Wednesday, December 30, 2009

SESSION 44: At Home With Rose

Pretty music for happy times (a.k.a. music for holidays)


Me and Dave are heading off on a short camping holiday in two days and I'm feeling pretty buzzy about it. It's the only time I can truly relax. No distracting domestic duties (I'm not very good at keeping still and doing nought). Just reading, sleeping, eating and drinking (and the occasional perambulation). We go to camping sites with the least facilities - the one we are going to has only drop toilets and no tap water. The logic being, the less the facilities, the less the crowds. We are just crossing our fingers there are no local bogans choosing this spot for their New Year's parties.

So the music this week fits my buoyant mood. Happy. Kinda silly in parts. Kinda whimsical in others.

And don't be put off by the inclusion of Yes and Thin Lizzy. It works for me, okay?! Heh.

Photo is of my family when I was a kid, ready to head off on our summer holiday. I'm the littlest.

Meri Tiitola, 'Lehmikutsu (Calling the Cows)', Folk Voices: Finnish Folk Song Through the Ages, Onedine. [2:35]
Jessica Bailiff, 'beautiful soul', even in silence, Kranky. [9:30]
The Cheap Poet, 'The Pear, The Knife, The Pond', When The Poem Falls and Brakes its Nose, Umor-Rex. [3:50]
Ana da Silva, 'Friend', The Lighthouse, Chicks on Speed. [4:00]
Cloudboy, '(You're So) Pretty', Down At The End Of The Garden, Arclife Records. [4:05]
Windy & Carl, 'Whisper', Drawing of Sound, Icon. [10:41]
Shoeb Ahmad, 'Together, We Will Sleep Under Stars', Mixed Doubles EP, helloSquare Recordings. [3:31]
Tim Hecker, 'Sea of Pulses', An Imaginary Country, Kranky. [4:42]
Animal Collective, 'Visiting Friends', Sung Tongs, FatCat Records. [12:37]
James Yorkston, 'Woozy With Cider (Jon Hopkins Remix)', Sound Concierge #701 Super Romantic (for your moments in love) (Selected and Mixed by Fantastic Plastic), Cutting Edge. [4:16]
The Skygreen Leopards, 'I Fell Asleep In The Sun-Bleached Grass (I'll Just Pass Away)', Windswept Trees & Houses (VA), Jewelled Antler. [2:40]
Joan Of Arc, 'Kissinger's Lament When Some Young Bunny Or Bildeberg Whore Kicks Him Out Of Bed For Snoring (In The Key Of Me)', The Intelligent Design Of Joan Of Arc, Polyvinyl Records. [4:32]
Glissandro 70, 'Voices Are Your Best Friend', See You on the Moon! (VA), Paper Bag Records. [4:15]
Arthur Russell, 'Habit Of You', Love Is Overtaking Me, Audika. [3:14]
Datarock, 'the most beautiful girl', datarock datarock, Young Aspiring Professionals. [3:56]
Amon Tobin, 'Chocolate Lovely', Supermodified, Ninja Tune. [6:04]
Yes, 'Sweetness', Yes, Elektra. [4:36]
Štepán Rak, 'Temptation Of The Renaissance', With The Guitar Around The World. [4:19]
Bongwater, 'Ill Fated Lovers Go Time Tripping', Too Much Sleep, Shimmy Disc. [1:53]
Blectum from Blechdom, 'Love Letter', Haus de Snaus, Tigerbeat6. [1:05]
Garbage and the Flowers, 'Sweet Pea', Runner: A Compilation of NZ Music, Next Best Way. [3:29]
The Shitty Listener, 'We Don't Have To Be In Love', Crying Sweater, Ruralfaune. [1:42]
Damon & Naomi And Ghost, 'The New World', With Ghost, Sub Pop Records. [4:33]
Thin Lizzy, 'Still In Love With You'. [9:29]

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