Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SESSION 39: At Home With Rose

The decade slides to an end: new music


Mostly from 2009, but some from 2008...

I've veered away from my original intent to play experimental, and this playlist brings me back on track. Two labels predominate on tonight's playlist: Music Your Mind Will Love You (MYMWLY) (from Australia under Michael Donnelly) and Digitalis (from the US under Brad Rose). There's a nice article here on Cyclic Defrost that talks about both labels.

Highlight for me is Liz Maw with 'sedated panic stations'. It was produced in my lounge. Liz will be playing in Wellington with Evil Ocean on December 19 at Mighty Mighty for their CD release. I'll be playing some tracks from their CD in the very near future.

I'm also enamoured with the two Blue Sabbath Black Fiji tracks at the end. Their sludgy electro-squawks are both rhythmic and droney at once with skronky medicated layerings that make me feel all funny in the brain department, especially with headphones on. BSBF are Parisians Charles Lavenac and Janin Benecke. You like 'em? You can download a 2007 recording off SQRT netlabel here.

Here's Blue Sabbath Black Fiji battling it out on guitar:

Peter Broderick, 'Violin and Mouth', Ten Duets, Digitalis Ltd. (2:50)
Liz Maw, 'sedated panic stations', CDR, self release. (8:07)
Bugskull, 'subterranean life', Communication, Digitalis Ltd. (4:24)
M. Pyres, 'Gravity Deluxe (wandering associate)', & New Past Tense, Patient Sounds. (4:59)
innig, 'the natives have come', hand rolled oblivion disc 2, MYMWLY. (5:08)
6majik9, 'The Congress Of The Inanimate', Black Sattva, A Beard of Snails. (9:16)
The Electric Bunnies, 'A Snowman on the First Day of Spring', Through the Magical Door, Florida's Dying. (5:01)
Fuck Buttons, 'Sweet Love FBoldor Planet Earth', Street Horrrsing, ATP Recordings. (9:41)
autistic daughters, 'burning baffle docker', hand rolled oblivion disc 2, MYMWLY. (5:25)
the golden oaks, 'chestnut vistas', hand rolled oblivion disc 2, MYMWLY. (2:53)
The Feeling of Love, 'Waiting for the Cheerleaders to Get Drunk', Waiting for the Cheerleaders to Get Drunk, Avant! (3:41)
Kitchen's Floor, 'Woollens', Loneliness is a Dirty Mattress, R.I.P. Society. (1:38)
David Tagg, 'Wind Blown Guitar', Wind Blown Guitar, Second Sun Recordings. (13:08)
The Old Rig, 'Side A', Trembling Static Sky c23, Digitalis Ltd. (12:45)
Teepee, 'Untitled', Illusions & Meditations, Night People. (9:59)
Cave, 'High, I Am', Psychic Psummer, Important Records. (4:36)
Pixel Hero, 'Tumor Surfing', Pixel Hero, sturm. (5:46)
medroxy progesterone acetate, 'everything you've never said', hand rolled oblivion disc 2, MYMWLY. (4:15)
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, 'Scooking', Split, Digitalis. ();47)
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, 'Scutting', Split, Digitalis. (4:25)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SESSION 38: At Home With Rose

The Fall vs Cilla Black: A Collaboration and Domestic Battle


So. Dave, my partner, has been hassling me about doing a collaborative show on At Home With Rose. The problem here was when I asked him what he would play, I received the predictable answer "The Fall". Hmmm, I thought, what the hell can I put up against The Fall? And then I had it. Cilla Black. I grew up listening to Cilla. I always loved the English girls: Sandy Shaw, Petula Clark, Lulu... But Cilla had the most powerful voice that completely gives me the shivers. Her voice is great for those angsty songs of love gone wrong (my favourite kind of love songs - stick those saccharine bloody happy ones). I always look out for old Cilla LPs at local fairs. I guess she's been my dirty music secret. But no longer! I declare - I LOVE CILLA BLACK.

We're going song-for-song cos we thought it would allow for some weird juxtapositions. And it does.

The Fall, 'Fall sound’, Reformation post TLC (2007), Sanctuary (3:54)
Cilla Black, 'Alfie', The Burt Bacharach Songbook, EMI. (2:41)
The Fall, ‘Hostile’, The light user syndrome (1996), Jet (4:18)
Cilla Black,'You're My World', The Best Of 1963-78 CD2 EMI. (3:00)
The Fall, ‘Bombast’, This nation’s saving grace (1985), Beggars Banquet (4:03)
Cilla Black,'You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)', The Best Of 1963-78 CD2, EMI. (3:24)
The Fall, ‘Devolute’, The unutterable (2000), Eagle (4:39)
Cilla Black,'Step Inside Love' (Original Demo with Paul McCartney) (2:53)
The Fall, ‘Blindness’, Fall heads roll (2005), Sanctuary (7:24)
Cilla Black, 'Anyone Who Had a Heart', eternal voices, New Alliance. (2:52)
The Fall, ‘A day in the life’, The collection (1993), Castle (4:23)
Cilla Black, 'Across the Universe', The Best Of 1963-78 CD2, EMI. (3:29)
The Fall, ‘The joke’, 2G+2 (2002), Action (3:48)
Cilla Black, 'Love of the Loved', The Best Of 1963-78 CD3, EMI. (2:03)
The Fall, ‘Systematic abuse’, Reformation post TLC (2007), Sanctuary (8:38)
Cilla Black, 'Abyssinian Secret', 1963-1973 The Abbey Road Decade (Disc 2), EMI. (2:15)
Von Sudenfed, ‘Jbak Lois Lane’, Tromatic Reflexxions (2007), Domino (6:06)
Cilla Black, 'Make It Easy on Yourself', The Best Of 1963-1978 3 CD BOX (CD 1/3), EMI. (3:06)
The Fall, ‘My door is never’, Reformation post TLC (2007), Sanctuary (3:40)
Cilla Black, 'Work is a Four Letter Word', The Best Of 1963-78 CD3,EMI. (2:13)
The Fall, ‘Wings’, Palace of swords (reversed) (1987), Cog Sinister (4:28)
Cilla Black, 'One, Two, Three', The Best Of 1963-78 CD2,EMI. (2:19)
The Fall, ‘50 year old man’, Imperial wax solvent (2008), Sanctuary (11:37)
Cilla Black, 'Take Me In Your Arms and Love Me', The Best Of 1963-78 CD3, EMI. (2:35)
The Fall, ‘W.B.’, The unutterable (2000), Eagle (3:33)
Cilla Black, 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling', De Pr Historie 1965 - Volume 1, BMG Ariola Belgium NV/SA EMI. (3:09)
The Fall, ‘Octo realm – Ketamine sun’, The unutterable (2000), Eagle (5:39)
Cilla Black, 'Every Little Bit Hurts', The Best Of 1963-78 CD2, EMI. (2:40)
The Fall, ‘Pacifying joint’, Fall heads roll (2005), Sanctuary (3:46)
Cilla Black, 'It's for you', The Best Of 1963-1978 3 CD BOX (CD 1/3), EMI. (2:35)
The Fall, ‘Theme from Sparta F.C.’, The complete Peel sessions 1978–2004 (2005), Castle (3:56)
Cilla Black, 'Surround Yourself With Sorrow', The Best Of 1963-1978 3 CD BOX (CD 1/3), EMI. (2:34)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SESSION 37: At Home With Rose

Outer Space vs Inner Space: A Collaboration


Some of you may have noticed a blip in the system - no At Home With Rose for the last two weeks. Two weeks ago my Dad became very ill. I had almost a week out of town hanging out with Dad at Waikato Hospital. Last week I was back home but feeling pretty wrung out so I took a week off everything pretty much except working and sleeping.

My friend Michael is collaborating with me once again: an hour from me and and hour from him. Should be a fun time.

An hour with me:

Perry and Kingsley, 'The Little Man from Mars', The In Sound from Way Out (1966), Vanguard Records. (1:24)
Perry and Kingsley, 'Computer in Love', The In Sound From Way Out (1966), (2:09)
Edmond de Deyster, 'Reel 03 Excerpt 03', Selectie 01 (recorded in 1975, released in 2006), Ultra Eczema. (4:19)
Kraus, 'Light And You, Red, Green And Blue: 1998-2003', www.kraus.co.nz. (2:47)
Moskwa Television, 'tekno talk', Westside Music (1985). (6:56)
No ProjeKt, 'Nacht und nebel', Null Achtzehn, creative commons. (3:08)
Matmos, 'Rainbow Flag', Supreme Balloon (2008), Matador. (3:51)
Cabaret Voltaire, 'Baader Meinhof', The Factory Box Set, Warner Music Ltd. (3:24)
No ProjeKt, 'No ProjeKt - SciFi', Creative Commons. (6:45)
Figurine, 'ROBOTS 2002 (Figurine remix)', Reconfigurine (2002), Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club. (2:28)
Rafael Toral, 'Glove Touch', Touch 25, Glove Touch. (3:16)
P.A.L, 'Salvation', My Life In An Insulation Test (2008), electr-ohm. (4:21)
leaving earth, 'Sol life', The Cosmic Abyss EP (2005), Samsa Records. (5:12)
The Dodgems, 'Science Fiction', Science Fiction 7" (1979), Attrix Records. (3:48)

And throughout the first hour: S.E.N.S., Invasion: Sound Effects From Outer Space (1996), Special Music Company.

An hour with Michael:

Nik Pascal, 'Interplanetary Beings', Magnetic Web (Nardo Records & Tapes) 5.43
J.D. Emmanuel, 'Part III Focusing Within', Wizards (Dreamtime Tapes) 9.13
Oneohtrix Point Never, 'Zones Without People', Zones Without People (Arbor) 4.02
Lorq Damon, 'Journey Backwards', Journey To The Land of Forgotten Dreams (Tala)
Heldon, 'Back to Heldon', Electronique Guerilla (Wah Wah) 8.33
Gil Melle, 'Strobe Crystal Green', The Andromeda Strain (Kapp) 4.59
Emeralds, 'Geode', Emeralds (Wagon/Gneiss Things) 6.05
Steve Birchall, 'Music of the Spheres', Reality Gates (Custom Fidelity
Tapes) 7.27
Popol Vuh, 'Aguirre I Haswell & Hecker Remix', Remixes EP (Mego) 8.16

Wondering where that amazing image comes from? It comes from this very interesting website.