Monday, June 08, 2009

SESSION 19: At Home With Rose

I Dreamed I Was Prog Rock...


Sounding kinda proggy and slightly psych this week. And sometimes a little saccharine. Ah well. I'm still feeling a bit crappy from my cold which is nearly gone and I'm not much in the mood for noise this week.

I've included are a couple of tracks from debut album, Circa Scaria, by An Emerald City. The album was recorded in a big cave over two days. How cool is that? I definitely slot this album in the prog section. And hey! - that's not necessarily a bad thing. I was weaned on Emerson Lake and Palmer and Genesis, man! It's in my fricking blood, okay? Apparently the An Emerald City have moved to Berlin. Their debut gets some bad reviews, and it gets some good reviews.

Okay, it's not all prog, but it flows...

Disasteradio, Trash City, Disasteradio Cdr, creative commons. (1:09)
Disasteradio, Track 06, creative commons. (2:37)
i.ryoko, Cut Too Short for Contentment, unreleased, Sonorous Circle. (3:56)
Gydja, A Siren Stood Hymning upon Each Circle, Umbilicus Maris, Mystery Sea. (11:23)
Thela, Untitled, Thela, Ecstatic Peace! (5:27)
An Emerald City, Reindeers Running, Circa Scaria, Banished from the Universe. (7:49)
Lamp of the Universe, Dream Sequence, Echo in Light, Cranium Music. (16:59)
100 SUNS, Perpetual Balance, Sonorous Circle. (39:08)
100 SUNS, Intertwine, Sonorous Circle. (7:01)
An Emerald City, Moon, Circa Scaria, Banished from the Universe. (5:25)
Lamp of the Universe, Resonance, Echo in Light, Cranium Music. (6:27)
The Inkling, Marriage of Figurines, Deluge, Capital Recordings. (8:14)
Shocking Pinks, The Narrator, Shocking Pinks, DFA. (3:00)
The Enright House, Do Re Mi, A Maze and Amazement, A Low Hum. (4:17)

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