Friday, January 04, 2013

SESSION 69: At Home With Rose

My Love is Six Pixels Deep

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I love the holidays - gives me time to scrabble around in the depths of the interwebs to seek out new sounds.

Time also for some tinychats shows.

Soak up the vapors. Feel the love. Six pixels - deep enough to drown.

THEYALLsay/SssHhh w.h sutter pikkemand, GR†LLGR†LL
Cascading Rainfall, Infinity Frequencies, Dream Recovery
Unfadeable [Haruko - Sundown], Hayao Yamaneko, Shattered Holograms // シャッタド・ハーログラムズ: VOLUME 1
Vector Tables, Datavision Ltd., Vector Tables
Enemy (320), Vektroid
Cleopatra, Eyeliner, High Fashion Mood Music
Bags, James Ferraro, Farside Virtual
Computer cum, 骨架的, Holograms 
Webcast Moments, REAL PLAYER 7, NIGHTS
Wandering Eye, DUDES, WARM #1 (Lumenous compilation)
(Download the Lumenous compilation here)
Breeze, 骨架的, Holograms 
Those Eyes, Infinity Frequencies, Euphoria (Eternal)
(Album download here)
Anyways, Future Frequencies, Crystal Secrets
(Download album here)
Dreamcast, Blank Banshee, BLANK BANSHEE 0
(Download album here)
Run (feat. CoMa), Sun Glitters, It's snowing and the girls are singing
wind surfer cross, lay bac, ooo kokomo
Waiting For You, Rad Magma, Confessions of the Unconscious Mind
secret lover, luxury elite, II
(Download album here)
G O L D E N. K Ni F E, Y.K L Ei N, IRM presents: Clashes
(Find Y.K L Ei N's latest EP here)
Sunset Intro, Infinity Frequencies, Euphoria (Eternal)
Laburnum, GR†LLGR†LL, 
Ghost Raid, FATIMA AL QADIRI, Desert Strike

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