Friday, May 14, 2004

grizzle grumble

Grrr! Blogger may have a nice new snazzy interface, but it's not behaving itself! I had just typed screeds and then went to add a link and everything I typed disappeared and there was no undo. Very cross! Abbreviated form here cos I can't be bothered typing it all over again. Going to Palmerston North for Dave's opening on Sat. Should be lots of fun. Hope to go shopping. (This is where I added a link to the shop I want to go to - it's - and I daren't add the link!) And the other thing I mentioned was lookiing forward to my package arriving from Turntablelab. Hurry up, package!
Work is constant and unrelenting at the moment. I do a yearly contract with the New Zealand Film Festival, producing all the programmes for print. It becomes fulltime a bit later on but at the moment I am fitting it in around other work. It's getting a little crazy - popping in and out of the festival office and fitting in the needs of kids in between. Being a working mother is not easy. Back to the slog...

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