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SESSION 24: At Home With Rose

Rocking the Audio Foundation(s)



I have very little time to get my show sorted for tomorrow night. I was pondering this on the walk back to my car after seeing three Festival films back to back (the reason for my lack of planning time!) . I happened to be listening to podcast tracks I had subscribed to off the Audio Foundation website and thought what a great idea it would be to do an Audio Foundation show and give them a plug. They play a very important role in the NZ sound art scene.

In a nutshell, the Audio Foundation supports and promotes New Zealand audio projects. I find the Foundation an essential resource for my music show. The AF mailing list is active on an almost daily basis with the sharing of information on all facets of sound art in New Zealand.

The AF mailing list is just one of the Foundation's initiatives. They also organise sound art events as Alt Music (with funding from Creative New Zealand). They run an MP3 library (just in Auckland, as far as I know. They recently released a great compilation, Dirt Beneath the Daydream, which accompanied Wire magazine. The CD featured 21 tracks selected from an open call for submissions of previously unreleased experimental music from New Zealand.

I think we are really lucky in New Zealand to have this amazing resource. It's a collaborative community effort, but massive thanks and credit obviously go to Zoe Drayton who was instrumental in setting up the Foundation back in 2004.

One more thing - BUY MUSIC! Keep our artists fed! Downloading is good for a taster, but support our local artists by paying for their music.

The notes on the playlist come from either the track ID tags or from the AF website. If no notes appear, there were simply none to be gleaned.

Seven Twenty Seven, Will Gresson + Luke Munn. (7:27)
Six Oh Seven, Will Gresson + Luke Munn. (6:07)
Both tracks are sound collaborations between Will Gresson (guitar, loops, field recordings) and Luke Munn (keyboards, loops, vocals). Entirely composed, recorded, mixed, and produced in 12 hours.
Going places with Aung San Suu Kyi (abridged), ian-john. (3:01)
Wreckorded in locations through which the microphone chances to pass and collaged in chronological order. On durations wire the voices barb is set. (abridged version of an abridged version of a version necessarily abridged).

Tape Rain, Pumica (6:11)
Described as "the band that Real Groove was too scared to review!"

Voices in a Room (excerpt), David Khan. (4:18)
From the album Music for Performance, 2003.

Moth, Joyoti Wylie. (4:48)
Joyoti Wylie is a practicing multimedia artist.

Grinders (eloc-knockt) tape worm pull ah13.121, WITCYST. (2:58)
Legendary outsider. http//
From the album Stick With It.

FLIP, CHIKY TRWIXT. oilM. 20.121, WITCYST, (1:03)
See above.

Friendly Fire, ian-john. (0:49)
Friendly Fire is a collection of memories of gunshots from various locations and begins to investigate the poetry of that sound so happily lodged in our minds, and so easily brought to mind...or maybe it's just another hail of bullets?

0O0O0O0O0, Sam Hamilton. (5:04)
This is what happens if you loose your self in the dark jungle with the snakes and the bats and the wig tarsh grapplers.

Wormy Justice, Dead Kid Harvester. (6:11)
A song about the Worms series of video games, partially inspired by Black Sabbath's Electric Funeral.

Summer Skin, fiffdimension. (6:20)
Opening track from 2003 album 'Loose Autumn Moans'. Analogue recording, no overdubs. Dave Edwards - acoustic f-hole guitar, harmonica, vocal, composer Sam Prebble - violin, shaker Mike Kingston - cello

Droszkhi's Gate, Droszkhi (Torben Tilly). (5:18)
Solo piece for harmonium and stereo gate, composed for the exhibition & audio CD compilation Gating, curated by Michael Graeves, West Space Inc., Melbourne, 16 May - 8 June 2002

Yeongtongdong bus song, fiffdimension. (2:34)
Samples of Korean musical instruments (gayageum, janggu, kkwaenggari) warped into a techno track and drizzled with Korean voices and bus-stop announcements.

Live @ K-77, Johnny Chang, Paula Matthusen, Keith O'Brien
Following an invitation to perform at K-77 (or Lichtblick Kino) in Berlin, this is an excerpt from an improvised set with Keith O'Brien on electric guitar/electronics) Paula Matthusen (electronics) and myself on violin.

JZZA {mature edit}, Seht. (2:56)

The Corridor (edit), The Beautiful Losers. (5:16)
From The Beautiful Losers double album 2003. Featuring Peter Wright (guitar, e-bow, production), Rustle Covini (drums), David Khan (sampling keyboard, analogue synth, production).

A Square A Cross A Circle (edit), The Beautiful Losers. (5:49)
See above.

radio 45, David Merritt. (1:03)

Agalaya, Joyoti Wylie. (2:04)

untitled tr.1 xcrt, sci hi. (2:01)
A track of solo electronic feedback, played by sci hi and released on the cdr Nature Machine.

corale and cannon, zombie cheeses. (1:36)
rom #1 Skunkies - 16 chunks of dada sound collage art satire by zOmbie Cheeses issued on cdr by edengully.

Radiation, Dead Kid Harvester. (3:45)
A song with a spiritual story for which the meaning is unclear. Partially inspired by gothic rock.

Sleep/Grease, fiffdimension. (2:57)
Solo acoustic guitar + spoken word track from the 2003 album 'Loose Autumn Moans'.

piano i think, piano by R.G Shaw edited by William Shaw. (4:44)

Trains in Trouble, Stanier Black-Five. (5:59)
From Train Tracks, Argot Records

Take it Off, ian-john. (3:00)
Accompanied by voices of palpable anticipation and glee, wrapping paper is eagerly torn away from gifts on Christmas Day.

comes to those who fly, zombie cheeses. (2:36)
for more zombie cheeses write to edengully at gmail dot com

partial electrosmog study, Adam Willetts. (4:42)

slow cradle (excerpt), buildings. (6:08)
edengully at gmail dot com

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