Friday, December 30, 2005

so here's a silly joke...

Why are people so tired on the first day of April?

Try to guess - go on. Answer on next blog entry.

So... Merry Christmas and all that. Lots has gone on since my last blog. Lots. Too much to mention here. All I'll say is that I have just gone out and bought three self-help books. Let's hope this coming year improves upon the last two.


paintergirl said...

3? Oh dear Rose. Happy new year! Hope 2006 is a bright year. (for all of us)

I'm am so terrible at jokes-I can't even guess.

Domestic Goddess said...

Um Because they have been Marching for 31 days!!!???

Self help! Jesus Mary and Joseph. You getting all reflective in old age? Lets hope those books did not come with razor blades and with that last comment not drained your sense of humor.

Mind you, the jury is out on the sense of humor thing until you reveal the answer to the joke!

Rose said...

omigod Ms Goddess you guessed it! Because they just had a 31-day march. Can you tell that I got that from a Christmas cracker? I don't have any humour of my own so I have to resort to Christmas crackers.

Okay, the self help books are a GOOD thing. I know they sound alarming but I think it's time to start doing some positive work on myself. Healing the inner child and all that disturbing sounding stuff! Watch this space...

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