Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SESSION 39: At Home With Rose

The decade slides to an end: new music


Mostly from 2009, but some from 2008...

I've veered away from my original intent to play experimental, and this playlist brings me back on track. Two labels predominate on tonight's playlist: Music Your Mind Will Love You (MYMWLY) (from Australia under Michael Donnelly) and Digitalis (from the US under Brad Rose). There's a nice article here on Cyclic Defrost that talks about both labels.

Highlight for me is Liz Maw with 'sedated panic stations'. It was produced in my lounge. Liz will be playing in Wellington with Evil Ocean on December 19 at Mighty Mighty for their CD release. I'll be playing some tracks from their CD in the very near future.

I'm also enamoured with the two Blue Sabbath Black Fiji tracks at the end. Their sludgy electro-squawks are both rhythmic and droney at once with skronky medicated layerings that make me feel all funny in the brain department, especially with headphones on. BSBF are Parisians Charles Lavenac and Janin Benecke. You like 'em? You can download a 2007 recording off SQRT netlabel here.

Here's Blue Sabbath Black Fiji battling it out on guitar:

Peter Broderick, 'Violin and Mouth', Ten Duets, Digitalis Ltd. (2:50)
Liz Maw, 'sedated panic stations', CDR, self release. (8:07)
Bugskull, 'subterranean life', Communication, Digitalis Ltd. (4:24)
M. Pyres, 'Gravity Deluxe (wandering associate)', & New Past Tense, Patient Sounds. (4:59)
innig, 'the natives have come', hand rolled oblivion disc 2, MYMWLY. (5:08)
6majik9, 'The Congress Of The Inanimate', Black Sattva, A Beard of Snails. (9:16)
The Electric Bunnies, 'A Snowman on the First Day of Spring', Through the Magical Door, Florida's Dying. (5:01)
Fuck Buttons, 'Sweet Love FBoldor Planet Earth', Street Horrrsing, ATP Recordings. (9:41)
autistic daughters, 'burning baffle docker', hand rolled oblivion disc 2, MYMWLY. (5:25)
the golden oaks, 'chestnut vistas', hand rolled oblivion disc 2, MYMWLY. (2:53)
The Feeling of Love, 'Waiting for the Cheerleaders to Get Drunk', Waiting for the Cheerleaders to Get Drunk, Avant! (3:41)
Kitchen's Floor, 'Woollens', Loneliness is a Dirty Mattress, R.I.P. Society. (1:38)
David Tagg, 'Wind Blown Guitar', Wind Blown Guitar, Second Sun Recordings. (13:08)
The Old Rig, 'Side A', Trembling Static Sky c23, Digitalis Ltd. (12:45)
Teepee, 'Untitled', Illusions & Meditations, Night People. (9:59)
Cave, 'High, I Am', Psychic Psummer, Important Records. (4:36)
Pixel Hero, 'Tumor Surfing', Pixel Hero, sturm. (5:46)
medroxy progesterone acetate, 'everything you've never said', hand rolled oblivion disc 2, MYMWLY. (4:15)
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, 'Scooking', Split, Digitalis. ();47)
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, 'Scutting', Split, Digitalis. (4:25)


db said...

Hi Rose, this is db (Medroxy Progesterone Acetate) -- excellent mix, definitely agree on the Blue Sabbath Black Fiji fixation, I have yet to hear anything from them which doesn't stick in the head like spilled syrup.

Rose said...

Hey thanks for dropping me a line! Yeah, they really are great. Wish I could see them live - that clip of them belting the shit out of those guitars is so fine. So you are on that wonderful Hand Rolled Oblivion! I've been playing a fair bit off that. The lovely MYMWLY. What a label.