Saturday, May 08, 2004

my clever SOD

SOD took part in his first art exhibition today - the opening was at 5 in the evening up the coast at a gallery called Mahara in Waikanae. It was pretty cool - it was a group show and all the artists' work hung together really well (no pun intended!). What's up with skulls at the moment - they seemed to be a recurring symbol in a fair bit of the work. And then in walked SOD's bro with a skull and cross bones on the sleeve of his jumper. After swearing off buying art any more this year - 'cos I have spent quite a bit on it in the last year - what did I do? Bought something. A skull of course - it's a cool little bag shaped as a skull and decorated with appliqué with pearl teeth. Very cool. Apparently they sell at Karen Walker. Dunno if I'll be sporting mine about town - I think I prefer it as an art piece on the wall somewhere. My excuse for buying it was that it wasn't all that expensive. I like to kid myself like that.

I took a break from work today and mowed the lawns. I need to get a life.

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