Friday, April 20, 2007

Phallic or vulval?

My office mate has started a blog concerning vulval design in the world around us. It's fun. It will make you see the world in a different way. Is it phallic? Is it vulval? Maybe that building down the road is closer to hermaphrodite... Oh my. You can see how much fun life in my office is. Tra la la.


Anonymous said...

Hold on. Isn't Eugenia your boss, technically? I'm telepathically sending buckets of pity. And a margerita. A mental margerita just for you.
[And don't forget that dashing yankee who is also a contributer. He's sure is somthing.]

Rose said...

No. No no no. I work for myself. We share space. And gutter homour. But I'll take the margerita all the same. Ta. *clink*

riki said...

Phallus shapes

I often wonder if Belair women have phallus shaped telephones.

listen from the knob and talk into the balls

wif a tight grip round the shaft.

Sounds very upmarket californian.

Already done ?

wonder if it caught on