Saturday, April 30, 2005

Gingerbread yum yum

Inspired by Stephen's latest kitchen craftery, I have been busy this evening whipping up a quick Old-fashioned Gingerbread. It's bloody nice. (I wonder what it would be like with a little quince jam?) It's made with molasses and treacle, ginger, cloves and cinnamon. Still another forty minutes in the oven. Looking forward to scoffing some tonight with a nice cup of tea. Ah, homely pleasures.

Watched the Metallica doco last night. Managed to sleep through quite a bit of it unfortunately due to imbibing a few glasses of red wine. Proved to be quite soporific combined with a nice blazing fire. Stupidly we started watching the movie at 11pm, and it was quite long. Very amusing - heavy metal musicians going through new age therapy, and using it to aid in the making of their album, St. Anger. There were some great lines.

Tomorrow is not going to be much fun. I'm not looking forward to spending the day doing my GST, but that's what I have in store. It should have been done last week, but I find it really hard to concentrate on a week day when the phone keeps ringing, so the weekend is the best time to tackle the job. I haven't input anything into my accounting system for yonks, so it's not going to be much fun. Crap. Being self-employed is fun most of the time, but the tax side of things is truly boring and vexatious.

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