Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Okay, it's been over a MONTH since my last confession, I mean, blog. Really, it's pretty sad, but my excuse is that I've been almost continuously working since I got back from holiday. Truly! I know that as a self-employed person I should be pleased about the fact that I am so busy - lots of other people in business would be over the moon. But I would be pleased to have just a little less work. Working till one last night did not have me in raptures going "gosh business is going so well!". I can tell you.

So, has there been anything of interest in my life that I feel like sharing? Let me see. I did have people commenting last week about what a socialite I was. It seems that my photo managed to appear twice on the social pages of the local free rag, the Capital Times. Which ius kinda funny cos I've been too busy to go out much. The two nights I go out I manage to get in the papers. Very amusing. To me anyway.

The holiday was great. Not long enough and way too much driving. SOD doesn't drive and I like to drive very much but there was probably too much time behind the wheel and not enough time doing other things. But it was fun. We had a great night with my brother drinking wine. We ended up putting on all the old records of our childhood which Greg still had stashed away in a big trunk. Was that ever great. Nostalgia is a strange thing. Especially under the influence of copious amounts of wine. (Very good wine too.) SOD and I couldn't remember going off to bed. Smoked too many cigarettes and felt rough doing the trip from Christchurch to Dunners.

And so, what else. Went to Fly My Pretties - only relevant to NZ readers. It was so very very good. It was the Saturday night - the final night - so the vibe was great. The only problem was how much people were drinking which made everyone a bit loud. I had to put on my scary authoritarian voice and told the giggling tittering bimbos in front of us to "shut the fuck up". Wow, rather than turn around and give me the finger they were actually really apologetic. It was pretty funny. I hope it wasn't a respect to an elder. If it was then I should also have slapped them. Hopefully it was just human decency - which makes me feel bad for swearing at them. But at least it shut them up and we happily enjoyed the remainder of the gig.

Sadly that is about all I have to impart. Except that I just bought some new CDs. Oh, and I recently managed to finish a book. But that was mainly read just before going on holiday. Debut novel by Louise Wareham, American writer living in NZ, called Since You Ask, published in NY. Really enjoyed it. A writer to look out for. Back into NZ fiction now for a while with Elizabeth Knox's Dreamhunter.

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paintergirl said...

Glad you had a nice time. You have a city named Christchurch? That is fantastic!

One good thing about the work, you'll have lot's of money to buy fun things. That's always a plus to having extra cash. More cd's and books and mags!

Is having a one person stroll down memory lane a bad thing? It cannot be as fun as being with loved ones and drinking.

Anonymous said...

...over the moon!

Nice work.


Anonymous said...

paintergirl, thanks for commenting on The Mick O'Grady Blog.

Rose, so do you have a link for the newspaper feature?

Or must I route Internet Explorer over the moon to find it?


Lilly said...

Achk! You sum up very nicely the only bad thing about holidays that I can think of -- the enormous pile of work that always awaits you on your desk when you're back home. Inevitable. Happens all the time. Annoying as hell.

Hey Rose -- I love your fringe, by the way :-)

Rose said...

Paintergirl - it has been said about Christchurch that it is more English than an English town. It has punting on the Avon river even. And lots of blossom trees in the spring. Spires. Old stone buildings. The most beautiful old University that is now an arts centre. Nice really. But also thugs and crime and rasict skinheads which makes it not quite as appealing as you would initially think.

Rose said...

Lilly - thanks for the comment about my fringe! And ten marks for not calling it bangs! Where did that strange American expression come from? Anybody know?

Rose said...

O'Grady - I don't think Capital Times puts this stuff online. They are a small free weekly rag. I was smiling in both pics and people told me I looked nice. So there you go.

Anonymous said...


Lilly said...

Bangs? No idea. I don't do strange American expressions [that's O'Grady's job].

PandehÄr is what it's called in Danish. How's that for a weird expression [in your ears anyway]? :-)