Monday, February 27, 2006

Global situation

There's a guy on National Radio just now talking about our global situation and how we are all ignoring it. We all know the oil is going to run out soon. Well, apparently 99% of the cost of our food production is directly from oil - tractors, transport, storage etc. The implications of this are pretty grim. The world is screwed.


Lilly said...

Yeah, we all know deep down, don't we? And no matter how hard we try to ignore it, it's not gonna go away like. Scares the crap out of me. I've always been very concerned about this planet and what we do to it. I do my best to buy organic food and milk, but sometimes I just cannot afford it [in general organic goods are probably about a third more expensive here than the non-organic stuff]. I've been involved with Friends of the Earth Denmark [called NOAH] and remember reading a leaflet they once put out. They advised that you should always buy stuff produced as close as possible to where you are [or your own country] so as to reduce pollution, etc. caused by transporting the foods/goods. Just imagine if we all made an effort. Guess globalisation has really helped increase import and export...which may be great and exciting when you're shopping in your supermarket but not so great for the planet's well-being and oil resources.

We have a lot of wind mills in Denmark. I hope it's something that will keep expanding. I like the idea of using nature's own resources just like that; without causing any destruction [though some people claim that the sight of a wind mill destroys their view! F**k them]. I think water power is quite a biggie in Norway....

One thing that really -- and I do mean really -- pisses me off when I shop vegetables: ALL the goddamn plastic shit they wrap around them. There's so much of it and all it does is take up space in your bucket when you get home. I hate that stuff. Such waste.

Lilly said...

[Oops. That was a wee bit of a rant, Rose. Sorry.]

paintergirl said...

This is a sad topic in our house. Well it really gets us depressed and angry.I try walking to local stores, but big chain stores lower their prices that help us in our poor state. it drives me crazy.

And we were just talking about how it would be so useful to have solar panels on our roof.

It's going to be too late when the world catches on.

Oh-and I just read that trees are not absorbing the amount of carbon dioxide that scientists once thought. It's less.

Rose said...

Hey Lilly - of course you can rant about these things! They are worth ranting about. Some days the state of the planet can just get to you. But we have to live in it, and all we can do are the little things and you have to believe that they amount to something. I had just never thought about the implications of the oil crisis on our food production. Now I'll be trying to buy local and getting back into my vege gardening. Also buying food that isn't processed (I try to do this anyway, but it's not always easy with a busy household and three teenagers to feed...)

PG - I know how hard it is to do the right thing for the planet and also keep to a budget. It's a constant juggling act, isn't it? Still, every little bit helps. You have to believe that.