Thursday, January 26, 2006

Do I have to change my blog name?

Good news - I have an office! I'm heading back into town and setting up a nice little cosy home away from home on the corner of Woodward and Lambton. Got a wickedly nice view (to be posted in due course) and it's sunny to boot. I'm pretty damned pleased about this. The price is not bad either and it includes broadband. It's one of these "serviced offices" - there's a whole floor of them in the building I'm in. My friend Siobhan (who I've been doing some work with) is two doors along. She told me about the office a couple of weeks ago and I signed on the dotted line yesterday. I'm going to try to move in early next week. Can't wait! The house is going to be short of a few paintings - I'm gonna be raiding the place for anything that'll turn it into a styley designer office space - I'm going for black and white. Must do some "before and after" shots to post on the old blog. Dave is going to take over my office space at home and turn it into a painting studio - it's really ideal as it has great light - windows allr round - and a really nice outlook. I'll miss my little room, but it'll be so so nice to get out of the house. Now it'll seem lovely to "come home" at the end of the day.

My question: is it okay to keep my blog name?


paintergirl said...

I think you can keep your name. it's more of a state of mind isn't it? At Home With could be anywhere but still you are Rose and we are visiting you.

Maybe I should have more coffee.

Cheers to you and your new space. is it close to walk or ride a bike. I always wanted to be able to walk to work and take the dog.

Lilly said...

Congratz, Rose -- good stuff. Sometimes it's nice to work from home what with all your stuff handy and your own coffee machine, etc. But it does take away that feeling of being OFF work when you're at your own place [I think so anyway].

We used to have the computer desk and all my books and dictionaries set up in the bedroom. It was too much because it was the last thing I saw before going to sleep and the first thing when I woke up. Besides, now you can shout 'Honey; I am hoooome!' to David when you're back from a day at The Office :-)

I agree with PainterGirl -- you need not change the name of your blog. Because it is precisly at home I feel when stopping by your place in CyberSpace :-)

s. said...

Black and white, eh? I can think of some ink drawings that might fit that bill quite well...