Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Are we all glad it's over?

Yay, another Christmas bites the dust. It's taken me a week to get the strength back to blog. And now it's almost time to start back into some work. The crap thing about being self-employed (and I'm sure this isn't the first time I've moaned about this) is NO PAID HOLIDAYS! All you lucky lucky lucky people out there being paid to swan around at the beach by your employer - well, I guess I should stop moaning and remember that I can swan off to the movies or shopping any old day I want to and not have to think up some lame excuse for my boss...

Anyway, I've decided that next year I will have to change the name of this blog, because I'm going to get an office again. Woohoo! This is making me happy now even just typing these words. It's been a weird year working from home. In fact, it hasn't even been a year yet. I've decided I'm just not suited to working in the confines of my living space. I need the feeling of "coming home" at the end of the day and also the feeling of entering my creative office space at the beginning of my day - somewhere near a busy cafe! So, in the New Year I'll be looking for a place with some friends in the city. Looking forward to it.

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