Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I was meant to be working tonight and getting some of my projects underway, but I made the mistake of buying one of those little half bottles of wine at the supermarket on the way home. It was Chianti and my reasoning was that if I had just a couple of glasses then I would be fine and I could do all my work. But no - SOD and I drank the little bottle and then wanted more. SOD went down to the diary (they sell wine!). So here I am, with a tiny bit of work done and a little on the drunk side. If feels nice - it's been a while. But how will I feel about it in the morning?

Anyway - on the work side - the film festival programme goes to print on Friday - the files need to be off in the ether around 5 in the afternoon. It's still in the process of being scheduled - and one film in particular is still being waited on - will we get it or won't we. And I can't tell you what it is, but I CAN tell you that it's very important in the scheme of things. All in good time.

Have been listening to the latest Boom Bip - Blue Eyed in the Red Room. I downloaded it with the wonderful SoulSeek, but really really want the real thing. I think Boom Bip is my musique du jour, but am experiencing a wondrous rebirth of Bailter Space. What does Bailter mean?


starlajo said...

oooh, thanks for the boom bip tip - they sound exactly like my kind of thing.

i am really looking forward to the film festival. i keep checking the site every few days to see what's coming up. i've been surviving on the World Cinema Showcase, the Asian Film Fest and Outtakes in the mean time.

Hi, I'm Jo, I've been lurking for a little while.

Rose said...

Hi Jo - Glad to hear I've created anotehr Boom Bip fan. One thing I love about the Boom Bip albums (because I'm a graphic designer) are the delicious sleeves. Another reason to buy rather than download.

There's lots to look forward to in the film festival. We have had to add an extra 8 pages to the Akld programme to fit it all in!

s. said...

Happy Birthday Rose!

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