finished and packing and organising new phone/internet/fax/change of address/Post Office Box - freaking out here! Wait till I put a pic up here though and you see why I just had to take it. It's pretty mind-blowing.


I have a major dilemma on my hands. We've found a house (already!). We went to look at it on Sunday and yesterday we put in an application and found out that they were fine with a dog in the house (our border collie, Laika). It's go what we need although the kids don't get their own lounge and it's not as big as where we are now, although that is difficult to find as this place is pretty huge. BUT I had booked in to go and see a house yesterday morning which I have completely fallen in love with. Dilemma: the house we have signed up for is more practical - it's close to school for Wendy and Jules (walking distance) and close to the train. But it's kinda bland and not very spacious. The other house, in Camborne, is simply amazing. It's architecturally designed, has an indoor swimming pool and views to kill for - open vista of the inlet. The whole place was jaw-droppingly gorgeous. It was like something from House and Garden. BUT it's twenty minutes walk to the train station and the kids would have to take two trains to get to school. Cheaper house (unbelievably!) but more transport time and cost. The kids say they would be fine with that, but I just dunno. I think they would get sick of it. For me, the cost of couriers would be ridiculous and it's about 25-30 mins into the city, something I have to do quite regularly. Oh, and we would need to put up a gate for the dog. Decisions! I hate them!

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Old friends

Found this fun site the other day where you can track down old classmates or people from old workplaces. I've put my name up there and put myself forward to contact some people I used to know. Have got a few emails back. So many years ago, but when you start remembering back it doesn't seem that far away at all.

Sleeping is so niiiiiicce

Oh man. I feel like a new person. Yep, I've been working over the weekend, but it's been from home and the night before last I slept for thirteen hours! I feel like an early night tonight, but there are still a couple of things for the festival that I need to get finished.

We've started looking at houses - checked a few out on the internet and got the paper on Sat morning to suss out the To Let column. Pretty hard for us cos we need lots of room with both SOD and I needing work space, plus room for three teenagers and the dog. My hope is the 7 bedroom house in karori. I thought we could get a boarder or an overseas student to help pay the rent. We looked at one today but it was so ridiculously clean and tidy that I reckon they won't be into tenants with pets. We'll see. The house was nice and big but not really my cuppa tea. Underfloor heating though - mmm. And 3 bathrooms.Fuck we're lucky in New Zealand. Imagine what something like that would cost in London!

Friday, July 02, 2004

enough is enough!

Gotta get outta here!!! Got up at 10.30 this morning after small amounts of interrupted sleep - have been back working since midday and now it's nearly 6. Not much longer. Sleep deprivations does very strange things... I'm almost at the not-coping level. I think on the way home I might have a little cry :( Oh, and yesterday we found out that our landlord is kicking us out in 6 weeks cos he wants to move back into the house. Crap. Wanker. We only moved in last November.

sleepy rosie

nearly six in the morning - have just finished sending the files to Auckland for printing - will get proofs tomorrow. very very tired and feeling pretty spacey

web page

check it out - finally got something up to advertise my business - not that whizz-bang, but it'll do for now. now 2.37 in the a.m. and still working. just drank a beer. wish it was ten of 'em.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

I'm sick as a dog...

(whateva the hell that means - if someone knows, tell me.) Anyways, I'm feeling more congested than ever and after working the last two nights till nearly 3am I'm feeling less than okay. Coping. Just. Here's how my desk is looking. Note: bottle of V and various cold medications. I'm not looking too good, am I? Another late one tonight I think. The Souvenir programme is looking pretty goos so far. Sending most of it to print today and the front and back sections tomorrow. It's nearly over!