Sunday, July 08, 2007

Watch this space

Listening to: Bramble Radio download. Highly recommended. My friend's online music show - find some new tunes.

Well, life has taken some funny turns of late. I found out a wee while ago that I had been shortlisted for a design award. Freaky deaky. I'm planning to head up to Auckland for the awards dinner and see if I'm a winner. That would be strange. Just being shortlisted is a bit of a buzz.

Another odd turn is that I have been offered a fulltime job. I should still be able to retain my current clients under this new regime, but essentially I won't be working for myself anymore, which means no more irritating tax compliance (goodbye, paperwork!) and a solid stable income. Not that it's been financially tricky too often, but this way it's far more likely that I'll be able to buy a house. That will be pretty cool. And there's some new challenges in the job too - some of them a bit scary, but I think it's time to bring some new things into my life. Can't have things getting too comfortable!

I've been doing my usual Film Fesitval stint (my ninth and, probably, final year). There's some great films this year, including a bunch of 70s films made by US maverick filmmakers. Most of them seem to be starring a young (and rather attractive) Jack Nicholson.

So. Watch this space. I'll fill you all in on this new job when I know more about what the hell I'm gonna be doing.


Jo Russ said...

Hi Rose - congrats on your Dark work, your design award nomination and your new job scenario! It'll be world domination next! Hope to c u Wednesday at Shed 11...

paintergirl said...

wow wow and wow!!!

Congrats on the nomination and the job. I bet this is such a relief for you, at least for awhile. A nice financial break to get house and such. Very cool Rose.

Anonymous said...

That Jack Nicholson certainly did get about in the early 70s.
He must have made a movie every month.
Congratulations on the job.