Friday, January 06, 2006

Braindead. Is this a new year kinda thing?

Listening to: Broken Social Scene, Broken Social Scene

I put a brown rice teabag in my cup. Came back five minutes later to pour in the water and added sugar and soymilk like I was gonna have a normal cuppa. Had to throw the whole thing out and start again. This must be a new year thing after having a break from work. Brain. Not. Engaged.

Hey, hey, Broken Social Scene might be coming our way this year! This excites me more than I can say. I sussed out that they were going to be playing a few gigs in Australia so made some enquiries via the tour manager over there to discover that there are negotiations underway for them to finish their tour with a show in Auckland. Unfortunately they don't think a gig in Wellington is a possibility sadly, but I am willing to travel the six hours necessary to see them. Waiting for comfirmation of the show. Hope they get it booked.

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