Friday, February 15, 2008

Surprise Post

Well hello there. I have not died. No. I've just had my life taken over by my new job which I started back in August '07. About the time I stopped blogging.

Okay, this is just to say that I'm alive.

Next instalment soon. Very soon.

Watch this space.


Margaret Larkin said...

Welcome back! I wish I'd discovered this blog earlier when I was working at home more.

So you're no longer working in that office with the other freelancers?

Rose said...

Metrolingua! Hello again to you, too. no, I got offered a job by one of my print suppliers. He also owns a small design company and his creative director was leaving. He'd seen that I was a hard worker and knew what I was about so he asked me to work for him. So here I am. It's going pretty well, but I seem to be putting in some tremendous hours. I think my work ethic is a little overdone at times. Hence the lack of blogging. But I really miss my blog friends, so I'm going to endeavour to get back into it.

KRT said...

I mean it when I say I am getting excited!!!!