Friday, May 28, 2004

Out Takes Opening

Got a bit of juggling to do next week. We go to print for the Auckland Film Festival on Thursday night, but it's also the Opening Night of Out Takes Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. Damn! Sure hope I can manage to get along for a quick drink. I designed the Out Takes brand and all print material including the programme. If you go to the sponsor's page you'll see my pretty little logo - that's me - PARLOUR! I hope to go to a couple of films, but what with the work load it'll be unlikely. C'est la vie.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

success at last

Now I can add links. Yay! Got an email back from advising I switch to Firefox browser, which they support. Am working busily away at the Film Festival, producing the programmes for the whole of NZ. Big job, long hours. Check out the films - they are being loaded on a daily basis as they are confirmed and the programme notes become available (ie the proofreaders have scoured through them and they are all signed off as okay to go). One week countdown till the first one goes off to print. Better go and buy some frozen dinners for the kids.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

It's Sunday and I should be working

Once again I'm taking up a big chunk of my potential work day by trying to blog. Yes, trying!! I still haven't sorted out this major problem I seem to be having with links, hence, I just can't bloddy put any in. I've sent a query to Blogger - let's see if they can sort it. Of course, I could actually type the code in myself, but I can't be arsed. So, what to tell? Well! I have my package from Turntablelab, which was all very exciting. It actuall sat in the back of my car for a large portion of the day cos I couldn't get into it without a boxcutter. I tried vainly and ripped a nail off in the process. Had to wait like six hours till I got home! Happiness ensued - three mags, one with a cool typeface on disk - three DVDs (Chris Cunningham vids on one - you know, the guy who did the freaky Aphex Twin vid Come to Daddy) - and three CDs which have been getting a load of airplay both in the house and in the car. My fave is Whitey on the Moon UK by Department of Eagles. Hope I don't get sick of it too quickly.
Most of my working time at the moment is taken up with production of the Film Festival programmes. A busy but rewarding time of year. Bonus is seeing all the films coming up before anyone else and getting really excited thinking about those few fleeting weeks that are the festival. Total movie saturation. It's a lot of work though - last year I did a 23-hour day. No kidding. Then went home for two hours nap, then back to work again. Craziness. Guess it'll be all happening again in a couple of weeks when we have the first print deadline.
See I have a profile up now? That's fun, cos when you go to your own profile, you can click on one of your interests and see all the other Bloggers who are into the same shit. How cool is that when you have interests in some arcane or obscure subject/band/author blah blah. The joys of the information age. And of the more positive aspects of globalisation. Cos there sure are some really negative ones too. Unless you love the free market and are a megolomaniac captitalist. bye for now

Friday, May 14, 2004

grizzle grumble

Grrr! Blogger may have a nice new snazzy interface, but it's not behaving itself! I had just typed screeds and then went to add a link and everything I typed disappeared and there was no undo. Very cross! Abbreviated form here cos I can't be bothered typing it all over again. Going to Palmerston North for Dave's opening on Sat. Should be lots of fun. Hope to go shopping. (This is where I added a link to the shop I want to go to - it's - and I daren't add the link!) And the other thing I mentioned was lookiing forward to my package arriving from Turntablelab. Hurry up, package!
Work is constant and unrelenting at the moment. I do a yearly contract with the New Zealand Film Festival, producing all the programmes for print. It becomes fulltime a bit later on but at the moment I am fitting it in around other work. It's getting a little crazy - popping in and out of the festival office and fitting in the needs of kids in between. Being a working mother is not easy. Back to the slog...

Saturday, May 08, 2004

my clever SOD

SOD took part in his first art exhibition today - the opening was at 5 in the evening up the coast at a gallery called Mahara in Waikanae. It was pretty cool - it was a group show and all the artists' work hung together really well (no pun intended!). What's up with skulls at the moment - they seemed to be a recurring symbol in a fair bit of the work. And then in walked SOD's bro with a skull and cross bones on the sleeve of his jumper. After swearing off buying art any more this year - 'cos I have spent quite a bit on it in the last year - what did I do? Bought something. A skull of course - it's a cool little bag shaped as a skull and decorated with appliqué with pearl teeth. Very cool. Apparently they sell at Karen Walker. Dunno if I'll be sporting mine about town - I think I prefer it as an art piece on the wall somewhere. My excuse for buying it was that it wasn't all that expensive. I like to kid myself like that.

I took a break from work today and mowed the lawns. I need to get a life.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Bad Blogger

Well, I wasn't sure if I could really do this blogging thing. I'm not very good at making time for anything other than working and running about after my three kids. But I'm back! I shall perservere and see if I can manage to add something AT LEAST once a week.
I went out to have a few martinis with my friend Jeremy last night. What a refreshing break. I've been a very busy Rose At Home of late - working all possible hours when not sleeping so getting out into the real world was excellent. So were the martinis. Went to a nice little bar called Juniper which I hadn't visited before. Speaking of martinis, has anyone seen a wonderful little film called The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie? Watch it and you'll see the connection. It's one of those films I just grabbed from the video store knowing nothing of it beforehand. Very enjoyable. If I knew how to put a link in here I would point you to the Criterion Collection website - it's part of their collection. Hmmm, might be one to get on DVD some time. Oh well, back to work. Have just started work on the Film Festival publications - someting I do every year. It's fun and I get to go to lots of cool cool movies!!!