Saturday, October 26, 2013

Session 84: Never Give Up [On Yourself]

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Eight, Dean Blunt
The Break (Holygrailers Kiss Mix), Most Golden
Deep Relaxation, Visaプリペイド
, coolmemoryz
Entitled "Entitled", Drrty Pharms
Cupidity, Virgin Blood
DQ.mæluq [Carær], 회사AUTO
Vaporwave? More Like Gayporwave, ░▒▓【ALL CAPS AND αւτ kεÿ CΘE░▒▓
I Eccojammed My Cock In Your Mom Last Night, ░▒▓【ALL CAPS AND αւτ kεÿ CΘE░▒▓
i hate the internet without you (prod. Roman Kov), BOBBI DAHL
Now, Please…., The Implicit Order
Final Incidental, The Implicit Order
Feeling the Jitters, DIGITAL NATIVES
Pappas Wave, Johnny Hawaii
Takira, Knx.
z e n, Captain Swag
Eat Or Be Eaten, Power Nap
the russell, public spreads the news
Tips To Giving Up, Secrets
Free Weed, Free Weed
I Lose Everything, Keel Her

Slave to Rain, James Ferraro

Session 83: At Home With Rose

Grand ideas about the world and the state of your soul 

Inspired by Valhalla Rising

Sunday, The Cancerfest
upper spheres of consciousness, new dreams ltd initiation tape
Aguirre 1, Popol Vuh
Claude Perron, The Cancerfest
V, Astral Light
Action 2, Thomas Bärtschi
Benchmark, Thomas Bärtschi
Turned Opp, James Ferraro
Stingers pt. 3, Thomas Bärtschi
Zone Temple, Transmuteo
Disremembering, Labradford
Swirls, Swirls and Die, Cankun
Demdike Stare Meets Shangaan Electro (Version), Demdike Stare and Hype Williams
Sun, Inca Ore

From in the Fog Beside, Sad Souls