Wednesday, September 29, 2004

look mum, no wires!

Yep, I got airport, and it's cool. This is my first post in quite some time and I'm doing it with a wireless connection. Yes, I'm bragging. Sorry. I just can't help it. And SOD (Significant Other Dave, for initiates to my blog) is also connected wirelessly upstairs as I type this. Oh happy days.

I've been managing some swimming over the last month - woohoo, it's been up to 25 degrees. Still a bit chilly on first entry, but once you get your head under, it's really rather nice. I've been doing a lot of backstroke and a bit of floating around with my eyes closed and one of those flotation stick things behind my neck, which is fun if you're in the pool on your own. I like to imagine it's what a flotation tank is like, without the claustrophobic sensations.

I'm about to rebrand my design business. Been thinking about it for a while and now that it's kinda quiet I thought it would be a good time to give it a go. Of course, that means getting my website (well, let's be honest, webpage) revamped as well. Better get busy!

And why have I been so remiss with my postings? Well, a little slump really. I just haven't been feeling like it. Work has become a drag and life has been a little on the dull side. Now that the weather is starting to perk up and become springlike (as it bloody should now that September is almost over), I'm feeling a little more chatty. So hi to anyone who is still bothering to visit this wasteland of a blog.