Sunday, May 20, 2007

Last of the sunshine

Autumn is pretty much my favourite time of year. The air has a certain soft mellow feel that I love, and when the evening chill sets in I'm lighting an open fire but it's not so cold that I'm swearing and cursing while outside cutting the kindling to get the fire going.

It was still warm enough last week to go and lay around on the grass at Waitangi Park. This park has become our walking place - where we go when we are feeling a bit cooped up in the office. A quick jaunt around the park, or a quiet meander, depending on the mood. Mostly the latter really. For me anyway. Meandering is a good thing. Anyway, here's my office buddy laying around on the grass. Is that grass really green, or what?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Further silliness

Need a new middle name? Try this one...

My new name under Kurt Vonnegut's Lonesome No More! scheme is:-
Rosemary Alligator-4 Miller
Enter your full name to find out if you're part of my family:-


This is a bit of fun...

We can't stop here. This is Rose country.

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