Thursday, April 21, 2005


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It's half past midnight. I've just made a list of all current projects. They amass to the shocking total of fourteen and that doesn't count the Film Festival which will I'll be starting on in a couple of weeks (possibly less). This is going to be taxing. I'm trying very hard not to get stressed, but to just attack the workload a chunk at a time, while also staying supremely organised. And keeping up with the housework as much as possible and making sure my kids get fed. In the meantime, my admin is getting soooo behind. I need a maid. I need an accounts assistant. Oh, and I need a life outside work, but that ain't gonna happen. I hate it when I bump into people at this time of year (always my busiest) and they ask me how I am and what I've been up to and it's always zippo. Oh, you know... working. Oh, it's so very dull, and at the end of these few months (around Sept) I come out like a wrung out dishrag. Still, I always enjoy a challenge. The blogs are gonna get dull. There'll be no nice little links or pics - there just won't be time, so I'm afraid it's gonna be my constant moaning, and maybe the occasional exclamation when I see what films have been confirmed for the festival. Oh, except that's probably confidential and I can't mention it!

Anyway, my jobs at present are a varied bunch. Two branding/identity jobs (fun); one brand implementation for a new store opening in town (not so fun, but interesting); some arts promotional work (Circa - always nice to work for); a magazine (almost gone to the printers - woohoo); a couple of publishing jobs (two educational books and a newsletter); a book for an NGO; promo stuff for Out Takes Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (lots of fun and nice folks); a poster for an NGO... and of course there's more due to come in over the next few weeks.

Have been downloading some stuff on Limewire lately - really like Iron and Wine - ahve been meaning to check them out for some time. And got some more Broken Social Scene who I adore, and as soon as I'm up to spending some money on music (a long way off..) I'll be getting some of their albums. Got some old stuff too - Desmond Dekker, The Israelites; Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang; Prince - Let's go Crazy; Al Green - Let's Stay Together. Oh, too weird - Ryan Adams singing Wonderwall! Limewire is fun. Oh yeah.


llew said...

I get a bit nostalgic when I read your posts sometimes.

I used to be President of the Wellington Film Society - back when they actually owned the Wellington Film Festival - Bill G also runs the federation of Film Societies from the same office.

I'd go see 25-30 films. Take the time off work etc

Since then, the busiest time of my job is the month of July every year. Yearly reporting time... I hardly see anything anymore.

Mind you, DVD & family life have completely changed my movie viewing habits, so it's only when I read stuff like yours that I get pangs...

Rose said...

My friend, Michael, is now in charge of programming for the Film Society. I've never bothered joining (even though they have a great selection during the year). I get my fill of films during the festival and take tapes home to watch from the vast selction at the office. I guess it has all grown heaps since you were involved. When was it?
My kids are all of an age now where we can watch good films together (mostly). My oldest loves to come along to festival screenings with me. Gone are the days of having to go to tame "family" films together.
It's a bummer that your job is so busy around that time. I can so understand you getting pangs...

s. said...

You should try SoulSeek out. It's not as flash as LimeWire, but there are a number of things which make it sooo much better - to me anyway.

Rose said...

Just checked out SoulSeek - seems it's only made for Windows - no Mac version available. Looks good though.

llew said...

Yeah, the festival HAS grown heaps since I was first involved (from 1981 or so), but I was prez during the 90s, when it all started to change...

And for the better IMO, film societies are great, but I think the market changed & the festival suits most people better now, so I'm not looking through rose tinted glasses or anything.

Actually, it occurs to me I was on the festival management committee for a while too.

I used to avail myself of the tapes & DVDs at the office too. But then one day... I lost a tape. In fact, someone, the cleaner, or the babysitter probably flogged it.

It was called Fucking Amal (aka, Show me Love), a Swedish coming of age movie which caused me no end of embarrassment.

First of all, someone from Outtakes (gay & lesbian film fest) dropped it off at my work, told the prim receptionist they were from Outtakes & what that meant, and that they had this film called Fucking Amal for me...

Then it went missing & I visited all the local video stores asking if my wife might have returned it in error. Oh and it's called... etc.

Never turned up, although I did replace it for the kind Mr G, and was too sheepish to borrow anymore.

Rose said...

I remember Fucking Amal - I think that ran in both Out Takes and the Film Festival. I think the first year I did the layout for the festival was that year - the year you lost the tape. I used to work for Base2 and we were in the same building as the NZFF office - just a couple of floors up from them so it was very handy. I've been contracting for the festival directly now for three years - this will be my fourth. So in all I've been working with them for seven years. Although I work from home I move myself down to the festival office into a little back room for the duration - normally around two months. I use a laptop so it works pretty well - am able to be quite mobile.

Your Fucking Amal story is pretty amusing. It just would be that film, wouldn't it?

This is a hard time of year really. Although I really look forward to being part of the team at the NZFF office, I find it hard being away from my kids for the long periods of time that it takes to put the programme together. I end up having to spend a lot of money on frozen dinners. Lots of late nights.

s. said...

It's called SoulSeeX and it's here:

Rose said...

thanks for putting me onto that - it's excellent. put's limewire to shame.

llew said...

Heh... we have probably met.

Yeah, it was in both festivals, I saw it in the Wgtn festival & borrowed it from the office a few years later to show to someone else.

Great movie IMO.

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