Sunday, April 30, 2006

in the yesteryear

I've been doing one of those massive purges that you've got to do on your computer every now and then. The music and the photos have been blitzed - if it's not needed, then into the trash it goes. If it is needed, but is finished with for now, then burn to DVD. It's a tiresome process which is why it only gets done when absolutely necessary. So tonight I've been burning and trashing.

During this purge I found some pics that my sister put onto disk for the whole family about a year or so ago. Dad was always snapping away, but he only used slide film, so almost all our family photos were on transparency. It was really emotional seeing all these images again that I hadn't seen for so many years. We would have these amazing "slide nights" every now and then when Dad would get out the projector and we would all sit in the dark cracking up over the funny family pics. Mum and Dad split when I was 21 so I hadn't seen any of these again till my sister got them put onto CD. Anyway, here's a bunch of them. The ones standing in front of the car would have been taken just before driving off somewhere on holiday - this was a traditional Miller family photo. I'm the littlest of the family.


Lilly said...

Oh sweet Rose -- I can understand why that's not just been a tiring process -- but a very emotional one too.... Those are absolutely beautiful photos -- I really really like them. Thanks for sharing them with us :-D

Hope viewing them brought back to mind some wonderful times.

paintergirl said...

I keep looking at these photos as if they are going to talk to me. I love seeing family photos and these are poignant. Sweet Rose with her family. I love the landscape, of course, and the cars.

Like Lilly said, thank you for sharing these pieces of time.

paintergirl said...

I keep coming back to stare at this pics Rose. it's like getting a glimpse of your past and trying to imagine your childhood.

Lilly said...

Me too, PainterGirl -- me too!! :-D