Sunday, March 06, 2005

Busy old day

Listening to: Can, Tago Mago

Drinking: Whiskey, neat.

Just been to see a play tonight. I do some design work for Circa Theatre, so I get comps for whatever play I've done promo work for. I find most of the plays a bit dry, Their target market is considerably older than me though, so it's not surprising. I enjoy getting out to a play though, and hey, it's free! The play I went to tonight was "An Inspector Calls" - J.B. Priestley.

I've been a busy little woman today. I have a load of firewood arriving on Monday (yay! I still think it's totally exciting that I will be sitting by an open fire this winter) and I had to make room in my little garden shed for the cord and a half of pine and mixed gum. It'll be a bit gruelling getting the wood from the street down to the shed, which is by the back door so I've offered my 17-year-old son and his friends some money to do the job. Fuck, I hope they say yes, otherwise I don't know how I'll get it done. So yeah, cleared out the shed - lots of sneezing in the dusty mess, but it's done now.

Tomorrow I might be making tomato relish. That's the plan anyway. Okay, I'm sounding scary and domestic. Fun takes many forms, okay?!

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Rose said...

The relish is simmering aromatically away as I type. My friend Nic and I made it together and we had to start our day with a trip out to the local rubbish tip where there is a shop that sells off junk really cheaply - the perfect place to buy a box of old jars to put the relish in. Today was such a success that next week we are going to bottle some fruit. We're on a roll.