Sunday, January 27, 2013

SESSION 72: At Home With Rose

The Black Dog Runs at Night

Lay back in the dark. What do you want? Who are you? Let me take you on a journey of introspection. Let your black dog roam free.

And dance on your own in the dark.

the thought gang - the black dog runs at night, ANGELO BADALAMENTI, twin peaks, fire walk with me
rosemary's baby (lullaby part 1), Spell, Seasons in the Sun
Trying 2 Be Honest With Myself, LA Vampires with Maria Minerva, The Integration LP
Aquaduct, Mark McGuire, A Pocket Full of Rain
new men (screwed version), Lucky Dragons, A Sewing Circle
Shiny Leather J, Lacc Fork, Fleet Swing EP
Drips, Computer Dreams, Computer Dreams
The Chic Shall Inherit The Earth, LA Vampires Goes Ital, Streetwise
Sports Champions, Local News, Ghost Broadcast
Purete Polaire, 6V6, Les Byes Mystiques
Nude Cube, Discoverer, Born Again For the First Time (Digitalis compilation)
J&, o F F Love, Probably Love
8myh (Ariel/LittleMermaid Ocean Version) feat DirtyPrid3, GR†LLGR†LL, CDR (Disaro)
Sweet Time, Mushy, Split on ClanDestine Rec.
wet/dry cr3∆mp13, I¢y Pharmaceuticals, Beating Women To Make Beats To Beat Women To
Flooded Soul, Nowa Huta
Try Try, oOoOO, Our Love is Hurting Us
cub ritual, lay bac, ooo kokomo
Servants Of Death, Vagina Vangi, Benighted United
Inpouring, Holy Other, Held

Monday, January 21, 2013

Session 71: At Home With Rose

I've Just Got Home And I Need A Beer

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So you've had a hard day at work. Crack open a beer, kick back, and soak in this pool of sound...

I'll never get sick of: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

If you listen (Bugaloos), Tallowman
you'll never catch me sleep, Topaz Gang,
24 Robbers, Apostle of Hustle, See You on the Moon! (compilation)
Chozen, Surf Dad
Strawberry Letter 23 (Shuggie Otis), Tallowman
The Only One feat. Bobbi Dahl, Teams, Dxys Xff
Inca, Teengirl Fantasy, Tracer
Every Night I Die at Miyagis, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, House Arrest
Crybaby, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Worn Copy
Midnight District, Infinity Frequencies, Euphoria
IDJa A Seman, Terakaft, Kel Tamasheq
High, o F F feat Cyan Kid, THIS IS SO RANDOM (compilation)
Secrets Of The Geisha, Infinity Frequencies, Euphoria
Rushing, Pears, Musique Bohème: Lndn Bkr x No Fear Of Pop (compliation)
August Fans, Akron/Family, Tour Album

Sunday, January 13, 2013

SESSION 70: At Home With Rose

Slow down, beating heart

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In the mood this week for some slooooow sounds. Dragged out. Cool. Atmospheric.

Best find of the week: YYU
Recommended label: Beer on the rug
Favourite track from last year, included in this mix: "Raiden - Blue Light" by the wonderful Bodyguard (aka James Ferraro)

In, public spreads the news, treat your self
talkDad, Brad Grammar, re:Re: Birth
LD • VHD, Sacred Tapestry, Shader
The Pains Of Being Dirty, Drrty Pharms, Life Sucks and Then You Cum
NEW LANDS, CHROME WINGS, "A'M 2012" compilation
Millennial Turk, Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland, The Narcissist II
In Its Original State, William Ryan Fritch, IRM Presents: Clashes
4 Robert, Otto Rollo, Robert's Trip
Out In The Fields, Kyson, WARM #1
when you said that, YYU, TIMETIMETIME&TIME
Heart Goon, Brad Grammar, re:Re: Birth
Rewardz, Daif, CRITICAL HITS 2012
Homo Electronicus, Eyeliner, CRITICAL HITS 2012
Y7, a i r s p o r t s, a i r s p o r t s
Raiden - Blue Light, Bodyguard, Silica Gel

Friday, January 04, 2013

SESSION 69: At Home With Rose

My Love is Six Pixels Deep

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I love the holidays - gives me time to scrabble around in the depths of the interwebs to seek out new sounds.

Time also for some tinychats shows.

Soak up the vapors. Feel the love. Six pixels - deep enough to drown.

THEYALLsay/SssHhh w.h sutter pikkemand, GR†LLGR†LL
Cascading Rainfall, Infinity Frequencies, Dream Recovery
Unfadeable [Haruko - Sundown], Hayao Yamaneko, Shattered Holograms // シャッタド・ハーログラムズ: VOLUME 1
Vector Tables, Datavision Ltd., Vector Tables
Enemy (320), Vektroid
Cleopatra, Eyeliner, High Fashion Mood Music
Bags, James Ferraro, Farside Virtual
Computer cum, 骨架的, Holograms 
Webcast Moments, REAL PLAYER 7, NIGHTS
Wandering Eye, DUDES, WARM #1 (Lumenous compilation)
(Download the Lumenous compilation here)
Breeze, 骨架的, Holograms 
Those Eyes, Infinity Frequencies, Euphoria (Eternal)
(Album download here)
Anyways, Future Frequencies, Crystal Secrets
(Download album here)
Dreamcast, Blank Banshee, BLANK BANSHEE 0
(Download album here)
Run (feat. CoMa), Sun Glitters, It's snowing and the girls are singing
wind surfer cross, lay bac, ooo kokomo
Waiting For You, Rad Magma, Confessions of the Unconscious Mind
secret lover, luxury elite, II
(Download album here)
G O L D E N. K Ni F E, Y.K L Ei N, IRM presents: Clashes
(Find Y.K L Ei N's latest EP here)
Sunset Intro, Infinity Frequencies, Euphoria (Eternal)
Laburnum, GR†LLGR†LL, 
Ghost Raid, FATIMA AL QADIRI, Desert Strike