Sunday, April 16, 2006

two drawings about love

Listening to: Current 93, swastikas for noddy (in particular, Beausoleil)

Listening to this because of the link to the Kenneth Anger films. The song is, of course, about Bobby Beausoleil, who produced the soundtrack for Anger's Lucifer Rising. I just saw the Magick Lantern Cycle last week and it was pretty mind-blowing. I designed the posters, programme and advertising for the event - it was cool to be involved. I wish I could watch the films all over again. My faves were Rabbit Moon, Eaux d'Artifice and Invocation of My Demon Brother.

It's a late night at the computer - almost one in the morning. Work is banking up so late nights are a necessity. Just having a little bit of time for myself though - been downloading some more music and doing a little bit of drawing.

I did this the top one on my weekend away to Martinborough. Did I have something on my mind? I hope nobody finds this offensive.

I just did the following one tonight.

"How can there be pleasure, how can there be joy, when the whole world is burning?" - David Tibet, Current 93


Lilly said...

Hope you do get the odd moment to chill out and just be yourself without work at the moment, dear Rose.

Hey, those drawings are awesome! I absolutely love them; the heart one in particular. I really like the style :-D

Lilly said...

Yes -- I am back again to look at those drawing. Like I said: I really heart the drawing with the heart.

Word Verification: bfbdqglq [wow]

David Cauchi said...

Yeah man, they are good eh?

paintergirl said...

These are GREAT Rose. I saw something the other day that made me think of these drawings and blessed that I forgot. Your work is sounding a bit rough but at least it's the film fest stuff and is not long lasting. Still. The Gallo movie sounds interesting.

Rose said...

oh thanks guys! I haven't drawn in a really long time and encouragement is wonderful. It's wierd putting your stuff out there for people to see 'cos I've never done that before.

jos said...

these are awesome drawings, rose.

love your music updates too. i haven't heard current 93 since forever! takes me back to red lorry, yellow lorry, death in june...sigh

Rose said...

cheers melvin. guess is a favourite haunt? i think that's where i also discovered nurse with wound. of course there's the link with current 93.