Wednesday, December 30, 2009

SESSION 44: At Home With Rose

Pretty music for happy times (a.k.a. music for holidays)


Me and Dave are heading off on a short camping holiday in two days and I'm feeling pretty buzzy about it. It's the only time I can truly relax. No distracting domestic duties (I'm not very good at keeping still and doing nought). Just reading, sleeping, eating and drinking (and the occasional perambulation). We go to camping sites with the least facilities - the one we are going to has only drop toilets and no tap water. The logic being, the less the facilities, the less the crowds. We are just crossing our fingers there are no local bogans choosing this spot for their New Year's parties.

So the music this week fits my buoyant mood. Happy. Kinda silly in parts. Kinda whimsical in others.

And don't be put off by the inclusion of Yes and Thin Lizzy. It works for me, okay?! Heh.

Photo is of my family when I was a kid, ready to head off on our summer holiday. I'm the littlest.

Meri Tiitola, 'Lehmikutsu (Calling the Cows)', Folk Voices: Finnish Folk Song Through the Ages, Onedine. [2:35]
Jessica Bailiff, 'beautiful soul', even in silence, Kranky. [9:30]
The Cheap Poet, 'The Pear, The Knife, The Pond', When The Poem Falls and Brakes its Nose, Umor-Rex. [3:50]
Ana da Silva, 'Friend', The Lighthouse, Chicks on Speed. [4:00]
Cloudboy, '(You're So) Pretty', Down At The End Of The Garden, Arclife Records. [4:05]
Windy & Carl, 'Whisper', Drawing of Sound, Icon. [10:41]
Shoeb Ahmad, 'Together, We Will Sleep Under Stars', Mixed Doubles EP, helloSquare Recordings. [3:31]
Tim Hecker, 'Sea of Pulses', An Imaginary Country, Kranky. [4:42]
Animal Collective, 'Visiting Friends', Sung Tongs, FatCat Records. [12:37]
James Yorkston, 'Woozy With Cider (Jon Hopkins Remix)', Sound Concierge #701 Super Romantic (for your moments in love) (Selected and Mixed by Fantastic Plastic), Cutting Edge. [4:16]
The Skygreen Leopards, 'I Fell Asleep In The Sun-Bleached Grass (I'll Just Pass Away)', Windswept Trees & Houses (VA), Jewelled Antler. [2:40]
Joan Of Arc, 'Kissinger's Lament When Some Young Bunny Or Bildeberg Whore Kicks Him Out Of Bed For Snoring (In The Key Of Me)', The Intelligent Design Of Joan Of Arc, Polyvinyl Records. [4:32]
Glissandro 70, 'Voices Are Your Best Friend', See You on the Moon! (VA), Paper Bag Records. [4:15]
Arthur Russell, 'Habit Of You', Love Is Overtaking Me, Audika. [3:14]
Datarock, 'the most beautiful girl', datarock datarock, Young Aspiring Professionals. [3:56]
Amon Tobin, 'Chocolate Lovely', Supermodified, Ninja Tune. [6:04]
Yes, 'Sweetness', Yes, Elektra. [4:36]
Štepán Rak, 'Temptation Of The Renaissance', With The Guitar Around The World. [4:19]
Bongwater, 'Ill Fated Lovers Go Time Tripping', Too Much Sleep, Shimmy Disc. [1:53]
Blectum from Blechdom, 'Love Letter', Haus de Snaus, Tigerbeat6. [1:05]
Garbage and the Flowers, 'Sweet Pea', Runner: A Compilation of NZ Music, Next Best Way. [3:29]
The Shitty Listener, 'We Don't Have To Be In Love', Crying Sweater, Ruralfaune. [1:42]
Damon & Naomi And Ghost, 'The New World', With Ghost, Sub Pop Records. [4:33]
Thin Lizzy, 'Still In Love With You'. [9:29]

Monday, December 21, 2009

SESSION 43: At Home With Rose



It's nearly Christmas and I'm finding it a bit tense - lots to organise. My favourite kind of Christmas is one that is completely laid back and relaxed but I never seem to be able to manage that cos I'm a mother and an organiser and I sometimes wish I wasn't. Well, I don't wish I didn't have my amazing kids, but sometimes I wish I could be the one to kick back and enjoy someone else doing all the shit that is involved with making a nice day for everyone. Anyway, I've formed an escape hatch for Wednesday night with dreamscapes and drones to disappear into for a couple of hours. I hope it can be enjoyed in the same way by others. Escapism Through Music.

Points of interest: new releases from If records - by Dsic and Joined By Wire. Available here. Also M. Pyres EP release, downloadable at Patient Sounds.

Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange, 'Track 04', The Dreams, BBC RADIO.
Demarnia Lloyd, 'All Fall Down', Set Upon A Curve, Not on Label.
Diane Cluck, 'Hear From Every Corner', The Golden Apples of the Sun (va), Bastet.
Odd Nosdam w/ Jessica Bailiff, 'Untitled Three', Burner, Anticon.
Claypipe, 'The Math of Random Fractures', Jewelled Antler Library Vol 8: Wayside, Jewelled Antler.
M. Pyres, 'Gravity Deluxe (a grand exit)', & New Past Tense, Patient Sounds.
Eye Baba, 'Damaged Dream Repair', Hand Rolled Oblivion Disc 2, musicyourmindwillloveyou.
Of, 'The Paper Raft', Rocks Will Open, Digitalis.
The Octopus Project + Black Moth Super Rainbow, 'Spiracle', The House of Apples and Eyeballs, Graveface Records.
Molloy And His Bike, 'Oblivious Skies', Oblivion's Fiery Limelight, Dog-eared Records.
Mark Van Hoen, 'Put My Trust in You', Touch 25, Put My Trust In You.
Mogwai, 'Wake Up And Go Berserk', Zidane - A 21st Century Portrait, PIAS/Wall Of Sound.
Dntel, 'Pillowcase', Life Is Full Of Possibilities, Plug Research.
Leafcutter John, 'Mandolin Work', The Housebound Spirit, Planet Mu.
MHFS, 'Track 04', West Auckland Driving Songs, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon.
Neu!, 'Weissensee', Neu!, Germanofon.
Matmos, 'Rag For William S. Burroughs', The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of The Beast, Matador.
Dsic, Track 06, Twig, If Records.
Dsic, Track 07, Twig, If Records.
zort, 'Tornasol', foco lejos, Not on Label
Joined By Wire, untitled, Black Axis 1-4, If Records

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SESSION 42: At Home With Rose

four hour fucking mixup


I'm running for 4 hours and no playlist. Lots of good shit, that I can tell you.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

SESSION 41: At Home With Rose



Tonight is a 2-hour special of music by Seht. Seht is Stephen Clover. I know Stephen as a friend, but that's not why I'm doing a special of his music. For me, Seht is the music I can listen to no matter what my mood. There are so many levels to Seht. One moment, warm, gentle and organic, the next mechanical, malevolent and dark. But never suddenly. Seht's tracks move seamlessly in a droney haze. Not to say there are not juxtapostions. It's just that dark can sit comfortably next to light. They can seem to be one and the same thing. Tonight I finally found the thread to Seht's music. I found the drone of the machine always sitting somewhere in the outer reaches of the most organic, acoustic track. A pervasive, yet background, hum.

I've sometimes thought of Seht's music as quite filmic and recently saw some films by Kim Pieters with Seht as the soundtrack. Worked beautifully and I found it quite emotionally moving to watch these dark slow images against the dark slow drones. What a match.

I've chosen a good range of tracks although I found it hard stripping some out of my original playlist. The ones I had to trim were the long ones. I could only fit one long track in. I couldn't really do him justice without one long track in my playlist.

Stephen Clover also runs a small label, Palindrone. He is an artist as well a musician. He loves cats. He makes a fine martini.

NOTE: image above is from HRRY cover and is by Stephen himself.

POSTSCRIPT: Check out Boomkat to buy selected Seht albums. Latest album HRRY available as CD and vinyl.

Here's the show:

'Preamble', The Voice of the Taniwha, Last Visible Dog. (1:14)
'Make the Baby Jesus Cry Some More', The Voice of the Taniwha, Last Visible Dog. (6:45)
''We Can Speak Quite Freely ('Evocation Of The Apparition Of Babel' Remix), The Voice of the Tahiwha, Last Visible Dog. (7:36)
'[Epilogue - 13 Seconds Over Aro St.]', The Voice of the Taniwha, Last Visible Dog. (0:13)
'chimnon', dronemusic, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon. (2:41)
'A3. SPFT', HRRY. Digitalis. (8:01)
'B5. JZZA', HRRY, Digitalis. (2:56)
'Sputnik Ii', Sputnik Ii, diagnosis... DON'T! reCoRdings
'phone order', Application Antarctica Download Form, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon. (7:56)
'Communion I: Drinks After Work', Communion Longplayer, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon. (6:01)
'syddo paragone', syddo paragone, Audiobot. (39:42)
'olympus mons', The Green Morning, Digitalis. (15:22)
'Green Faerey', Frannce Compilation CD2: Blanc, Ruralfaune. (6:52)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

SESSION 40: At Home With Rose

About as dark as I get...


The main thrust of this show is to say YAY! the Evil Ocean CD is out!

Here's what they have to say about their upcoming CD launch (gonna be a Good Time):

"Like primordial beasts rising from the algae-blooming seas, Evil Ocean's self-titiled debut album scuttles uncertainly into existence on ill-formed flipper-like feet, rudimentary limbs that will one day take over the world after having been honed by genetic drift, random mutation and natural selection, processes which will eventually prompt this unfortunate creature to rise on its two hind legs and claim, 'I am the son of God!' and 'I think therefore I am!'-- and other such expressions of wistful hubris."

Launch gigs:

Friday 18th December @ Whammy Bar, Auckland
with Detrytus (WGTN) and Full Fucking Moon (WGTN)

Saturday 19th December @ Mighty Mighty, Wellington
with YACHT (Portland, Oregon)

Otherwise, here's my dark(ish) playlist. I get dark. But I don't get real dark.

Spacedust, 'Devil and the second banana', No kissing in public, Powertool Records. (6:44)
Bowery Electric, 'Long Way Down', Kranky Kompilation, Kranky. (4:11)
Peter Broderick, 'Field Recorder and Postcard Weevil', Ten Duets, Digitalis. (3:04)
Jessamine, '...Or what you mean', Kranky Kompilation, Kranky. (4:34)
CJA, 'Mean Ancient Heavy Industry', Pink Metal, PseudoArcana. (5:01)
Ajilvsga, 'French Revolution', Frannce Compilation CD 2: Blanc, Ruralfaune. (5:47)
Evil Ocean, 'Intro', Evil Ocean, self release. (3:08)
Evil Ocean, '30,000 years', Evil Ocean, self release. (6:55)
Evil Ocean, 'Angel of the Falling Moon', Evil Ocean, self release. (4:37)
Evil Ocean, 'Austrolapithicus Aflorensis', Evil Ocean, self release. (10:10)
Evil Ocean, 'Budgie & Egils', Evil Ocean, self release. (1:06)
Full Fucking Moon, 'Part One: New Zealand', Fantasy/horror, CDR. (5:52)
xochipilli, 'untitled', xochipilli. (2:11)
New Risen Throne, 'Rex Verminorum', Chants for the Cold and Dying Sun, God Is Myth Records. (9:29)
Leaving Earth, 'breathing again', the cosmic abyss EP, Samsa Records. (5:36)
Lustmord, 'Dog Star Descends', The Place Where The Black Stars Hang, Soleilmoon/Side Effects. (6:48)
Boris, 'Huge', Amplifier Worship, Southern Lord. (9:15)
Night shift, 'bab', Untitled CDR. (6:54)
Wings of Vengeance, 'sweet leaf', Miseryguts 3" cdr, Battlecruiser. (1:58)
John Zorn, 'Litany V', Six Litanies For Heliogabalus, Tzadik. (4:31)
Wolf Eyes, 'Black Vomit', Burned Mind, Sub Pop Records. (8:15)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SESSION 39: At Home With Rose

The decade slides to an end: new music


Mostly from 2009, but some from 2008...

I've veered away from my original intent to play experimental, and this playlist brings me back on track. Two labels predominate on tonight's playlist: Music Your Mind Will Love You (MYMWLY) (from Australia under Michael Donnelly) and Digitalis (from the US under Brad Rose). There's a nice article here on Cyclic Defrost that talks about both labels.

Highlight for me is Liz Maw with 'sedated panic stations'. It was produced in my lounge. Liz will be playing in Wellington with Evil Ocean on December 19 at Mighty Mighty for their CD release. I'll be playing some tracks from their CD in the very near future.

I'm also enamoured with the two Blue Sabbath Black Fiji tracks at the end. Their sludgy electro-squawks are both rhythmic and droney at once with skronky medicated layerings that make me feel all funny in the brain department, especially with headphones on. BSBF are Parisians Charles Lavenac and Janin Benecke. You like 'em? You can download a 2007 recording off SQRT netlabel here.

Here's Blue Sabbath Black Fiji battling it out on guitar:

Peter Broderick, 'Violin and Mouth', Ten Duets, Digitalis Ltd. (2:50)
Liz Maw, 'sedated panic stations', CDR, self release. (8:07)
Bugskull, 'subterranean life', Communication, Digitalis Ltd. (4:24)
M. Pyres, 'Gravity Deluxe (wandering associate)', & New Past Tense, Patient Sounds. (4:59)
innig, 'the natives have come', hand rolled oblivion disc 2, MYMWLY. (5:08)
6majik9, 'The Congress Of The Inanimate', Black Sattva, A Beard of Snails. (9:16)
The Electric Bunnies, 'A Snowman on the First Day of Spring', Through the Magical Door, Florida's Dying. (5:01)
Fuck Buttons, 'Sweet Love FBoldor Planet Earth', Street Horrrsing, ATP Recordings. (9:41)
autistic daughters, 'burning baffle docker', hand rolled oblivion disc 2, MYMWLY. (5:25)
the golden oaks, 'chestnut vistas', hand rolled oblivion disc 2, MYMWLY. (2:53)
The Feeling of Love, 'Waiting for the Cheerleaders to Get Drunk', Waiting for the Cheerleaders to Get Drunk, Avant! (3:41)
Kitchen's Floor, 'Woollens', Loneliness is a Dirty Mattress, R.I.P. Society. (1:38)
David Tagg, 'Wind Blown Guitar', Wind Blown Guitar, Second Sun Recordings. (13:08)
The Old Rig, 'Side A', Trembling Static Sky c23, Digitalis Ltd. (12:45)
Teepee, 'Untitled', Illusions & Meditations, Night People. (9:59)
Cave, 'High, I Am', Psychic Psummer, Important Records. (4:36)
Pixel Hero, 'Tumor Surfing', Pixel Hero, sturm. (5:46)
medroxy progesterone acetate, 'everything you've never said', hand rolled oblivion disc 2, MYMWLY. (4:15)
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, 'Scooking', Split, Digitalis. ();47)
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, 'Scutting', Split, Digitalis. (4:25)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SESSION 38: At Home With Rose

The Fall vs Cilla Black: A Collaboration and Domestic Battle


So. Dave, my partner, has been hassling me about doing a collaborative show on At Home With Rose. The problem here was when I asked him what he would play, I received the predictable answer "The Fall". Hmmm, I thought, what the hell can I put up against The Fall? And then I had it. Cilla Black. I grew up listening to Cilla. I always loved the English girls: Sandy Shaw, Petula Clark, Lulu... But Cilla had the most powerful voice that completely gives me the shivers. Her voice is great for those angsty songs of love gone wrong (my favourite kind of love songs - stick those saccharine bloody happy ones). I always look out for old Cilla LPs at local fairs. I guess she's been my dirty music secret. But no longer! I declare - I LOVE CILLA BLACK.

We're going song-for-song cos we thought it would allow for some weird juxtapositions. And it does.

The Fall, 'Fall sound’, Reformation post TLC (2007), Sanctuary (3:54)
Cilla Black, 'Alfie', The Burt Bacharach Songbook, EMI. (2:41)
The Fall, ‘Hostile’, The light user syndrome (1996), Jet (4:18)
Cilla Black,'You're My World', The Best Of 1963-78 CD2 EMI. (3:00)
The Fall, ‘Bombast’, This nation’s saving grace (1985), Beggars Banquet (4:03)
Cilla Black,'You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)', The Best Of 1963-78 CD2, EMI. (3:24)
The Fall, ‘Devolute’, The unutterable (2000), Eagle (4:39)
Cilla Black,'Step Inside Love' (Original Demo with Paul McCartney) (2:53)
The Fall, ‘Blindness’, Fall heads roll (2005), Sanctuary (7:24)
Cilla Black, 'Anyone Who Had a Heart', eternal voices, New Alliance. (2:52)
The Fall, ‘A day in the life’, The collection (1993), Castle (4:23)
Cilla Black, 'Across the Universe', The Best Of 1963-78 CD2, EMI. (3:29)
The Fall, ‘The joke’, 2G+2 (2002), Action (3:48)
Cilla Black, 'Love of the Loved', The Best Of 1963-78 CD3, EMI. (2:03)
The Fall, ‘Systematic abuse’, Reformation post TLC (2007), Sanctuary (8:38)
Cilla Black, 'Abyssinian Secret', 1963-1973 The Abbey Road Decade (Disc 2), EMI. (2:15)
Von Sudenfed, ‘Jbak Lois Lane’, Tromatic Reflexxions (2007), Domino (6:06)
Cilla Black, 'Make It Easy on Yourself', The Best Of 1963-1978 3 CD BOX (CD 1/3), EMI. (3:06)
The Fall, ‘My door is never’, Reformation post TLC (2007), Sanctuary (3:40)
Cilla Black, 'Work is a Four Letter Word', The Best Of 1963-78 CD3,EMI. (2:13)
The Fall, ‘Wings’, Palace of swords (reversed) (1987), Cog Sinister (4:28)
Cilla Black, 'One, Two, Three', The Best Of 1963-78 CD2,EMI. (2:19)
The Fall, ‘50 year old man’, Imperial wax solvent (2008), Sanctuary (11:37)
Cilla Black, 'Take Me In Your Arms and Love Me', The Best Of 1963-78 CD3, EMI. (2:35)
The Fall, ‘W.B.’, The unutterable (2000), Eagle (3:33)
Cilla Black, 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling', De Pr Historie 1965 - Volume 1, BMG Ariola Belgium NV/SA EMI. (3:09)
The Fall, ‘Octo realm – Ketamine sun’, The unutterable (2000), Eagle (5:39)
Cilla Black, 'Every Little Bit Hurts', The Best Of 1963-78 CD2, EMI. (2:40)
The Fall, ‘Pacifying joint’, Fall heads roll (2005), Sanctuary (3:46)
Cilla Black, 'It's for you', The Best Of 1963-1978 3 CD BOX (CD 1/3), EMI. (2:35)
The Fall, ‘Theme from Sparta F.C.’, The complete Peel sessions 1978–2004 (2005), Castle (3:56)
Cilla Black, 'Surround Yourself With Sorrow', The Best Of 1963-1978 3 CD BOX (CD 1/3), EMI. (2:34)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SESSION 37: At Home With Rose

Outer Space vs Inner Space: A Collaboration


Some of you may have noticed a blip in the system - no At Home With Rose for the last two weeks. Two weeks ago my Dad became very ill. I had almost a week out of town hanging out with Dad at Waikato Hospital. Last week I was back home but feeling pretty wrung out so I took a week off everything pretty much except working and sleeping.

My friend Michael is collaborating with me once again: an hour from me and and hour from him. Should be a fun time.

An hour with me:

Perry and Kingsley, 'The Little Man from Mars', The In Sound from Way Out (1966), Vanguard Records. (1:24)
Perry and Kingsley, 'Computer in Love', The In Sound From Way Out (1966), (2:09)
Edmond de Deyster, 'Reel 03 Excerpt 03', Selectie 01 (recorded in 1975, released in 2006), Ultra Eczema. (4:19)
Kraus, 'Light And You, Red, Green And Blue: 1998-2003', (2:47)
Moskwa Television, 'tekno talk', Westside Music (1985). (6:56)
No ProjeKt, 'Nacht und nebel', Null Achtzehn, creative commons. (3:08)
Matmos, 'Rainbow Flag', Supreme Balloon (2008), Matador. (3:51)
Cabaret Voltaire, 'Baader Meinhof', The Factory Box Set, Warner Music Ltd. (3:24)
No ProjeKt, 'No ProjeKt - SciFi', Creative Commons. (6:45)
Figurine, 'ROBOTS 2002 (Figurine remix)', Reconfigurine (2002), Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club. (2:28)
Rafael Toral, 'Glove Touch', Touch 25, Glove Touch. (3:16)
P.A.L, 'Salvation', My Life In An Insulation Test (2008), electr-ohm. (4:21)
leaving earth, 'Sol life', The Cosmic Abyss EP (2005), Samsa Records. (5:12)
The Dodgems, 'Science Fiction', Science Fiction 7" (1979), Attrix Records. (3:48)

And throughout the first hour: S.E.N.S., Invasion: Sound Effects From Outer Space (1996), Special Music Company.

An hour with Michael:

Nik Pascal, 'Interplanetary Beings', Magnetic Web (Nardo Records & Tapes) 5.43
J.D. Emmanuel, 'Part III Focusing Within', Wizards (Dreamtime Tapes) 9.13
Oneohtrix Point Never, 'Zones Without People', Zones Without People (Arbor) 4.02
Lorq Damon, 'Journey Backwards', Journey To The Land of Forgotten Dreams (Tala)
Heldon, 'Back to Heldon', Electronique Guerilla (Wah Wah) 8.33
Gil Melle, 'Strobe Crystal Green', The Andromeda Strain (Kapp) 4.59
Emeralds, 'Geode', Emeralds (Wagon/Gneiss Things) 6.05
Steve Birchall, 'Music of the Spheres', Reality Gates (Custom Fidelity
Tapes) 7.27
Popol Vuh, 'Aguirre I Haswell & Hecker Remix', Remixes EP (Mego) 8.16

Wondering where that amazing image comes from? It comes from this very interesting website.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SESSION 36: At Home With Rose

Pop meets Experimental and says hello I like you very much


Most of the "poppier" music I like has an experimental bent. And some of the experimental I like has pop overtones. There's some specific crossovers with the likes of New Weird America (Animal Collective and the like) and some IDM. Then there's the 80s when some disco veered outside the mainstream. I've chucked in some low-fi that has lovely pop structures. It's a mixed bag, and you certainly wouldn't consider it all pop (not by a long shot) but there's a pop thread running through all of these tracks.

Sorry Chris Knox, but you wrote really lovely pop tunes, even though they were dark ones. Short, structured and catchy.

Best find? Executive Slacks from 80s Philadelphia. They have an official site, but this is a better backgrounder.

Panda Bear, 'Comfy in Nautica' (live version), I'm Not/Comfy in Nautica, UUAR. [4:40]
Dntel, 'To A Fault (Ft. Grizzly Bear)', Dumb Luck, Sub Pop Records. [6:33]
Black Moth Super Rainbow, 'A Season for Blooming', Falling Through a Field, Graveface. [2:14]
Ruby Suns, 'It's Mwangi In Front Of Me', Sea Lion, Sub Pop Records. [3:37]
Animal Collective, 'Bees', Feels, FatCat Records. [5:39]
Animal Collective, 'Whaddit I Done', Sung Tongs, FatCat Records. [4:06]
Deerhoof, 'Choco Fight', Friend Opportunity, Kill Rockstars. [3:01]
Gang Gang Dance, 'Nomad For Love (Cannibal)', God's Money, The Social Registry. [4:50]
Bachelorette, 'Your Magic Air', Isolation Loops, Electroplate. [4:44]
Softboiled Eggies, 'Same Light', Demo, Human Ear Music. [3:42]
Paavoharju, 'Tyttö Tanssii', Laulu Laakson Kukista, Fonal. [3:51]
Avey Tare, Panda Bear & Geologist, 'In The Singing Box', Danse Manatee, FatCat Records. [5:36]
Battles, 'Race : Out', Mirrored, Warp Records. [3:30]
Electric Company, 'It's Coming Down', 24 Mixes for Love, unknown. [5:07]
Fourtet, 'a joy (battles remix)', Four Tet - Remixes, Domino Recording Company. [4:04]
The Unicorns, 'Innoculate The Innocuous [early version]', Unicorns Are People Too, Caterpillars Of The Community. [5:05]
Joan of Arc, 'Violencii Or Violencum', The Intelligent Design Of Joan Of Arc, Polyvinyl Records. [4:12]
The Octopus Project + Black Moth Super Rainbow, 'Psychic Swelling', The House of Apples and Eyeballs, Graveface Records. [2:37]
All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors, 'paradigm somehow', All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors, Gern Blandsten. [ 4:48]
Illyah Kuryahkin, 'Ballade', Count No Count, Arena Rock. [5:52]
Tall Dwarfs, 'Nothing's Gonna Happen', It's Bigger Than The Both of Us, Propeller. [3:54]
Parts & Labor, 'Mount Misery', Receivers, Jagjaguwar, Brah Records. [3:41]
Dntel, 'Danny Loves Experimental Electronics', Early Works for Me if it Works for You, Phthalo [4:00]
x-ray pop, 'puzzle bibop residents boom boom', a tribute to flexipop CDr. [2:51]
Mathématiques Modernes, 'Disco Rough (I. Smagghe Edit)', So Young But So Cold - Underground French Music 1977-1983, Tigersushi. [4:00]
Executive Slacks, 'sisyphus', Nausea, Fundamental. [3:31]
Executive Slacks, 'smoking man', Nausea, Fundamental. [4:09]
Minny Pops, 'Dophin's Spurt', The Factory Box Set. [2:53]

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SESSION 35: At Home With Rose

Songs for loving


Yes, you read it right, this is "bedtime" music. Well, my kind of bedtime music. The kind I would choose for a romantic interlude. Put it to good use, people.

Anyways, here's the playlist. I found out while doing this that Labradford released their first album on on Flying Nun (after it was first released on Kranky). That's news to me. And that John White's Mogwash is now out under Last Visible Dog. When I got mine it was a CDR. Glad to see it has made it out into the big wide world. It's a very sweet album.

There are a couple of field recordings chucked in there too. I got them off, a website full of wondrous sounds. I'm pretty keen on field recordings. Went to hear Chris Watson (ex-Cabaret Voltaire) at the Adam Art Gallery on Saturday and listened to his majestic half hour of field recordings from Iceland. Thrilling.

Koen Holtkamp, 'You mean the world to me', Field Rituals, Type Records
Vincent Gallo, 'A Somewhere Place', Recordings of Music for Film, Warp Records
Gate, 'PI.Quad.15.1', My Dear Sweet Reluctant Sweetheart, Hell's Half Halo
Vincent Gallo, 'The Way it is Waltz', Recordings of Music for Film, Warp Records
Labradford, 'Gratitude', Prazision, Flying Nun Records
Molloy and his bike, 'Hola Janek', Spiraltown Cartographers,
Roy Montgomery, 'Just Melancholy', 324 E. 13th Street #7, Drunken Fish
The Bats, 'Afternoon in Bed', Thousands of Tiny Luminous Spheres, Flying Nun Records
Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos, 'Oh and From the Beach', River Falling Love, Ajaz Records
Kathy Bull, 'Eyes Are the Door', Killing Capitalism With Kindness, Turbulence Records
John White, 'Sailor's Song', Mogwash, She'll be right
Little Wings, 'Magic Wand', Magic Wand, Ahornfelder
Sun Kil Moon, 'Duk Koo Kim', Ghosts of the Great Highway, Jetset Records
Neil Young, 'Will to Love', American Stars n Bars, Reprise Records
LA Lakers, 'Track 05', silk lettuce whitney houston, dungeon taxis
Dntel,' Anywhere Anyone', Life is full of possibilities, Plug Research
Arthur Russell,'That's Us/Wild Combination', Calling Out of Context, Audika Records
Arthur Russell, 'Keeping Up', The World of Arthur Russell, Soul Jazz
Keith Fullerton Whitman, 'Stereo Music for Acoustic Guitar, Bucla Music Box 100, Hp Model 236 Oscillator, Electric Guitar, and Computer - Part Two', Multiples, Kranky
Jessica Bailiff, 'Pressing', Feels Like Home, Kranky
Jessica Bailiff, 'We Were Once', Feels Like Home, Kranky
Mono, 'are you there?', You Are There, Temporary Residence Ltd
Seht, 'B5.JZZA', HRRY, Digitalis
Grouper, 'Fishing Bird (Empty Gutted In The Evening Breeze)', Dragging A Dead Dear Up A Hill, Type
Stars of the Lid, 'A lovesong (for cubs)+, pt. 1', Tired Sounds of, Kranky

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

SESSION 34: At Home With Rose

Quarters: drone


Some nice long minimalist drone tracks tonight.

It's been a hard week, so that's all the blither you're gonna get from me.

Birchville Cat Motel, "Buckling Metal Snowflakes", Chi Vampires [2004], Celebrate Psi Phenomenon. (28:52)
Seht, "One Moment", Dead bees ((the((quiet)earth))suite) [2008], PseudoArcana. (36:33)
Windy & Carl, "The Eternal Struggle", The Dream House [2005], Kranky. (31:51)
Scorces, "Breath Threads", Scorces [2001], Wholly Other. (26:14)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SESSION 33: At Home With Rose

Synth-tastic Pleasures!


Oh my god, I've had fun this week, dredging up 80s treasures and some of the latest synth-inspired tunes. I've been quite giggly with the fun of it all!

Been watching lots of DVDs including If.... which was fantastically good. Working on some fun design stuff at the office and hoping to have our website up in the next few weeks.

It's very late - past midnight and I should be in bed. So no more pissing around.

Here's the night's playlist. I might be doing live voice-over (finally). We shall see - depends on whether I get the technology working appropriately.

Delia Derbyshire, 'Dr Who Theme', Doctor Who: 30 Years At The Radiophonic Workshop, BBC Records. (1:30)
Stuk Bambuka v 11 chasnov, 'Beliy Chert Landish', Legkoe delo holod, Izhitsa Records. (3:53)
Delia Derbyshire, 'pot au feu', Music from the BBC radiophonic workshop, BBC and Rephlex Records. (3:26)
Delia Derbyshire, 'ziwzih ziwzih 00-00-00', Music from the BBC radiophonic workshop, BBC and Rephlex Records. (1:54)
Kraftwerk, 'Die Roboter', single, Kling Klang. (6:10)
Stuk Bambuka v 11 chasnov, 'Kakavella', Legkoe delo holod, Izhitsa Records. (1:41)
Disasteradio, 'Blame the Speakers', Disasteradio CDr, Red Letter Zine Distro. (1:16)
Disasteradio, 'Telephone Senor Kleeno', Disasteradio CDr, Red Letter Zine Distro. (3:02)
Disasteradio, 'Trash City', Disasteradio CDr, Red Letter Zine Distro. (1:09)
Sun City Girls, 'Dry Valley', Jukebox Buddha, Staubgold. (5:40)
Kites, 'Dirt', Peace Trials, Load Records. (1:49)
Thick pigeon, 'Silhouettes', Crepuscule for Cafe Apres-Midi vol 1, Victor Entertainment Japan. (3:26)
Silver Apples, 'Oscillations', Silver Apples, Kapp Records. (2:50)
Nini Raviolette, 'Suis-je Normale', So Young But So Cold - Underground French Music 1977-1983, Tigersushi. (4:03)
Stereolab, 'Space Age Bachelor Pad Music (Foamy)', The Groop Played "Space Age Bachelor Pad Music", Too Pure. (2:14)
Stereolab and the High Llamas, 'United States of Surrealism', Turn On, Duophonic. (1:23)
Adn Ckrystall, 'Cocaina Vitamina', Collected Works, MetaWaveClassix. (6:50)
Mekanik Kommando, 'White Soldier', It Would Be Quiet in the Woods if Only a Few Birds Sing, Torso. (3:19)
Xex, 'S.N.G.A.', Xex, The Smack Shire. (2:27)
Arthur Harrison & Rupert Chappelle, 'Interstellar Safeway', Jobs For America, Thermidor. (4:42)
Die Gesunden, 'Die Gesunden Kommen', [va] New Deutsch, International Deejay Gigolo Records. (3:40)
Minny Pops, 'Total Confusion', Drastic Measure, Drastic Movement, Plurex Records. (2:12)
Neuland, 'Triola', VA But Then Again, ~SCAPE. (5:47)
Silverstone, 'Why', Time Will Heal, Poni Republic. (3:44)
Douglas Lilburn, 'five toronto pieces (1963) - sings harry', Complete Electro-Acoustic Works, Atoll Records. (5:06)
Eleanoora Rosenholm, 'Bolly Palkkionmetsästäjä', Ala Kysy Kuolleilta, He Sanoiv, Fonal Records. (3:08)
Ahlgul Ouijaha, 'Kid-o Chant to Krystiall Glass', Outro to Finale, AMENOREA. (1:06)
Ahlgul Ouijaha, 'Ahh, Initiation in Click and K', Outro to Finale, AMENOREA. (4:42)
Disco Inferno, 'Starbound: All Burnt Out & Nowhere To Go', D.I. Go Pop, Rough Trade (UK). (4:02)
Eleanoora Rosenholm, 'Vladimir Grut˚ov', Ala Kysy Kuolleilta, He Sanoiv, Fonal Records. (2:30)
Lime, 'On The Grid (Re-Mix Dub)', VA The Dark Side Of Disco Vol. 1, Soho. (9:29)
Yaz, 'Only You', Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack, LAKESHORE RECORDS. (3:10)

Many thanks tonight to:

Conrad (pictured) for his glitter and general synth-tasticness.
Lorrie, from I Will Not Return Your Records, for her neverending support and sisterhood.
David, for pouring the wine, Doctor Who facts, and being an all-round lovely man.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SESSION 32: At Home With Rose

Psych folk and other mysteries (co-starring Michael McD)


Bit of a change of routine for the show this week - I've asked my friend Michael along to co-host the show. I gave him the genre: psych folk (or just psych) and we get an hour each. We weren't allowed to divulge our list and if there were any double-ups, well so be it. But there weren't. Looking forward to sharing the show. Might be the start of some other collaborations for the show.

I realised I've ended up playing a few of the artists I've been playing lately anyways. Boring of me, but hey, I've been enjoying my pysch-folk shit lately. Next week, however, will be quite different when I play all synth tracks!

Just a note about one of the labels from tonight's show: Music Your Mind Will Love You (MYMWLY) - Autumn Galaxy is the artist I am playing who is on MYMWLY.

MYMWLY was an Australian independent label run by Mike Donnelly (of Terracid [plays on tonight's show], 6majik9, Soarwhole, Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood, etc.). All releases were recorded on CDRs and the copies are very limited. The label just closed shop at the beginning of this year, but I think there may still be some back catalogue stuff available via the MYMWLY blog.

However, Mike has just started another label, Pacific Soma. Apparently the rebranded label will be releasing both the old format CD-Rs as well as CDs and LPs. I'll be watching closely!

Not much to say about my week except that my sore shoulder and neck are getting better after a trip to my acupuncturist and my osteopath and a day at home watching movies. An expensive week.

And so to the playlist:

My hour:
Hush Arbors, 'The Werewolf Om', Hush Arbors, Ecstatic Peace! (4:24)
Autumn Galaxy, 'The Book of Rituals', Harappa, Musicyourmindwillloveyou. (5:53)
Charalambides, 'Magnolia', Unknown Spin, Kranky. (9:43)
Christina Carter, 'Moving, Intercepted', Electrice, Kranky. (8:23)
Flying Saucer Attack, 'Popul Vuh 1', Flying Saucer Attack, AKA Rural Psychedelia, VHF Records. (10:19)
Fursaxa, 'Lunaria Enters the Blue Lodge', Alone in the Dark Wood, Eclipse Records.(3:25)
Jackie-O-Motherfucker, 'Good Morning Kaptain', Flags of the Sacred Harp, ATP Recordings. (5:53)
No-Neck Blues Band, 'A Spiritual Knifewound', The Collective Imaginings of Quantarenius, Cook, & Co, Sound@One. (2:43)
Terracid, 'In Glowing Rings in Rows', The Palace Carries The Eggtooth As Its Crown, Foxglove. (4:06)
Jackie-O Motherfucker, 'Bone Saw', The Magick Fire Music/Wow! ATP Recordings. (13:07)
Leary Jam, 'Akron/Family', Tour Album, Not On Label. (4:30)

Michael's hour:
Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier, 'Psyché Rock', Messe Pour Le Temps Présent, Phillips. (2:51)
Linda Perhacs, 'Hey, Who Really Cares?', Parallelograms, Sunbeam. (3:02)
Moolah, 'Crystal Waters', Woe Ye Demon Possessed, EM. (5:24)
Bobby Beausoleil & The Freedom Orchestra, 'Lucifer Rising Part I, Lucifer Rising', OST, Arcanum/White Dog. (4:10)
Erkin Koray, 'Turku', Elektronik Turkuler, World Psychedelia. (8:54)
Selda, 'Yaz Gazeteci Yaz', Selda, Finders Keepers. (2:45)
Kim Jung Mi, 'The Wind', Now, World Psychedelia. (3:16)
Orchestre Régional De Kayes, 'Sanjina', Orchestre Régional De Kayes, Mississippi. (6:00)
Fraction, 'Sanc-Divided', Moon Blood, Radioactive. (3:52)
D.R. Hooker, 'The Sea', The Truth, Subliminal Sounds. (4:26)
Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family, 'Fisherman'. (3:31)
Cold Sun, 'Ra-Ma', Dark Shadows, World In Sound. (11:19)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SESSION 31: At Home With Rose

Cold is a soft thing: pretty drones from Lau Nau to Tangerine Dream.


It's all sweetness and light tonight. Well, with some dark bits of course, because with me there will always be a few dark moments. Just to set off the lighter moments, of course.

Note two tracks by Russian group Stuk Bambuka V 11 Chasov (rus. “Bamboo knocks at 11 o’clock”), from the album “Legkoe Delo Holod” (rus. “Cold is a soft thing”) which came out in 1991. The most information I could find out about them was here. My Russian friend introduced me to them and I must say, they are pretty fantastic. All images in the posting are Stuk Bambuka V 11 Chasov's album artwork.

So what's been happening lately? Well, Dave has been up at the Adam Art Gallery installing his part of the Wall Works show which is the tenth anniversary of the gallery. He's been having fun, and I haven't seen much of him in the last few nights because he's been gadding about, including tonight. Where's my cup of tea! Oh fuck, I had to get it myself. What a bore.

Anyway, the show is open already, as the installations happen. Everything will be finished by the end of the week and then there's going to be a fun party to celebrate the anniversary. Should be lots of fun. There'll be music too - Bek Coogan and Torben Tilly (normally performing as Full Fucking Moon). All the better. Apparently VBC, the student radio station, are broadcasting the event.

Other than that, we have not been up to much. I've been suffering from a sore shoulder and neck, so early nights have been a must. Groan groan. God, I'm getting old! My body is starting to crap out. It's all very depressing.

Okay - enough whingeing! Here's the playlist for this week's show:

Sack und Blumm, To Go To, The Invisible Pyramid Elegy Box, Last Visible Dog. (3:38)
Iris, A Bath, 4 women no cry, Monika Enterprise. (3:26)
chie mukai, untitled, Grain - A compilation of 99 tracks, dot dot dot music. (0:45)
Susumu Yokota & Rothko, Clear Space, Distant Sounds of Summer, Lo Recordings. (5:24)
Koen Holtkamp, Half Light, Field Rituals, Type. (2:44)
Labradford, Soft Return, Prazision, Kranky. (3:28)
Chamellows, Siggur, Rat Hearts, Fonal Records. (3:03)
Kuupuu, tuli uni, Yokehra, Dekorder. (2:52)
Koen Holtkamp, Night swimmer, Field Rituals, Type. (5:18)
Ballrooms of mars, untitled 07, cedre, Nexsound. (2:27)
Tenniscoats, abi and travel, Tan-Tan Therapy, Häpna. (3:14)
Kemialliset Ystavat, Systeemi 1, Lumottu Karkkipurkki, Fonal Records. (3:19)
Khonnor, I was everything you wanted until I quit, Lost Pets, Please Do Something. (1:24)
Lau Nau, Tulkaa!, Kuutarha, Locust Music. (5:32)
Molloy and his Bike, Open Sea, Oblivion's Fiery Limelight, Dog Eared Records. (10:45)
Vincent Gallo, A Somewhere Place, Recordings of Music for Film, Warp Records. (3:03)
Kiwi Pacific, Track 51, A Treasury of New Zealand Birdsong, Kiwi Pacific. (1:14)
Moondog, Tree Trail, Moondog, Prestige. (2:19)
Jesse Glass, Written on Hell Money, Grain - A compilation of 99 tracks, dot dot dot music. (1:09)
Neu!, Lieber Honig, Neu! Astralwerks. (7:19)
Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos, Torn, River Falling Love, Ajax Records. (8:35)
Stuk Bambuka v 11 chasov, Le chval de ma vie, Legkoe delo holod, Izhitsa Records. (4:35)
Windy and Carl, undercurrent, Depths, Kranky. (4:42)
Taiga Remains, Ordinary Lack, Frannce Compilation CD3: Rouge, RuralFaune. (7:44)
Labradford, Texas, The Kahanek Incident, Vol. 3, Trance Syndicate. (7:36)
Stuk Bambuka v 11 chasov, Tyaga, Legkoe delo holod, Izhitsa Records. (5:48)
Bongwater, Mr. Soul, The Bridge - A Tribute to Neil Young, Caroline Records. (3:31)
This Kind of Punishment, The Men By The Pool, In The Same Room + 5 by Four, Flying Nun Records. (3:25)
Loren Mazzacane Connors, Siren, 9th Avenue, Black Label. (2:53)
Matmos, Roses And Teeth For Ludwig Wit, The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth of a Beast, Matador. (3:24)
Tangerine Dream, Resurrection, Electronic Meditation, Ohr. (3:25)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

SESSION 30: At Home With Rose

Drones Drums Squawks


Oh, I'm so late getting this playlist up. Should have been up last night and here we are 2 hours before broadcast and it's just going up. Bad form, Miss Miller!

I went to Frederick Street venue for the first time the other night and Butt Simpson, Sam Hamilton and LA LAKERS were playing. All were fucking brilliant. So they're all on this weeks playlist.

Here we go:

Ben Spiers, Spin You, Spin You, Transient Recordings. (13:01)
Lau Nau, Jouhet, Nuukuu, Locust Music. (4:31)
Joan of Arc, My Girlfriend Dumped Me After The Free Trip To Japan, The Intelligent Design Of Joan Of Arc, Polyvinyl Records. (5:35)
LA LAKERS, Track 07, silk lettuce whitney houston CDR, Dungeon Taxis 6. (4:51)
Akron/Family, Onward, Tour Album, Not On Label. (6:00)
Tanakh, Stereognosis Remix, Frannce Compilation CD1: Bleu, Ruralfaune. (5:29)
Jackie-O Motherfucker, Nightingale, Ballads of the Revolution, Fire. (5:12)
Pelt, Bestio Tergum Degero Pt.1, Skullfuck / Bestio Tergum Degero, VHF Records. (17:26)
LA LAKERS, Track 04, silk lettuce whitney houston CDR, Dungeon Taxis 6. (5:46)
Lau Nau, Jos Minulla Olin, Kuutarha, Locust Music. (3:54)
Felix Building, The Painter OST, Sans Nostalgie, (3:35)
Sam Hamilton, Epoch of Snares, Sooty Symposium, Tumblingstrain. (16:07)
frey, therefore, cronica, demo. (3:04)
This Heat, 24 Track Loop, This Heat, Piano. (5:57)
Ben Reynolds, Bridget Hayden, Kirstie Penman, untitled 1, Ben Reynolds, Bridget Hayden, Kirstie Penman. (6:36)
CJA, jenin 1, Jenin. (8:09)
Butt Simpson, SHROOM, Butt Simpson CDR. (2:37)
Kites, Downward / Creepy Crawl, Peace Trials, Load. (5:20)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

SESSION 29: At Home With Rose

Finnish Music and Other Things I Found on My Way to Somewhere Else


For starters, I have changed my show to Wednesday nights to work around my Film Society commitments. I haven't been able to get to a meeting now for months and it seems pointless being on the committee if I can't get to meetings. So Wednesday nights now I'll be in my room with my laptop and headphones loading the music up onto the interweb.

I've been getting into a bit of Finnish music lately. I'm sure there is more than just the Fonal label, but that is what I have discovered so far. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

Otherwise, this week is pretty drone-y and lofi. My faves this week are Seht's "Requiem to John Fahey" and Delia Derbyshire's
"Celestial Cantible". She's the one who brought us the Doctor Who theme. She really did made amazing music.

Paavoharju, Pimeänkarkelo, Laulu Laakson Kukista, Fonal. (3:57)
Leafcutter John, Khoms, The Housebound Spirit, Planet Mu. (5:11)
Armpit, Bruiser, Society of Dogs Split CDr, Jewelled Antler Collective. (2:20)
Seht, Requiem for John Fahey, The Voice Of The Taniwha, Last Visible Dog. (10:57)
Pumice, Hulk Joke, White, Stabbies. (8:56)
Molloy and his bike, I live in a spiral town, Spiraltown Cartographers, (6:51)
Glacial Dreaming Tour Artists, In Dream, Glacial Dreaming Tour 7",
Honeyspiderthree. (2:39)
Jessica Bailiff, sunshower, even in silence, Kranky. (2:39)
Mount Eerie, Through The Trees, Wind's Poem, P.W. Elverum & Sun. (11:33)
Islaja, Kristallipallosilmät, Meritie, Fonal. (3:48)
Kemialliset Ystavat, Olen Paattanyt Olla Ikuinen, Latvasta Laho, Fonal. (6:49)
Keith Fullerton Whitman, Stereo Music for Acoustic Guitar, Bucla Music Box 100, Hp Model 236 Oscillator, Electric Guitar, and Computer - Part One, Multiples, Kranky. (5:30)
Delia Derbyshire, Celestial Cantible, Electrosonic, Glo Spot Records. (3:30)
Islaja, Palaa Aurinkoon, Blaze Mountain Recordings, Ecstatic Peace! (5:12)
Cagey House, enter the beard, Elephant Orange, (2:33)
Group Doueh, Sabah Lala, Guitar Music from the Western Sahara, Sublime Frequencies. (5:29)
Hala Strana, Nettles, The Jewelled Antler Library Book 1,
Jewelled Antler Collective. (3:14)
Birdcatcher, untitled, The Sky Tied Down, Pseudo Arcana. (9:22)
Alan Sparhawk, How a freighter came into the habour, Solo Guitar, Silber/Darla.(17:53)
Wolf Eyes, Track 04, Slicer, Hanson Records. (10:50)

Friday, August 28, 2009


Very much looking forward to getting along to Happy this Saturday night to see noise band Dorkwind (has the be THE most inspired band name I have heard for a while).

Monday, August 24, 2009

SESSION 28: At Home With Rose

Music for a cranky head


I'm in a crotchety mood. I'm reasonably sure it's work that has brought this on. Too much work, not enough staff. I think that some employers have taken advantage of the recession by getting rid of people and expecting everyone else to take up the slack. The public sector do this by way of constant restructuring. And now small industries can do it by just chucking people out and saying that it's because of hard financial times for the business (of course, sometimes it is, but I'm not going to be the devil's advocate here). And everyone is working their arses off because they don't want to lose their jobs. I'm getting pretty fucking sick of it. It's stressful and I'm not sleeping well. I feel I'm being taken advantage of - probably because I am.

I think this is reflected in my music choices for this show. Rather than calming, I seem to have chosen some glitchy stuff that gets under your skin. You'd think I'd be looking for stuff to chill myself out, but I guess I'm just a contrary woman.

Anyway – less about me, more about the music.

There are a few tracks from a really nice compilation called Frannce, out under RuralFaune. Here's a piece by Brad Rose on Foxy Digitalis about the label. There's also a review of Frannce on Foxy.

Compilations are one of my favourite ways to find new music. Say you like an artist - check out if they are on any compilations and chances are there'll be something else on there you like. Think of them like a curatorial process. Of course, it might just be a label promo and the songs might not sit together well, but often they are lovely things with some interesting concepts. Take Grains: A Compilation of 99 short tracks, out under Dot Dot Dot Music. Most of the tracks are under 1 minute - like a short short story. The song has to play out is such a short time, but a lot can happen in these tracks in 1 minute. I really like this compilation.

Two other compilations I feature here are Potatoes: A Collection of Folk Songs out under Ralph Records (The Residents' orginal label, apparently), and Invisible Pyramid - Elegy Box (6 CDs!) released by the wonderful Last Visible Dog. Also both wonderful compilations.

Secret Mommy, A bear at Hotel Cuba, Plays, Ache. (3:50)
Zort, Ojo de agua, foco lejos, Zort. (4:12)
Ahlgul Ouijaha, Welkin Star Outside, Outro to Finale, AMENOREA. (7:36)
The Psychic Paramount, Magatheion, Gamelan into the Mink Supernatural EP, (2:46)
Deadfood, Small men leave puddles, Grain: A Compilation Of 99 Short Tracks, Dot Dot Dot Music. (0:41)
Deerhoof, Kidz Are So Small, Friend Opportunity, ATP Recordings. (2:00)
Half Japanese: T For Texas (Blue Yodel #1), Potatoes: A Collection of Folk Songs, Ralph Records. (2:44)
Up-Tight, Falling Into A Doze, Invisible Pyramid - Elegy Box, Last Visible Dog. (6:07)
Negativland, Perfect Scrambled Eggs, Potatoes: A Collection of Folk Songs, Ralph Records. (2:44)
Felix Building, 19 Janvier, Sans Nostalgie, (3:02)
tangent, dissolute, a pictorial history, postmoderncore. (6:04)
Ping Pong Parrot, Typewriter Resonance, Scattershot Bill's 7 Day Safari, (4:15)
Tom Smith, Settled For Less, New Weird Australia, Volume One, (3:09)
Terracid, The Gravity of Floating Iron, The Palace Carries The Egg Tooth As Its Crown, Foxglove. (6:47)
Gang Gang Dance, God's Money VII, God's Money, The Social Registry. (3:16)
decadent landscapes, a delicate arc, Grain: A Compilation Of 99 Short Tracks, Dot Dot Dot Music. (0:42)
Sinking Infinities, Lora, The Life of Riley, United Fairy Moons. (21:16)
Lichens, Shore Line Scoring, The Psychic Nature of Being, Kranky. (9:45)
Lamppukello, 161104 French Fries, Frannce Compilation, RuralFaune. (3:54)
Seht, MPFH, HRRY, Foxglove (4:23)
Mike Tamburo, Headphone Music for Brigitte Bardot, Frannce Compilation, RuralFaune. (10:00)
The Futurians, Futuna, Frannce Compilaton, RuralFaune. (1:33)
Rachel's, 4 or 5 Trees, Systems/Layers, Quarterstick Recordings. (6:05)
Rosy Parlane, Atlantis, Touch 25, Touch. (4:03)

Monday, August 17, 2009

SESSION 27: At Home With Rose

Guitars play my heartstrings


My mum used to have an Andrès Segovia record that was always one of my favourites. The sound of an acoustic guitar has always had a way of making me feel great. There's the link of home - my bro strumming on his guitar on a sunny morning was always a relaxing background sound. We had a boarder staying at our house when I was young who was a classical guitarist and used to practice (which made my mother swoon). I wasn't planning on any kind of theme to Session 27, but I notice there is one - acoustic guitar seems to thread it's way through the tracks, and that works for me.

Of particular note is the glorious fourteen-and-a-half minute track by Jack Rose (of Pelt).

I have to also mention an online friend, Eduardo Padilla, who runs Umor-Rex Records in Mexico. He has two of his own musical projects: Molloy And His Bike (his experimental folk) and Ping Pong Parrot (his digitally produced tracks). Umor-Rex is a wonderful net label where you can download albums by the artists they represent - for free - complete with artwork you can cut up as covers for the CDs if you care to burn them. It's all about the music. Eduardo is pretty busy with another label, too, Dog Eared Records.

Of course, I had to end with some Andrès Segovia. Just for me dear old mum.

One last thing I want to say - no more New Zealand only shows. I had far too good a time last week mixing it up.

Gong, Wet Cheese Delirium, Camembert Electrique, Charly. (0:35)
Telafonica, Time and Distance, New Weird Australia, Volume One, (6:32)
Dsic, Help Enfolding, Ambiences 1, If Records. (2:30)
Sunn O))) & Boris, The Sinking Bell (Blue Sheep), Altar, Southern Lord. (7:38)
Douglas Lilburn, soundscape with lake and river, Complete Electro-Acoustic Works, Naxos. (11:05)
Matmos, Semen Song For James Bidgood, The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast, Matador Records. (5:02)
Silver Apples, Lovefingers, Silver Apples, Whirlybird Records. (4:13)
Frey, therefore, cronica_demo, (3:04)
Stars of the Lid, 24 inch cymbal, The Ballasted Orchestra, Kranky. (5:55)
Grouper, Travelling Through A Sea, Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill, Type. (4:24)
Max Richter, Arboretum, The Blue Notebooks, Fat Cat. (2:54)
Ballrooms of Mars, untitled 04, Cedre, Nexsound. (5:04)
Horticultural Compass, Moss Urn, The Apparition of Bees, Jewelled Antler. (6:40)
Molloy and His Bike, The distance between a chair and a table, Oblivion's Fiery Limelight, Dog Eared Records. (4:12)
The Muons, little star, Heat & Birds: Jewelled Antler Collective, Jewelled Antler. (3:51)
Jack Rose, Red Horse, Red Horse, White Mule, Eclipse Records. (14:48)
Molloy And His Bike, Kaspar gets reflected, Spiraltown Cartographers, (3:11)
Brightback Morning Light, amber canyon magik, Brightback morning light, Matador Records. (4:54)
Molloy And His Bike, I Refused to Chase My Hat, Uphill, Downhill, (3:11)
Autistic Daughters, Liquid and Starch, Uneasy Flowers, Phantom Sound & Vision. (4:32)
Josephine Foster & The Supposed, Nana, All The Leaves Are Gone, Locust. (4:30)
Psychic TV, Only Love Can Break Your Heart, The Bridge - A Tribute To Neil Young, No. 6 / Number Six. (6:08)
Arthur Russell, Losing my taste for the night time, Another Thought, Orange Mountain Music. (4:33)
Andres Segovia & John Williams, J.S. Bach: Sarande, The Art of the Guitar, Madacy Records. (4:11)

Monday, August 10, 2009

SESSION 26: At Home With Rose

The Not-New-Zealand-Music radio show


Firstly, this pic is a piece I just exhibited at Thermostat Gallery's annual group show, Vent. It's called 'Now Hear The Word Of The Lord'. It sold at the show, which makes me pretty happy and very encouraged to keep on with making art.

There's no New Zealand music this week. It's not that I'm bored with New Zealand noise, drone etc. I just felt like having a bit more variety. So here we are. A slice of other sounds. Variety. The spice of life and all that.

I have nothing to much to say this week, except enjoy the music. Oh, and that the tracks by Nightshift are by my friend Vladimir from Yaroslavl in Russia. And they are GOOD. There's a Foxy review here.

Cologne Sequentia Ensemble for Medieval Music, Laus Trinitati, Hildegard Von Bingen: Voice Of The Blood, RCA. (1:36)
Popol Vuh, Mantra 2, Nosferatu, Spalax Music. (3:51)
paul condon, bloom of ma worryhood, Grain: A Compilation Of 99 Short Tracks, Dot Dot Dot Music. (0:44)
es, Kaikkeuden Kauneus Ja Käsittämättömyys, Kaikkeuden Kauneus Ja Käsittämättömyys, (K-RAA-K)³. (9:25)
Fabio Orsi, 3 Untitled, I'm ep here, private press. (4:58)
Kites, Hallucination Guillotine, Hallucination Guillotine/Final Worship, Load Records. (4:44)
Nightshift, du, Nightshift EP, 267 Lattajjaa. (6:13)
Nightshift, glon, Nightshift EP, 267 Lattajjaa. (3:22)
Nightshift, ongum, Nightshift EP, 267 Lattajjaa. (6:46)
Nightshift, bab, Nightshift EP, 267 Lattajjaa. (6:54)
Vincent Gallo, Goodbye Sadness, Hello Death, Recordings of Music for Film, Warp Records. (1:13)
The Dead Texan, Taco Me Manque, The Dead Texan, Kranky. (2:36)
Benoit Pioulard, Moth Wings, Précis, Kranky. (1:17)
Benoit Pioulard, Hirondelle, Précis, Kranky. (2:23)
Fennesz, Laguna, Venice, Touch. (2:56)
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Black Moth Super Rainbow, Lake Feet, Falling Through a Field, Graveface Records. (2:20)
Shoeb Ahmad, Mixed Doubles, Mixed Double EP, hellosQuare Recordings. (4:59)
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Fursaxa, Of Tubal Cain, Alone in the Dark Wood, ATP Recordings. (2:24)
Jessica Bailiff, Beautiful Soul, even in silence, Kranky. (9:30)
Hush Arbors, People Died Today, Hush Arbors, Ecstatic Peace! (3:42)
Ping Pong Parrot, Lightning storms make psychic debris come to life, Scattershot Bill's 7 Day Safari, (3:41)
Animal Collective, Penguin penguin, Danse Manatee, FatCat Records. (2:12)
Jessica Bailiff with The Dithering Effect, Renee, Jessica Bailiff with The Dithering Effect, Resonant. (4:26)
Tenniscoats, One swan swim, Tan-Tan Therapy, Häpna. (6:03)
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