Thursday, April 21, 2005

Short film successes

Just as I love reading short stories when I'm in the mood, a short film is rewarding to watch in the same way. With little chance to portray a complex narrative, I find they rely more on connecting with the viewer in a more intense emotional way than a feature film. You could never sit and watch a completely abstract film for 6o minutes, but three or four minutes of experimental film can be a totally enveloping experience. A story can be open-ended. There is no need for resolution or closure as there is in a feature. It would be nice to have a DVD of a short film collection, much the same as a collected book of short stories. I guess they could be available. If not, it's a good idea. I'd buy them! Nice to sit down and watch a couple of short films as you would read a short story, especially if you don't have the time to sit down to a feature.

It's wonderful to see New Zealanders being able to find a voice in this medium. It's not an easy one to make any money from - the only way to get them out in the public sphere seems to be through festivals. But, similar to the music industry, the changes in production technology means that much of the work can be done by the filmmaker themselves. First there was the wonderful Two cars, One Night and now there's Boy winning acclaim overseas. It's going to be screened in Out Takes Gay and Lesbian Film Festival shortly.

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