Sunday, January 25, 2009

Old School and Proud

Listening to: Nouns, No Age

There's something incredibly wholesome going on in my house. I've taken up the fine art of preserving, and here's the results of my efforts. Well, not the entire results, cos we've eaten some already, and it was delicious, I tell you. I remember helping my Mum to do bottling and I did some years ago, but I've had to resort to the old Edmonds book to job my memory. So far I've made tomato relish, pasta sauce and bottled apricots. I think the apricots are best - they look great and taste better. I rang a few orchards in Central Otago because that's where the best stone fruit comes from. Got a pretty good deal and bought about 18kg of fruit, so I have to get busy and bottle them before they get too ripe. There's something about living in this cottage that makes me want to get back to basics. Yesterday I made a massive pot of vegetable stock that is now in the freezer. Fuck, I feel so bloody virtuous! Next I'll be knocking up a little calico dress soon out of flour sacks! Nyah hahahahaha!

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Got any honey?