Friday, December 30, 2005

so here's a silly joke...

Why are people so tired on the first day of April?

Try to guess - go on. Answer on next blog entry.

So... Merry Christmas and all that. Lots has gone on since my last blog. Lots. Too much to mention here. All I'll say is that I have just gone out and bought three self-help books. Let's hope this coming year improves upon the last two.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

christmas tree oh christmas tree

It's going to be a funny old Christmas. I'm not sure if we are all going to be together so it's a bit hard to plan, but whatever happens it will be a quiet one that's for sure. Haven't done any shopping yet, but I did manage yesterday to go and acquire a small pine tree and stick some glittery nonsense up on it. Here it is in all its finery.
I have been very spoiled by the Auckland printer that I use for my magazine work. He has sent me the most amazing bunch of flowers - so big I could barely fit it in the largest vase. What a lift it gave me. I almost wanted to be a florist when I was a teenager - my nana was a florist and I thought it would be cool to follow in her footsteps, but somewhere I gave up on the idea.

King Kong

I managed a birds-eye view of the red carpet at the New Zealand premiere of King Kong. Not a ticket to the actual premiere unfortunately, but I was watching from the 2nd floor of the Embassy Theatre where it was being screened. The Film Festival office is up there, hence the special staff security pass (I have one from when Lord of the Rings screened too - nice memento). I spent my time critiquing the fashion faux pas and picking out the celebrities whilst knocking back a few glasses of bubbles. Jack Black wasn't there but Jamie Bell, Naomi Watts and Adrien Brody were. I nearly didn't recognise Peter Jackson - he's such a shadow of his former self. He wasn't wearing the usual purple shirt - I guess it's too big for him now.