Sunday, February 26, 2006

quote of the day

I've realised it's not feasible to move to an office. Looks like I'm on my own for a while again. SOD and I are having a break from each other to sort out our lives. I had everything mostly packed for the move to the new office which I was going to be doing today, but instead I'm having an almighty cleanout and reorganisation of my home office. I went on a huge cleaning binge yesterday around the house - this is something I seem to do when I need to purge feelings. For some reason I find it quite therapeutic.

Today I found an old journal from my first year in Wellington - 1994. I had a quote I found somewhere that I still really like: "Art is an axe for the frozen sea within us". Ain't that true.

I'm finding at the moment that concentrating on the practical aspects of life is very comforting. If I stop and think too much today I start falling to pieces.

Postscript: It seems this was a quote by Kafka - had to google it since I never made a note of the source at the time.


Lilly said...

Hey Rose, hope you guys manage to sort things out -- moving and clean-outs may be therapeutic but also extremely draining I find it...such actions make me extremely exhausted; physically and mentally. But afterwards it feels so good!

I too keep my old journals. I love them! I found a box full of them when Alan and I moved flat/appartment recently. I've made sure the box is handy [i.e., not stored in the basement] because one fine day when I get the time I want to look through them all....

Domestic Goddess said...

Hey you its me, perhaps now is an ideal time to tell you how much you still live in my life. I still adore and appreciate you just as much now as I have in the past.

You are amazing and beautiful and if SOD needs his time, let him take it. Its his time to waste. You are the most patient person, but I also know you will not wait forever.

It is a shame as I was so heartened with your blog 'bitch slapped' that looked like you both were having fun with each other.

Rose said...

Big clean-outs always seem to do me some good. But you can't clean forever. Once it's done, it's done. I can sit back and enjoy the results, but it only lasts so long. Now I'm just feeling pretty glum, but I'll come right.

DG - You know, it was brilliant seeing you again and you haven't changed a bit. Still kooky and gorgeous. I think SOD and I both need our space at the moment - it's the right choice for us, even if it's a hard place to be in.

paintergirl said...

Sorry i am late on the reply but I've been thinking about you guys and hoping you two are well.

I need to clean too, but I cannot bear to.

Rose said...

PG - thanks honey. I know that people are thinking of us. It helps, it really does. We will do okay on our own, whatever the outcome. Sometimes people just need space to get their lives sorted out and ours have been a bit confused for a while. It's a good thing.

And you'll clean when you're ready. Don't force it!