Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SESSION 48: At Home With Rose

Antidote to life's misery


Feeling a bit dark and damaged at the moment. Could be the hormones. Could be the excesses of alcohol in the weekend. Could just be life.

I've been having dark dreams.

I had a original playlist list night that was very sombre and dark (along the doom metal line), but after listening to it I had some disturbing occult dreams and decided to ditch it and start again. The result is a little on the melancholic side, but it works for me.

This week's playlist is designed to soothe.

Hope my mood improves.

Hildegard von Bingen, 'Laus Trinitati', Voice of the Blood, RCA. [1:36]
Fursaxa, 'Nawne Ye', Alone in the Wood, ATP. [2:20]
Hush Arbors, 'Wait For A While', Hush Arbors, Digitalis. [2:31]
Alistair Galbraith, 'Mavis Grind', 2nds, A Studio 13 Rushed Product (cassette). [3:22]
Ben Reynolds, 'This England', Earth and Space Magic, Pseudoarcana. [7:16]
Andrès Segovia, 'Handel - Air', The Baroque Guitar. [2:50]
Christina Carter, 'Words Are Not My Own', Electrice, Kranky. [12:29]
Dewer, 'Prozac', myspace [4:41]
Chihei Hatakeyama, 'Inside of the Pocket', Minima Moralia, Kranky. [4:31]
Bleeding Heart Narrative, 'finding the door', All that was missing we never had in the world, Cold Spring. [3:54]
William Basinski, 'd|p 2.1', The Disintegration Loops I, 2062. [10:56]
Kuupuu, 'Kelluvat Meressä Nünkuin Muutkin Roskat', Kevatlauluja, Not on label. [4:34]
Animal Collective (feat. Vashti Bunyan),'Baleen Sample', Prospect Hummer, FatCat Records. [5:06]
Clubfoot Orchestra, 'Japanese Song Too', Potatoes: A Collection of Folk Songs, Ralph Records. [2:41]
steven r. smith, 'night patridges', Windswept Trees & Houses (va), Jewelled Antler. [5:38]
Brian Eno, 'Three Variations On The Canon In D Major: (i) Fullness Of The Wind', Discreet Music, EMI Records. [9:58]
Brian Eno & J Peter Schwalm, 'Bloom', Drawn From Life, Astralwerks. [9:41]
Fennesz, 'The Point of it All', Venice, Touch. [5:01]
Anvil Salute, 'Blinked Red Face, Little Wax Moustache', A Discreet History Of Bone, Foxglove. [7:36]
Bugskull, 'subterranean life', Communication, Digitalis. [4:24]
The Dead Texan, 'When I See Scissors, I Cannot Help But Think Of You', The Dead Texan, Kranky. [4:00]
Flying Saucer Attack, 'The Season is Ours', Rural Psycedelia, VHF Records. [4:19]

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SESSION 47: At Home With Rose

Black Metal vs Doom Metal

Mother and son battle it out for metal supremacy!


Just in case anyone is confused, I'm heading Team Doom and Jules, my son, is heading Team Black.

It's gonna be big. It's gonna be dark.

Hells yeah!


Venom, 'Black Metal', Black Metal, Neat [3:46]

Boris, ‘Introduction’, Akuma No Uta, Southern Lord Records [9:41]
Mercyful Fate, 'Come to the Sabbath', Don't Break the Oath, Roadrunner (previously by Combat) [5:19]

Bloody Panda, ‘Fever’, Kayo Dot / Bloody Panda Split 12” vinyl, Holy Roar [11:14]
Bathory, 'Bestial Lust'', The Return of Darkness and Evil, Black Mark Productions [2:41]

Anathema, ‘Lovelorn Rhapsody’, Serenade, Peaceville Records [6:25]
Darkthrone, 'Paragon Belial', A Blaze in the Northern Sky, Peaceville Records [5:25]

OM, ‘Kapila’s Theme’, Variations on a Theme, Holy Mountain [11:59]
Burzum, 'Lost Wisdom', Det Som Engang Var, Cymophane [4:38]

Black Mayonnaise, ‘Spherics’, Ttssattsr, Emperor Jones [9:02]
Mayhem, 'Life Eternal', De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Deathlike Silence [6:57]

Acid Witch, ‘Beastly Brew’, Witchtanic Hellucinations, Razorback Records [2:01]
Behemoth, 'Spellcraft and Heathendom', Grom, Solistitium [4:51]

The Angelic Process, ‘Burning In The Undertow Of God’, Weighing Souls With Sand, Profound Lore Records [6:47]
Melechesh, 'As Jerusalem Burns...Al'Intisar', As Jerusalem Burns...Al'Intisar, Breath of Night Records [6:55]

Goblin Cock, ‘The Revenge of Snufalufagus’, Bagged and Boarded, Kosher Records [2:25]
Immortal, 'Solarfall', At the Heart of Winter, Osmose [6:03]

Thergothon, ‘The Unknown Kadath in The Cold Waste’, Stream From The Heavens, Avantgarde Music [3:54]
Melechesh, 'A Summoning of Ifrit and Genii (1998 Demo)', The Ziggurat Scrolls, Profound Lore Records [7:24]

Necro Deathmort, ‘Origami Werewolf’, The Beat is Necrortonic, Distraction Records [2:50]

… and the winner on the night was… METAL!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SESSION 46: At Home With Rose



Riding along on the plastic dream! Heart beats fast like a tiny machine i am electro boy!! I am electro girl!!

Second week back at work and this one is easier than last week. I think my brain started to engage again today and I feel as though I am beginning to achieve something. On that note, how about some electro-tinged tunes. From downright poppy à la Simian Mobile Disco to the droning goodness Oneohtrix Point Never (wow!) - there's a little something for everyone. Amongst the track is one from HEALTH who play here in Wellington really soon. I hope I am financial enough to go to this. Christmas has cleaned out my pockets. Darn. Also a track by Telepathe who I missed recently due to the aforementioned limitations. Flipping heck! I also just missed Blectum from Blechdom. The year is not starting well on the gig front. Crap fuck arse.

Nice electro website here. Just discovered it after I had put together my playlist. I'll be bookmarking that baby.

If you are a Boosh fan (like me) you will recognise the quote at the top. They make me giggle quite a lot. Howard Moon makes me swoon.

The Mighty Boosh, Electro/Jazz, from The Mighty Boosh TV series. [1:55]
Blixa Bargeld, 'Little Yellow', Jukebox Buddha, Staubgold. [1:08]
Disasteradio, 'Trash City', Disasteradio, free download. [1:09]
DJ SPOOKY : Oval vs Yoshihiro Hanno, 'APRIL REMIX + Oval vs Main/SDII AUDIO TEMPLATE + David Shea/SATIRICON mixed w/ Marcel Duchamp/SOME TEXTS FROM Å L'INFINITIF', Rhythm Science : Excerpts & Allegories From The Sub Rosa Audio Archive, Sub Rosa. [3:43]
System, 'Hu Ra!!', But Then Again (VA), Various/Scape. [4:40]
Telepathe, 'Lights Go Down', Dance Mother, V2 Records, Cooperative Music. [4:55]
Ananda Jacobs, 'Alexander', My Life In An Insulation Test, electr-ohm. [6:47]
Softboiled Eggies, 'I Got It Wrong', Demo. [4:07]
The Electric Bunnies, 'Psychic Lemonade', Through The Magical Door, Floridas Dying. [2:57]
HEALTH, 'Glitter Pills', HEALTH, Lovepump United. [3:39]
Simian Mobile Disco, 'Pinball (Feat. Telepathe), Temporary Pleasure, Witchita. [3:56]
The Knife, 'We Share Our Mother's Health', Silent Shout, Brille Records. [4:12]
Roxy Music, 'Ladytron', Roxy Music, Island Records. [4:25]
Nobody, 'Interlude 2', Pacific Drift, Ubiquity Records. [3:59]
Disasteradio, 'Electro Rock Power', Disasteradio, free download. [2:22]
Ahlgul Ouijaha, 'looping is progress in static', Outro to Finale, Amenorea. [3:01]
Figurine, 'A Electronic Address (Printed Circuit Remix)', Reconfigurine, Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club. [4:09]
New Friend, '...And Tokyo Lay In Ruins', New Friend, unreleased. [1:59]
Cagey House, 'like a reptile', Elephant Orange, Umor Rex. [3:01]
Claviq, 'Rainy Forest', Dumptrot, Amenorea. [3:48]
Akello Uchenna, 'Interluded', Green Tea Mint, Inner Current Recordings. [2:27]
Gary Numan, 'Films', The Pleasure Principle (Remastered), WEA. [4:10]
Barbara Morgenstern, ' Quality Time', The Grass Is Always Greener, Monika Enterprise. [4:10]
A Blaze Of Colour, 'Cold As Ever', A Tribute To Flexi-Pop Vol.3 (VA), Flexi-Pop. [3:29]
The Androids, 'Auckland Tonight', It's Bigger Than The Both Of Us (VA), Propeller. [3:08]
Pixel Hero, 'Drone Builders', Pixel Hero, Sturm. [7:56]
Mathématiques Modernes, Disco Rough (I. Smagghe Edit), So Young But So Cold - Underground French Music 1977-1983, [4:00]
The Del-Byzantines (with Jim Jarmusch), 'My Hands Are Yellow (From the Job That I Do)', New York Noise 2, Soul Jazz Records. [3:11]
Barge, 'Let's Go To The Park', Barge by Name Barge by Nature, CDr. [5:48]
Hecker, 'Easy Jxeluspl Jxel Funnn Pre Mix', The End of the Fear of God (VA), Tochnit Aleph. [2:21]
Blectum from Blechdom, 'Santa Clara', Haus de Snaus, Tigerbeat6. [3:51]
Oneohtrix Point Never, 'Piste 2', Young Beidnahga, Ruralfaune. [10:45]

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

SESSION 45: At Home With Rose

The Selfish Rose Show (a.k.a. songs that have shaped me)


Nostalgia: A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past.

I decided a while ago to put together a show just for me - totally and alienatingly self-indulgent. All the songs that have shaped my musical tastes from about the age of 10 through to now. I still love all of these songs. First came the influence of my mother. Then the little transistor radio I got for Christmas that I would listen to in bed, hiding it under my pillow, tuned in to Casey Casum top 40. Then the music my big brothers brought into the house. And visiting my older cousins who had a gramophone (we didn't have one when I was young - just the radio). They had all the latest singles which we would play over and over. Then when I hit my teens I ventured out and found what I liked.

I can listen to all these tracks and think about the period of my life that they punctuated. In the days of vinyl (once we finally got a stereo - I can remember it being unpacked and I can remember the first album we had - Jade Warrior), it was so exciting when a new album arrived in the household. I'd pore over every inch of the sleeve, reading all the liner notes, and if it was gatefold it was even more thrilling. Favourite tracks would get played over and over. The needle would get shifted back again and again as I pressed my ear to the speaker trying to decipher all the lyrics which I would write into my notebook. Getting to know a new album was such an experience. Getting sick of one by playing it too too often was saddening.

Choosing just 2 hours of songs I love was really really hard. I haven't included much recent stuff. There were just too many old favourites. I guess I'll just have to do this again if people can stand it!

It's Session 45 and I'm 45, so there you go. There is my lame reasoning for being a selfish bitch. Ha!

I hope someone besides me enjoys this playlist:

The Cowsills, 'The Rain, The Park And Other Things' (1967), The Cowsills, MGM Records.
Badfinger, 'Baby Blue', Straight Up (1971), Apple Records.
Cat Stevens, 'If I Laugh', Teaser And The Firecat (1971), Island Records.
David Bowie, 'Life on Mars?', Hunky Dory (1971), RCA Limited.
Hawkwind, 'Children Of The Sun', In Search of Space (1971), United Artists Records.
Pink Floyd, 'A Pillow of Winds', Meddle (1971), Harvest.
Jade Warrior, 'Morning Hymn', Last Autumn's Dream (1972), Vertigo.
Neil Young, 'There's A World', Harvest (1972), Reprise Records.
Led Zeppelin, 'The Rain Song', Houses of the Holy (1973), Atlantic.
Roxy Music, 'In Every Dream Home a Heartache', For Your Pleasure (1973), Island Records.
Split Enz, 'Spellbound', Mental Notes (1975), Mushroom Records.
Patti Smith, 'Elegie', Horses (1975), EMI Music.
Brian Eno, 'Everything Merges With The Night', Another Green World (1977), Polydor.
Brian Eno, 'Julie with...', Before and After Science (1977), Editions EG.
The Only Ones, 'Another Girl, Another Planet', The Only Ones (1978), CBS.
Siouxsie and the Banshees, 'Christine', Kaleidoscope (1980), Polydor.
The Tall Dwarfs, 'Nothing's Gonna Happen', Three Songs EP (1981), Furtive.
Kissing the Pink, 'The Last Film', Naked (1983), Atlantic.
The Chills, 'Wet Blanket', Brave Words (1987), Flying Nun Records.
Bailter Space, 'Tanker', Tanker (1988), Flying Nun Records.
Galaxie 500, 'Isn't It A Pity', On Fire (1989), Rough Trade.
Cocteau Twins, 'Iceblink Luck', Heaven Or Las Vegas (1990), 4AD.
Straitjacket Fits, 'Such a Daze', Melt (1990), Flying Nun Records.
Red House Painters, 'Revelation Big Sur', Songs For a Blue Guitar (1996), Supreme Recordings.
Uilab, 'St. Elmo's Fire', Fires (1997), Duophonic.
Broken Social Scene, 'Passport Radio', Feel Good Lost (2001), Noise Factory Records.
Masha Qrella, 'I Want You To Know', Luck (2002), Monika Enterprise.
Sun Kil Moon, 'Last Ride', Ghosts Of The Great Highway (2003), Jetset Records.
Arthur Russell, 'The Deer In The Forest Part 1', Calling Out Of Context (2004), Audika.
Jens Lekman, 'And I Remember Every Kiss', Night Falls Over Kortedala (2007), Secretly Canadian.
Swung, 'Lull', Voice and Key (2007), PseudoArcana.