Monday, June 28, 2010

SESSION 59: At Home With Rose

Round and round and round we go
A repeat of Session 01


In keeping with current times, how about some repeats.

I thought it might be time to revisit the first show I did back in Feb of 2009. Radi023 was in its infancy and we hadn't officially launched. None of the first 7 shows were even podcast.

Back then, I was playing solely New Zealand music which made for some interesting mixes.

I am still a very big fan of Swung. Please make some more music, Swung. It's wonderful, this stuff, and just leaves me wanting more.

Here's the playlist:

Peter Wright, ‘Metal Feathers Can Fly', Invisible Pyramid: Elegy Box, (2005, Last Visible Dog). 4:37
Swung, ‘Lull’, Voice and Key, (2006, PseudoArcana). 2:11
Birchville Cat Motel, ‘Junkshop Rainbow Superserpent’, Second Curved Surface Destroyer (Disc 2), (2008, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon). 29:00
Birchville Cat Motel, ‘Hong Kong Abracadabra’, Birchville Cat Motel, Second Curved Surface Destroyer (Disc 2), (2008, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon). 19:49
1/3 octave band,‘Use’, Sub Lumina, (2006, Humbug). 14:30
Seht, ‘Antarctica Download (Edit)’, The Tone Of The Universe (=The Tone of the Earth), (2005, PseudoArcana). 7:01
Swung, ‘Mem’, Voice and Key, (2006, Pseudo Arcana). 2:17
Antony Milton, ‘And Where The Colored Planes Are Rafts’, Sirens/And Where The Coloured Planes Are Rafts, (2005, Last Visible Dog). 4:12
The Nether Dawn, ‘Amber Eyed’, The Tone Of The Universe (=The Tone of the Earth), (2005, PseudoArcana). 3:32
Seht, ‘Catchpool 01’, Invisible Pyramid: Elegy Box , (2005, Last Visible Dog). 13:36
Seht, ‘Requiem For John Fahey’, The Voice Of The Taniwha, (2003, Last Visible Dog). 10:57
Swung, ‘Dudi’, Voice and Key, (2006, PseudoArcana). 4:26

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SESSION 58: At Home With Rose

Pop goes the (indie) weasel


Well, a girl can't listen to experimental all the time. Here's some new poppy tunes. Sometimes it's just what I'm in the mood for. Especially at the moment. I have a stinking cold and it's so busy at work that I can't take a sick day. So some nice pop music in the office gets the day off to a snapping pace. That, and some good cough mixture, and my day is not so bad.

Some pop I can't abide, but give me some shimmering dreampop and something with a krautrock twist and you'll have me twittering and shimmying round the office.

Warning: this mix starts out the least poppy and by the end of it we have some very poppy electro. Be warned. You may want to dance. Don't be put off by the inclusion of Robyn. Personally, I adore her Swedish cuteness that also packs a dirty punch.

Favourite from this mix though, is Florida's Surfer Blood. So much fun.

Shogun Kunitoki, 'Tropiikin kuuma huuma', Tasankokaiku, Fonal (2006).
The Pastels/Tenniscoats, 'Tokyo Glasgow', Two Sunsets, Geographic/Domino (2009).
White Hinterland, 'Moon Jam', Kairos, Dead Oceans (2010).
A Sunny Day In Glasgow, 'Slaughter Killing Carnage (The Meaning of Words)', Ashes Grammar, Mis Ojos Discos (2009).
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, 'Round and Round', Before Today, 4AD (2010).
The XX, 'Infinity', XX, Young Turks (2009).
Taken By Trees, 'Bekannelse', East Of Eden, Rough Trade (2009).
Crystal Stilts, 'Prismatic Room', Alight of Night, Slumberland (2008).
Royksopp, 'Silver Cruiser', Junior, Astralwerks (2009).
viernes, 'glass windows', sinister devices, Kanine (2010).
jj, 'Things Will Never Be the Same Again', jj n° 2, Sincerely Yours (2009).
Isan, 'Eastside', Glow In The Dark Safari Set, Morr Music (2010).
Gang Gang Dance, 'Before My Voice Fails', God's Money, Social Registry (2005).
Animal Collective, 'My Girls', Merriweather Post Pavilion, Domino (2009).
Yeasayer, 'Forgiveness', All Hour Cymbals, We Are Free (2007).
Surfer Blood, 'Catholic Pagans', Astro Coast, Kanine (2010).
Panel of Judges, 'Trapped in Amber', No Scandal・No Future・In Heaven, Gothic Pharaoh (2004).
Psychic Psummer, 'Machines and Muscles', Cave, Important (2009).
Micachu and the Shapes, 'Worst Bastard', Jewellery, Rough Trade (2009).
Bachelorette, 'Holding Back One', Isolation Loops, Milestone (2007).
Memory Tapes, 'Swimming Field', Seek Magic, Sincerely Yours (2009).
Wild Nothing, 'My Angel Lonely', Gemini, Captured Tracks (2010).
Julian Lynch, 'Mare', Mare, Olde English Spelling Bee (2010).
Little Dragon, 'Never Never', Machine Dreams, Peacefrog (2009).
My Wet Calvin, 'Bess McNeal', All Great Events, Archangel (2010).
The Big Pink, 'Dominos', A Brief History of Love, 4AD (2009).
Telepathe, 'So Fine', Dance Mother, Iamsound (2009).
Robyn, 'Fembot', Body Talk Pt. 1, Konichiwa (2010).
Crookers Feat. Yelle, 'Cooler Couleur', Kitsuné Maison Compilation 9: Le Petit Bateau Edition, Kitsuné France (2010).

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SESSION 57: At Home With Rose

The Hissing of Winter Fires


It's likely this is going to be podcast to the wonderful Foxy Digitalis, so it's a dual-purpose show this week.

Mostly low-fi, mostly new(ish) with a splash of old NZ tracks for good measure. My fave has got to be the delicious White Hinterland from Portland, Oregon. Just recently discovered them and am enjoying their poppy other-worldly tunes. When I say mostly low-fi, well, this is one that isn't.

Portland is well represented in this mix I've just realised, with Grouper and Bugskull also included. I'm going to visit Portland in about a year's time. There, it's on record now, so I have to do it! Lot's of people to visit, that's for sure.

'Little Wig' off the new album by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti is also rather lovely.

Zs, "MMW I (Part 1)", Music of the Modern White, The Social Registry (2009). 5:17
Z.S.L.O., "422189", An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008, Sub Rosa (2009). 3:04
Grant Beran, "Attachment", The Another Ones, Postmoderncore (2008). 2:32
(VxPxC), "Shaherrazad", i see a fire in the distance, Ruralfaune (2007). 10:45
Claypipe, "~~~", Jewelled Antler Library, Porter Records (2008). 1:44
Bugskull, "hazy window", Communication, Digitalis (2009). 3:47
Horticultural Compass, "The Primeval Glaze", The Apparition of Bees, Jewelled Antler (2005). 3:29
Armpit, "50: Armpit", The Year of the Root, Root Don Lonie for Cash. 10:04
Greg Malcolm, "Art", Leather and Lacy, Interregnum (2009). 4:41
K-Group, "artificial sound disc", K-Group, Corpus Hermeticum (1997). 12:14
Grouper, "Everyone in Turn", Transmissions From Sinai, Arthur (2009). 3:10
Gate, "PI.Quad.15.1", My Dear Sweet Reluctant Sweetheart, Hell's Half Halo (1999). 5:47
Seht, "We Can Speak Quite Freely ('Evocation Of The Apparition Of Babel' Remix)", The Voice Of The Taniwha, Last Visible Dog (2003). 7:36
The Shitty Listener, "The Burst Heart", Crying Sweater, Ruralfaune (2009). 12:20
Roy Montgomery, "Nor' Wester Head-On/The Last Kakapo Dreams Of Flying", Scenes From The South Islands, Drunken Fish Records (1995). 7:02
Alastair Galbraith, "Fall", Morse and Gaudylight, Emperor Jones (1996). 3:06
Kuupuu, "Lentokalojen Hautuumaa", Kevatlauluja, Not On Label (2004). 2:38
White Hinterland, "Huron", Kairos, Dead Oceans (2010). 5:12
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, "Little Wig", Before Today, 4AD (2010). 5:47
Kitchen's Floor, "Deadshits", Loneliness is a Dirty Mattress, R.I.P. Society (2009). 2:08
Vermillion Sands, "Where Was He From", Miss My Gun, Sacred Bones Records (2009). 4:06
Thee Oh Sees, "Blood In Your Ear", Blood In Your Ear, Rock Is Hell Records (2009). 2:35

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

SESSION 56: At Home With Rose

Plinkety Plonk: You can dance to some of these if you want


Some upbeat shimmering electro tracks this week - some of them you might even be able to dance to in a kind of way. Well, I'll be doing a wee dance because my friend Ms LaQuisha Redfern is coming over in her kimono and I'm going to put on my new kaftan (Trade Me sucks me in) and we might even put on some sparkly makeup. It's a girls' night. Time for some upbeat moods, I think. Hope you will join us. We might be feeling a bit silly. In a good way. Expect pics.

(Here's a video of Session 56 in progress!)

You'll see Umor Rex and Fonal labels heavily represented in this mix. Total coincidence, but anyone who follows the show will know how much I love these two labels.

Fave track: Executive Slacks' "The Park".

Diasteradio, Track 11, Diasteradio, not on label. [1:31]
Daniel Savio, "Machine Against Rage", Dirty Bomb, Flogsta Danshall. [3:23]
Daniel Savio, "You Love Bibimbab", The Bubble Bump/You Love Bibimbab, Flogsta Danshall. [3:47]
Soma Holiday, "Shake Your Molecules", Analogsounds Vol. 1 - Analog Cyberpunk Addendum_III - Cracked Mirror (12"). [4:23]
Ping Pong Parrot, "Punch and Judy at the Lunar Pawnshop", Sun Sun and So and So, Dog Eared Records. [3:33]
Barbara Morgenstern, "Mailand", The Grass Is Always Greener, Monika Enterprise. [2:35]
Artefact, "Mae", So Young But So Cold - Underground French Music 1977-1983, Tigersushi. [3:18]
Fennesz, "Badminton Girl", Endless Summer, Mego. [4:06]
Isan, "64 Fire Damage", Glow in The Dark Safari Set, Morr Music. [9:13]
Oval, "oh!", Oh, Thrill Jockey. [2:53]
Chamellows, "Week End", Rat Hearts, Fonal. [2:37]
Orchestra of Spheres, "There is No No", not released, not on label. [3:10]
Red Steers, "Dec", The Fever Fold, Low Hum. [2:44]
Red Steers, "Katzenklavier", Lagaluga Lagoon, Low Hum. [3:24]
Drugs Made Me Smarter, "Prelude For A Sudden Honeymoon", Harmony Road, Umor Rex. [3:49]
Animal Collective, "The Softest Voice", Sung Tongs, FatCat Records. [6:47]
Cursillistas, "Dirt, Palm, Line", Les Biches, L'animaux Tryst (Field) Recordings. [2:46]
Cursillistas, "Aphum Bones", Les Biches, L'animaux Tryst (Field) Recordings. [3:33]
Claviq, "Complicated Fence", Dumptrot, AMENOREA. [3:45]
Claviq, "Dobré Skutky", Dumptrot, AMENOREA. [4:26]
Executive Slacks, "the park", Nausea, Fundamental. [4:56]
Hi-D, "Yellow", Beats and Pomegranates, Umor Rex. [4:45]
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, "Reminisinces", Before Today, 4AD. {2:34]
Shugo Tokumaru, "Drop", L.S.T, Lil' Chief Records. [2:12]
Es, "Kesä ja hymyilevät huulet", Kesämaan lapset, Fonal. [2:56]
Paavoharju, "Ursulan Uni", Laulu Laakson Kukista, Fonal. [2:37]
Shlohmo, "Ghosts pt. 2", Shlo-Fi EP, Error Broadcast. [3:39]
LA LAKERS, "Track 10", silk lettuce whitney houston, Dungeon Taxis. [2:19]
ballrooms of mars, "ballrooms of mars", cedre, Nexsound. [5:18]
Shogan Kunitoki, "Leivonen", Tasankokaiku, Fonal. [5:09]
Cagey House, "Invisible Dream", The Cosmic Drain, Umor Rex. [2:34]
Lone, "To Be With A Person That You Really Dig", Ecstasy & Friends, Werk. [3:28]
Tangram, "Cypress", Still Here, Umor Rex. [2:10]

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

SESSION 55: At Home With Rose

Songs For Mourning


Rest in Peace my dear dad: Brian Clarence Miller
21 September 1933 — 7 May 2010

Note: I am now broadcasting on the Room 111 stream of Radio23. For talented listeners only.

I'm back after a few months break from the show. I have not been able to listen to anything jangly or loud or abrupt since my dad's death. So here are some songs to mark my Dad's passing. The kind of songs that are helping me to get through and come out the other side.

The first two songs were amongst those we chose for Dad's funeral service.

(Some are a little tongue-in-cheek towards the end, cos you have to keep a sense of humour.)

My dad was a big reader of my blog. I found out that once, when I had taken a break from blogging, he had downloaded my entire blog because he thought it was going to be deleted from the web. I never knew he was that interested in our lives. I've found out since that this was not true. His friends told us how much he talked of us. How proud he was.

Love you, my papa. x

Mantovani, "Colors of My Life (As Used in the Film Inland Empire)", Inland Empire Soundtrack, Ryko/Absurda/ David Lynch M.C. [3:51]
Jade Warrior, "Morning Hymn", Last Autumn's Dream, Repertoire Records (UK) Ltd, [3:36]
Vincent Gallo, "A Cold And Grey Summer Day", Recordings Of Music For Film, Warp Records. [4:30]
David Sylvian, "Laughter and Forgetting", Everything and Nothing, Virgin Records. [2:34]
Jessica Bailiff, "Beautiful Soul", Even In Silence, Kranky. [9:30]
Andrew Chalk & Daisuke Suzuki, "Of Beauty Reminiscing", 'In Faxfleet Clouds Uplifted Autumn Gave Passage To Kind Nature', Faraway Press. [7:14]
Fathmount (Wilson Lee), "A Yoke Of Oxen", An Anthology Of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008, Sub Rosa. [4:58]
Benoit Pioulard, "Together & Down", Précis, Krannky. [3:08]
Boards of Canada, "Farewell Fire", The Campfire Headphase, Warp Records. [8:28]
Windy & Carl, "Through The Portal", Portal, Ba Da Bing! [8:12]
Grouper, "We've All Gone To Sleep", Dragging A Dead Dear Up A Hill, Type Records. [3:03]
Chihei Hatakeyama, "Towards A Tranquil Marsh", Minima Moralia, Kranky. [4:46]
sun kil moon, "last tide", ghosts of the great highway, Jetset Records. [2:56]
Islaja, "Sateen Tullessa", Blaze Mountain Recordings, Ecstatic Peace! [4:18]
Antony And The Johnsons, "Sprialling", I Am A Bird Now, Secretly Canadian. [4:25]
Stars of the Lid, "Articulate Silences Part 2", And Their Refinement of the Decline, Kranky. [5:37]
Koen Holtkamp, "You mean the world to me", Field Rituals, Type Records. [2:41]
Arthur Russell, "Goodbye Old Paint", Love Is Overtaking Me, Audika. [3:41]
Chad VanGaalen, "Graveyard", Skelliconnection, Sub Pop. [3:52]
Great Lake Swimmers, "I could be nothing", Bodies and Minds, Faro Records. [5:17]
Kuupuu, "Lentokalojen Hautuumaa", Kevatlauluja, Not On Label. [2:38]
Mono, "Holy", Under the Pipal Tree, Tzadik. [1:41]
Akron/Family, "Onward", Tour Album, Not On Label. [6:00]
Sigur Rós, "Svefn-g-englar", Ágætis Byrjun, FatCat Records. [10:04]