Friday, January 14, 2005

...and life goes on

Hmm, looks like 2005 is going to be a trying year if the first couple of weeks is anything to go by. Firstly, SOD and I are having a break, so have moved out of what my friend aptly called "Camborne 90210", and good riddance (to the house that is, not SOD). I'm not entirely sure that moving there was a good move at all. It was too far from the city and was not at all my style of house. It was like being in a big ritzy holiday home all the time. Might sound nice to some, but it's not conducive to normal living and working. Anyway, now in an old house in town - just me and the kids. Next, found out late last year that I have an almighty amount to pay back to the tax department. Nasty. Then, just before Christmas, my little red Rover crapped out. It's been in for repairs now for almost a month because of the holiday break and they are now telling me that it is going to cost $3,600 to get fixed and my warranty won't cover it! And of course, this house shifting has cost me both in downtime and moving costs. Oh boy, is it going to get any worse? I had this feeling on New Year's Eve that there was a little to celebrate the coming of 2005 - something tells me this is a year to consolidate and work as hard as possible. How incredibly dull.

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