Sunday, August 21, 2005

taking the piss out of art

Got sent links to some extremely funny piss-take songs by The Histrionics.

Check out:

From their album Never Mind the Pollocks (I just love that title)
Hip to Paint Squares
Me and My Third Hand

From their album The Histrionics
Tracey (as in Tracey Emin)
I Shot Andy Warhol (I imagined this was going to be to the tune of I Shot the Sheriff, but no, it's to I Love Rock'n'Roll)

Thanks for the links Ben and Ange!


Anonymous said...

I love rock and roll!

Anonymous said...

I shot Andy Warhol!

Anonymous said...

"Michael was feeling remarkably chipper when he awoke at eight forty-five in Simone's musty bedroom. A cement mixer gargled gratingly out in the street and someone was frying kippers across the garden, but nothing could shake his nagging suspicion that life was finally getting better."

Anonymous said...

A cement mixer was finally remarkably chipper when Simone awoke at eight forty-five feeling in life's musty garden. She gargled gratingly out in the alley and Michael was frying kippers across the bedroom, but nothing could shake her nagging suspicion that Wellington street art was getting better.

Anonymous said...

what are kippers??