Sunday, February 17, 2013

Session 74: At Home With Rose

Dancing in the dark 

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I just got back from Camp A Low Hum. Always a great time, and this time I did a LOT of dancing. Which made me very happy. All I've wanted to do since coming back is DANCE. Unfortunately, at my age, I did not do nearly as much dancing as I would have liked.

I danced to Roland Tings. I danced to Totems. I also danced like a crazy bitch to West Coast Bullies.

Here's some dancey tracks so I can keep dancing. Forever ever.

Who do I love the most? fuji grid tv, o F F and BEBETUNE$ of course.

Bermuda caves, lay bac, ooo kokomo
Blue Dream, Hype Williams, Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite and Start Gettin' Reel
Not Feeling The Love, Kuhyre-oo, THIS IS SO RANDOM (compilation)
Think Twice, Otto Rollo, Otto Roll/Dables split
Me x You, Laurier
Wildfire, SBTRKT, Tropicalia (compilation)
Pepsi Baby, BEBETUNE$, inhale C-4 $$$$$
BE THE 1 I DREAM OF, a i r s p o r t s, BE THE 1 I DREAM OF
Lady Dro, Traxman, Da Mind Of Traxman
Dick and Money, FELLEPUS, #TOMCREW PRESENTS: END TIMES (compilation)
Shake It To The Ground (Feat. Rye Rye) (Claude Von Stroke Mix), Dk Blaqstarr, 14 tracks: bulit to boom (compilation)
She's Ovah, bobbi dahl, super cunt pop
Welcome To The New Paradigm, Lenticular Clouds, Universal Geometry
Fast Challenges, Chad Valley, Tropicalia (compliation)
Turn Me In, BETAWAVE X, Ghetto Hymns for the Earthbound and Weary 
waterfall voyeur, fuji grid tv, prism genesis
High, o F F feat Cyan Kid, THIS IS SO RANDOM (compilation)

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