Wednesday, April 04, 2007

what i've been up to...

Listening to: Colossal Youth, Young Marble Giants

I urge you all to revisit this album!!

I've got a new way of living going on that means, unfortunately, less blogging. Now that I'm working from an office I'm living a bit more like the rest of the population, but that means leaving my Mac at work and doing things in the evening that do not involve the computer. I realised that I had been filling in the empty evenings since Dave left with work work work. NO more! I'm now being much more efficient with my time. This does, however, mean that blogging is happening less and less often. So be it. My life is a lot healthier these days since my decision to leave the computer behind at the end of the day.

I've been to some fun gigs lately. Hightlights have been twee pop Glaswegians Camera Obscura, pysch rockers Comets on Fire (supported in the most wonderful way by our own Birchville Cat Motel - I couldn't believe how magnificent this was), old school Flying Nun boys The Clean and noise legends, Dead C (see them here on YouTube).

On the movie front, World Cinema Showcase has just started and I have managed three films in the past week. The best so far has been Rampage, a doco about life in the "war zones" of Miami, focusing on the lives of a family stuck in the midst of gang warfare in "Brown Sub". Pretty shocking and depressing but so worth seeing. All I can say is, US gun laws are really really stupid.


Margaret Larkin said...

I agree--life can be a lot healthier without so much computer use/exposure. I am VERY sick of it and would love to have a situation where I'm not on it so often. A lot of people seem to like online life and some even prefer it to offline life. There is so much happening away from the computer, but unfortunately so many jobs involve it, and mix that in with bad weather, and you have a lot of people sitting inside at computers. There's a lot more I can say about this, and it's too bad I just discovered your blog :(

Who's Dave?

Rose said...

I like my online life too, but I know I need balance. I've met some people on here that I know are now true friends, and that's pretty cool. But the damned computer seemed to be taking over my life. I need it for my job (which I really enjoy) but I'm finding it entirely liberating to not have one around in the weekends and evenings.

Dave is my recent ex. We split at Christmas time after ten years. :(

rube lubener said...

I was gonna ask you if you liked Camera Obscura. Now I know. Whenever I hear that song Razzle Dazzle Rose I wonder how is Rose doing? It is good to hear you are doing well. I hope to see Camera Obscura when they come by next time. I've missed them twice it won't happen a third time.

Rose said...

Hey! Nice to hear from you. Yeah, Camera Obscura are great. It was nice to hear such a big band playing. The only negative thing I can say about the gig was that they sounded very close to how they sound recorded. But they were so so sweet and so accomplished. The crowd was really mellow and happy. A nice time.

paintergirl said...

Have to check out the music scene. You're always listening to interesting stuff.
I miss you in blog world but you have new enviro and I'm glad you're getting out. Josp and I need to do some of that too.

Rose said...

PG - I miss my blog world! But I'm still here. Just not on a very regular basis I guess. Sporadic. It will get worse soon. I'm back in film festival land in about three weeks! Can you believe it comes round so soon? Madness.

Anonymous said...

More like the lack of US gun laws is rediculous.
If you are leaving your computer at work how do you watch porn in solitude. What? Don't the ladies watch porn? What? It's only me?
And piss on that Dave guy. Idot.

Rose said...

Kevin - there's always the office in the weekends. Ha ha. Just joking Eugene and Patches. No, really.