Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Oh cripes, where do I start? It's been a gruelling month. Film festival work, my other client work, then my mum gets really really sick. Just got back on Friday from a hard week of dutiful daughter action (I like to think I did pretty well on that front, but mother may tell a different story), then into a weekend of films. Well, kinda. I crapped out on Saturday. I preferred spending a quiet night at home with my man, chilling out. Missed a couple of films, but what-the-hey, I'd just missed a whole week of 'em anyways, what with the week with mother. I'm proceeding now with catching up on what I've missed via tapes from the festival office. I'll try to add a list of what I've seen in my next blog. It's gonna be a lot shorter than last years, that's for sure. My daily never saw the light of day. What a waste!

Mum is doing okay. Her morale has taken of bit of a battering after three weeks in hospital, but she is getting back to her old self. It was a hard few days down there. I'm not the most patient person. I'll leave it at that. Mother–daughter relationships are never easy.

Speaking of which, my eldest just turned 21 and I'm putting on a dinner party for her and her friends this Sat night. One of her requests is cocktails, so we went shopping for the ingredients today and had a little trial run tonight. I'm now feeling a bit tipsy after sampling a Mudslide, followed by a couple of glasses of Sex On the Beach. I think there'll be some sick young people at my house come the weekend, especially after the bubbly they're having with dinner. I'm freaking out about the cooking side of things. Ahhh! Haven't done this for a while. I hope it all turns out okay.


paintergirl said...

So glad you are back Rose! I've been thinking about you and your mum and hoping for the best. I have to agree with you, mother and daughter relationships are never easy. My mom and I are like night and day.

But I'm glad to hear she's on the mend and you're back.

Yeah share your movie list. We know what David has ben viewing and I can't wait for the release of these films.

We just watched Thumbsucker and I just loved this movie!

And you are such a sweet mum to throw a party for your 21 year old. Very cool of you. Anything remotely cool for me had to have been done AWAY from my family. I bet it will be a hit.

Lilly said...

Yeeahhh! Great having you back, Rose :-) Missed you. Glad to hear your mum is recovering -- hope you're keeping up ok as well. You sound exhausted, dear.....

Excellent that you're throwing a COCKTAIL PARTY for your daughter -- can't wait to hear more about it. I've never been to a COCKTAIL PARTY but I've always wanted to. It sounds so fancy and cool! Hope you don't have too many young people vomitting in your house -- yuk!! :-/

s. said...

You don't need a barman for the party, do you? :D

Rose said...

Nice to BE back!

PG: Thumbsucker sure IS a great movie. Isn't Keanu perfect in that part? For all his woodeness as an actor, he can make some parts magic. Wait till you see him in A Scanner Darkly. He's superb!

Lilly: Yep, I am pretty exhausted. Really need some R&R now that the festival is over. Just got to get through this birthday weekend, then it's off for a weekend away somewhere with Davey. Somewhere quiet, with wine!

Stephen: I think I'm it! Apparently I've gone and bought totally the wrong glasses. I didn't do my homework. Was meant to buy highball but got something else. Will just have to add lots of ice or something.

Okay, two days to go till party time. Got to get this house into order!

Lilly said...

Rose -- I wish you an Dave a NICE, RELAXING and WINE-FILLED week away :-D