Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SESSION 50: At Home With Rose

Lovely low-fi


Bloody hell! Fifty shows under my belt! Pretty damned pleased about that, yessiree.

This week's theme became apparent after choosing my first 3 songs. Seems I have low-fi on my mind. And back to some good New Zealand music which is fitting cos that's where this radio show began. Mixed in are a few songs from the rest of the world, but the core is most definitely Noo Zild.

Note all the great NZ labels. Yes, we have some wonderful musicians in this country, but don't forget about the hard work done by the people that run the labels to get the music out there so you can listen to it. Amongst tonight's labels:

Pseudo Arcana
Celebrate/Psi/Phenomenon (now called Don't Fuck With Magic)
The other NZ labels here are defunct (as far as I know).

Lots of gigs coming up and no money to go to them. Darn. Wish I was going to Health and wish I was going to Isis. Ah well. It is not to be.

David Merritt and David Kilgour, 6th of the 6th 66, Runner: A Compilation of NZ Music, Nextbestway. [0:32]
A Handful of Dust, Eulogy for a Riley 4/72, Musica Humana, Corpus Hermeticum. [2:35]
Aliastair Galbraith, Yes Jazz Cactus, Seely Girn, Feel Good All Over. [1:44]
Alastair Galbraith, Wrecked Wee Hymn, Seely Girn, Feel Good All Over. [5:27]
Graeme Jefferies, Even As We Sleep, Runner: A Compilation of NZ Music, Nextbestway. [4:27]
Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos, Oh and From the Beach, River Falling Love, Ajax Records. [2:11]
Bruce Russell, Against Method, Runner: A Compilation of NZ Music, Nextbestway. [4:09]
Kraus, Happening for Lulu, Golden Treasure, CDR. [2:36]
Kitchen's Floor, Failure, Loneliness is a Dirty Mattress, R.I.P. Society. [2:04]
Check out Kitchen Floor's album
Pumice, tsk, White, Stabbies and the Rocket Recordings. [2:28]
Daniel Johnston, Poptunes, The Early Recordings Volume 1 (Disc 2), Dual Tone Records. [2:01]
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, Going Up The Country, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, Sunday Best Recordings. [3:19]
floyd the phenomenal cat-trophy, 01 01 19 sticky, stacked ands stuck slowly for Bedt, Bedt, CDR. [3:35]
Daniel Johnston, I Lose, Rejected Unknown, Newimprovedmusic. [3:13]
Akron/Family, I'm Really Glad The Lights Went Out, Tour Album, Not On Label. [2:43]
Lau Nau, Kekellä yötá, Witching Hour - Field Recordings of Nighttime, CLaudia. [7:40]
gFrenzy, Tonight the Kids Sleep in the Car, A Lowtide's Rising..., Pseudoarcana. [1:36]
Robert Scott, Laid to Rest, Runner: A Compilation of NZ Music, Nextbestway. [3:17]
Jackie-O Motherfucker, Go Down, Old Hannah, Fig. 5, [6:54]
Anthony Milton, Outside of Centre, A Lowtide's Rising..., Pseudoarcana. [3:47]
Swagger Jack, Kill..., A Lowtide's Rising..., Pseudoarcana. [3:14]
Peter Wright, Pursuance, A Lowtide's Rising..., Pseudoarcana. [3:20]
Thuja, Opaque Reeds, Heat and Birds, Jewelled Antler Collective. 8:24]
Gate, To Kiss The Wall, Le Jazz Non (A Compilation of Nineties NZ Noise), Corpus Hermeticum. [3:52]
Eye Baba, Damaged Dream Repair, Hand Rolled Oblivion Disc 2, MYMWLY. [5:22]
Kemialliset Ystavat, Juomakallo/Vari Avarvvdesta/Himmelista, Latvasta Laho, Celebrate/Psi/Phenomenon. [6:33]
Koen Holtkamp, Walker, Field rituals, Type. [4:45]
LA LAKERS, Track 12, silk lettuce whitney houston, Dungeon Taxis. [2:33]
Lau Nau, Lue Kartalta, NUKKUU, Locust Music. [4:30]
White Winged Moth, Untitled 5, I Can See Inside Your House, Poon Village. [6:40]
CJA, How To Spot A Tagger, PONDS, United Fairy Moons. [2:25]

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