Monday, April 12, 2010

Red Steers EP - The Fever Fold

Upcoming release from A Low Hum label by Red Steers - The Fever Fold.

A five-track nicely produced EP of sweet quirky electro pop. Red Steers is Wellington’s Daniel Johnston. Great voice. Jaunty tunes. Each one totally enjoyable.

If I had to compare this to anything, I'd say you could slot it alongside Animal Collective. There are some gorgeous almost choral moments.

Definite pop hit is Nighthawke, but my favourite is Home.

Releasing on A Low Hum April 26.


Well, we all have to take time off now and then. There's some family stuff going down and so I'm taking some time off - no radio shows from me for a month or two - possibly even three.

I'll make the most of this time to catch up on some new music and reflect on some old. Perhaps some great new shows will come of it.

I am trying to think of some other news - but there isn't any. Grim.