Monday, June 29, 2009

SESSION 21: At Home With Rose

Leading You Down the Garden Path Backwards


It's so cold. So very cold. In summer I yearn for winter. I can't stand the heat. But what I would do right now for a warm sunny day. I keep needing to shower before bedtime just to warm up. I wish I could find the electric blanket plugs... They are hidden away somewhere after last winter.

I saw a neat movie last week: A Handful of Dust, based on an Evelyn Waugh novel. Depressing, just how I like my movies. Thoroughly recommended. I also watched the latest Hal Hartley, Fay Grim, which I didn't think was so good. Okay, but not great. Parker Posey was super cute though. She had the most fabulous black coat.

I'm extremely excited about Where The Wild Things Are, based on the Maurice Sendak children's book. The film opens here in NZ on December 3. The trailer is best viewed on the Warner Bros website, not on YouTube where it doesn't look nearly as sharp. I read ages ago that Dave Eggers has written the screenplay, so that makes me even keener to see it. Directed by Spike Jonze.

Another thing I saw this week was a very very cool 15-minute short film, I Love You More, directed by Sam Taylor-Wood, more well known for her work in the gallery. I saw it on a DVD magazine put out by McSweeney's - Wholphin - to which I subscribe. It was based on a short story by Patrick Marber, called "Pete Shelley", and it kicked arse. I really loved it. I didn't know it was by Taylor-Wood till afterwards and I was kind've shocked cos I don't really like her art all that much. I'll be interested to see what she does from here in the film world. A feature? I hope so. I want to read that short story now. I have a feeling I'll like that rather a lot.

And so on to the music. This week is another reasonably unthemed bunch. I usually start out with the low-fi easier songs and then on to some drone and noise, but I've flipped that round a wee bit this time.

One band to mention is Full Fucking Moon - Bek Coogan (Cortina) has teamed up with Torben Tilly (The Garbage and the Flowers, Minit, Bad Statistics). A friend dropped the CDR in to us and it's very nice. I really like Coogan's voice in the track I've chosen - kind of chanty and doesn't overshadow the instruments.

Alastair Galbraith, Policemen on Ether, Talisman, Next Best Way (1:49)
Omit, Din-Cycle, Tracer, Helen Scarsdale Agency (2:55)
Seht, cydonia, The Green Morning, Digitalis Recordings (5:36)
Tim Coster, Mornings, Mornings, Pseudo Arcana (2:36)
Lovely Midget, three months in mulheim, Lovely Midget, Corpus Hermeticum (2:21)
Seht, A Dance; Four Movements, Dead bees ((the((quiet)earth))suite), Pseudo Arcana (23:48)
K-Group, intercity, K-Group, Corpus Hermeticum (2:43)
Parmentier, Untitled, Luxsound, Sigma Editions (7:11)
Full Fucking Moon, Track 04, Fantasy/horror, CDR (5:11)
Pumice, the space writer proves anything is possible, White, Stabbies And The Rocket Recordings (4:14)
Alastair Galbraith, Screaming E, Morse / Gaudylight, Emperor Jones (3:11)
Alastair Galbraith, Semaphore, Morse, Stiltbreeze(2:27)
Alastair Galbraith, Mavis Grind, Seely Girn, Feel Good All Over (3:22)
This Kind of Punishment, In View of the Circumstances, This Kind of Punishment, Flying Nun Records (5:02)
This Kind of Punishment, Out of My Hands, In the Same Room/5 By Four, Ajax Records (3:32)
This Kind of Punishment, Trepidation, A Beard Of Bees, Ajax Records (3:56)
Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos, Rain, River Falling Love, Ajax Records (2:18)
Graeme Jefferies, All The Colours Run Dry, Messages For the Cakekitchen, Flying Nun Records (2:45)
Kathy Bull, Eyes are the Door, Killing Capitalism with Kindness, Turbulence Records (2:43)
Sandra Bell, Lost Train, Killing Capitalism with Kindness, Turbulence Records(2:11)
Leila Adu, Answerphone, Cherry Pie, Hen Records (3:38)
Kraus, Sebastian, The Facts,Dreamtime Taped Sounds cassette (2:32)
Lawrence Arabia, The Thinnest Air, Lawrence Arabia, Honorary Bedouin Records(4:24)
Marie and the Atom, Isol, Tuatara – A Flying Nun Compilation, Flying Nun Records (5:21)
HDU and Peter Gutteridge, Point That Thing Somewhere Else, God Save The Clean, Flying Nun Records (5:07)
Onaweta, Dance Little Children, Killing Capitalism With Kindness, Turbulence Records (2:39)
Suka, Ebony Oriental, Flying Way Too High, Arc Recordings (4:54)
Lamp Of The Universe, Love, Echo In Light, Cranium Music (5:17)

Monday, June 22, 2009

SESSION 20: At Home With Rose

The Hissing of Beautiful Things


I was going to flag doing a show this week and just spin out an old show - I just had a weekend away and I figured I might still be feeling like a break. But after taking a week off last week from the show, I was feeling revived and invigorated. A weekend of lolling around in a cute little cottage out of town tends to do that.

So here we are with two hours of hissing loveliness. Droney goodness.

Thanks to David Coventry for a couple of unreleased tracks - very nice thank you very much!

Roy Montgomery, Entertaining Mr Jones, And Now The Rain Sounds Like Life is Falling Down Through It, Drunken Fish Records (4:58)
MHFS, Track 04, West Auckland Driving Songs, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon (2:20)
David Coventry, Under the Math, unreleased (4:55)
White Winged Moth, Untitled 1, Silo Blanket, Formacentric Disk (8:23)
Peter Wright, Little Voices, The Terrifying Realisation We Might Be Wrong, Dirty Knobby (1:54)
Roy Montgomery, Ill at Home, And Now The Rain Sounds Like Life is Falling Down Through It, Drunken Fish Records (11:15)
David Coventry, Dip and Tear, unreleased (3:09)
Roy Montgomery, Suzanne Said, 324 E. 13th Street #7, Drunken Fish (4:49)
Antony MIlton, Dream (Lame), Sirens/And Where The Coloured Planes are Rafts, Last Visible Dog (4:27)
Cakekitchen, World of Sand, World of Sand, Homestead Records (4:26)
Greg Malcolm and Tetuzi Akiyama, so we go, six strings, Korm Plastics (9:53)
Antony Milton, Breezeless, Sirens/And Where The Coloured Planes are Rafts, Last Visible Dog (2:52)
5454, Track 05, Travelogue, Cdr (2:47)
Swagger Jack, Internet Cafe, The Feral Blood of Swagger Jack, Last Visible Dog (2:49)
Rory Storm, Kepler Sattelite, ZstarshipZ, Foxglove (12:42)
Peter Jefferies, While I've Been Waiting, The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World, xpressway (2:55)
Witcyst, 60: Witcyst, The Year of the Root, Cdr (10:04)
Birdcatcher, Untitled, The Sky Tied Down, Pseudo Arcana (23:26)
Alistair Galbraith, This Time He Has Come, More Oar: A Tribute To The Skip Spence Album, Birdman Records (5:18)
The Skeptics, Pch Mix, Sensible, Flying Nun Records (4:25)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Holiday for me

There won't be a live show for the next two weeks. Tomorrow night I have an important meeting for Wellington Film Society (I'm on the committee). And next week (hurrah!) I'm off for a holiday to celebrate my birthday. I need a little break, so Dave and I are off to spend two nights in a little cottage in the Wairarapa. Main draw is a big old clawfoot bath and an open fireplace. Gonna be nice. Hopefully, Jeff at Radio23 is gonna be able to replay one of my old shows.

Don't forget, you can download most of my old shows from that list on the right over there...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Just found a clip on YouTube of Andy and Liz's band Evil Ocean. They're playing on Saturday night at The Adelaide with Dave's band, Can't Play Won't Play, and Detrytus. So looking forward to it.

Monday, June 08, 2009

SESSION 19: At Home With Rose

I Dreamed I Was Prog Rock...


Sounding kinda proggy and slightly psych this week. And sometimes a little saccharine. Ah well. I'm still feeling a bit crappy from my cold which is nearly gone and I'm not much in the mood for noise this week.

I've included are a couple of tracks from debut album, Circa Scaria, by An Emerald City. The album was recorded in a big cave over two days. How cool is that? I definitely slot this album in the prog section. And hey! - that's not necessarily a bad thing. I was weaned on Emerson Lake and Palmer and Genesis, man! It's in my fricking blood, okay? Apparently the An Emerald City have moved to Berlin. Their debut gets some bad reviews, and it gets some good reviews.

Okay, it's not all prog, but it flows...

Disasteradio, Trash City, Disasteradio Cdr, creative commons. (1:09)
Disasteradio, Track 06, creative commons. (2:37)
i.ryoko, Cut Too Short for Contentment, unreleased, Sonorous Circle. (3:56)
Gydja, A Siren Stood Hymning upon Each Circle, Umbilicus Maris, Mystery Sea. (11:23)
Thela, Untitled, Thela, Ecstatic Peace! (5:27)
An Emerald City, Reindeers Running, Circa Scaria, Banished from the Universe. (7:49)
Lamp of the Universe, Dream Sequence, Echo in Light, Cranium Music. (16:59)
100 SUNS, Perpetual Balance, Sonorous Circle. (39:08)
100 SUNS, Intertwine, Sonorous Circle. (7:01)
An Emerald City, Moon, Circa Scaria, Banished from the Universe. (5:25)
Lamp of the Universe, Resonance, Echo in Light, Cranium Music. (6:27)
The Inkling, Marriage of Figurines, Deluge, Capital Recordings. (8:14)
Shocking Pinks, The Narrator, Shocking Pinks, DFA. (3:00)
The Enright House, Do Re Mi, A Maze and Amazement, A Low Hum. (4:17)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Can't Play, Won't Play Will Play

My BF's band is playing next Saturday (13 June) at the Adelaide along with a coupla other bands. Dave's band is Can't Play Won't Play and they play alongside Evil Ocean (who has been played on my show on more than one occasion) and Detrytus. Should be a fun night! It's also a chance to celebrate my friend's 40th. God, we are all getting old.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Outside, they listen...

Here's my friend Conrad listening to my show last night. Kisses, Conrad!

Monday, June 01, 2009

SESSION 18: At Home With Rose



I've been a bit sick with a headcold for the last few days. I only get a cold about once every couple of years, so when it hits me I feel pretty miserable. I spent almost the whole day yesterday in bed watching movies. Was kinda nice. Lemon and honey drinks and cups of tea. Plenty of snoozing off, too.

Being sick has left me with little time to get my show ready, but I seem to be getting quicker anyway. I usually get the tracks picked out on a Sunday evening and then the fine tuning and the playlist get done on Monday night. This time I've finished the whole shebang tonight, being Monday night. I'm not going to dilly-dally around telling you about the artists, cos I really need my kip, being sick and all.

I will say that I am playing a track by Stanier Black-Five (who has the best name I've bloody heard of for a while!) who I saw play at the Adam Art Gallery on Thursday night and she's pretty great. She's based in Christchurch, but originally from the UK. She runs her own label, Argot Records.

And so, with no further ado, here's the playlist for Session 18:

Sophie Moleta, 111 Taranaki St, Runner: A Compilation of New Zealand Music, Next Big Way. (2:45)
Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos, Torn, River Falling Love, Ajax Records. (8:35)
Roy Montgomery, Fine, Fine, Fine, 324 E. 13th Street #7, Drunken Fish. (5:25)
David Watson, Sinister 4, Fingering an Idea, XI Records. (4:59)
Alastair Galbraith, two wires and a violin, Wire Music, Corpus Hermeticum. (6:52)
Roy Montgomery, Rain Receding, Scenes From the South Island, Drunken Fish. (4:43)
Sophie Moleta, Can You?, Runner: A Compilation of New Zealand Music, Next Big Way. (1:55)
Stanier Black-Five, Double Headed, Train Tracks, Argot Records. (5:58)
Seht, chryse planitia, The Green Morning, Digitalis Recordings. (19:58)
John White, Instrumental, Balloon Adventure, She'll Be Right. (23:09)
Frey, out-20071020-215531-further, unrelased (20:33)
Thela, (Untitled #5), Argentina, Ecstatic Peace! (7:26)
Sandra Bell, Lost Train, Killing Capitalism with Kindness, Turbulence Records. (2:11)
Chris Heazlewood, Throb, Cash Guitar, Flying Nun. (1:12)
The Chills, Night of Chill Blue, Brave Words, Flying Nun. (2:57)
Claypipe, The Math of Random Fractures, Jewelled Antler Library Vol. 8: Wayside, Jewelled Antler. (3:59)
Swagger Jack, Stall, The Feral Blood of Swagger Jack, Last Visible Dog. (2:02)