Saturday, August 27, 2005


A night of red wine and an old friend = nostalgia.

First the music. We remember the two records (vinyl, of course) that SOD and I had in common when we got together (1997). The Fall, I Am Curious Oranj and the 12" of New Order's Blue Monday. Actually not that inidicative of our musical tastes, but an interesting cross-section nonetheless.

We are right now listening to our pick of the bunch, and presently we are listening to one of my Cilla Black records (whom I adore). Paul has fixed our turntable connection. Listening to What the World Needs Now (Bacharach). Romantic childhood music.

Have also been trawling through some old digital snaps. Bought my first digital camera in December 2001 just before heading off to East Timor on a three-month contract for the UN.

Going to Timor was pretty mind blowing. The only time I had been overseas before this was going to Brisbane, Australia with my Nana at age 13. Doesn't really count, eh? So heading off to war-torn East Timor was a bit of a shock. Here are some pics. Beautiful country. Beautiful people. I met some people I will never forget.. Viva Timor Lorosae!

Here's some pics. Maubisse at dawn (the most magnificent view I've seen in my life - the pic doesn't do it justice).

Timorese family at Maubisse.

Grave sites at Maubisse. There are many pre-1999 grave sites. Casualties during the Indonesian occupation were large.

I really want to go back to Timor one day. I know I haven't travelled much, so don't have much to go by. But hey, they is one beautiful country.


Anonymous said...


for Rose

a night of red wine
and an old friend equals much nostalgia and dreams

first the music: we
remember the two records
(vinyl, of course--duh!)

I Am Curious
Oranj and the 12" of
Blue Monday--hell yes

actually not
that inidicative of our
musical mojo

but interesting
cross-dressing nonetheless Ah!
this is The Fall now

listening to our
pick of the bunch, and present-
ly we are hearing

for my Cilla Black
records (whom I adore) Paul
fixed our turntable

connection: broken
seal on Drum tobacco pouch
rolling another...

What the World Needs Now
is romantic childhood
music (Bacharach)

I've been trawling through
some old digital snapshots
bought my first nice cam

East Timor was hot
my tears were heavy and they
mussed my mascara

three-month contract for
the United Nations and
I love Interpol

Timor was lovely
pretty damn mind blowing
overseas and free!

Brisbane, Australia
age 13 with my Nana
doesn't really count

eh? so heading off
to war-torn East Timor was a
bit of a shock yeah?

here are some trip pics
beautiful country out there
beautiful people

I met some people
I will never forget...O!
Viva Lorosae!

Maubisse at dawn (the
most magnificent view I've
seen in my mad life) -

pic doesn't do it
justice of the peace I felt
trawling about free...


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paintergirl said...

Rose-your pictures are so lovely.
The colors are amazing. I'm blown away by the cematary image.I think I will have to do a painting based on that. Very inspirational!

your eve sounded like fun. We try to play vinyl at least once a week. Oh and the Fall and New Order are some favs.

s. said...

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Uptown! Uptown!

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Rose said...

Haiku Boah, thanks for that lyrical rewrite. My friend thought you had used some kind of Haiku-generating software. I assured him that it was not so. It did make me laugh.

Rose said...

Paintergirl - I have some other cemetary photos. I was amazed at how different the Timorese cemetary was to western ones. Some of the graves were really elaborate and painted in amazing colours. I can send you some if you're interested. My email address is on my profile, so mail me if you'd like to see some more. Hey, I'd love to see some of your paintings BTW.

Rose said...

Thanks for the tip Moinous.

Anonymous said...


_boah is curious...
Haiku-generating soft-
ware? are you crazy?


Rose said...

It saddening that my friends are that stupid.

Am I crazy?

I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That was quick.


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