Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SESSION FOUR: At Home with Rose

Playlist for At Home with Rose for Wednesday 25 February, 2009 on Radio23.

My favourite track for today is Whenua by Isle Park. Strange and beautiful.

Thanks heaps to Chelsea from Teacups for sending me tracks for the show. Also to Reuben from Emerald Citeies for Mull Pasha, the new single from their forthcoming release Circa Scaria due out on 6 April.

Subatomic Pop, Bachelorette, Isolation Loops, 2006
Harajuku, Grayson Gilmour, Phantom Limbs, 2005
Electro Rock Power, Disasteradio, Disasteradio, 2002
Glib, Phelps & Munro, A Low Hum (Disc 2), 2004
Poppacino, Bachelorette, Isolation Loops, 2006
Outsleep The Day, Collapsing Cities, Collapsing Cities EP, 2007
mull pasha, An Emerald City
Do You Feel Loathesome?, Grayson Gilmour, Phantom Limbs, 2005
Hotel Azteca, Salon Kingsadore, Hotel Azteca, 2006
Whenua, Isle Park
Blue Penguin, Ruby Suns, Sea Lion, 2008
Moon in a Jar, The Wicks, Why Do People Walk, 2008
Yellow, Fang, A Low Hum (Disc 2), 2004
Pretty (Brimea Mix), Cloudboy, Flying Way Too High, Arclife Records
Zapped, Bailter Space, Wammo
i Dot Heart, Actor slash model
Walk Along, Cloudboy, Cloudboy
Picture You, Tawhiri, Flying Way Too High, Arclife Records
Boatsong, Rosy Tin Teacaddy, Blind Leading the Blind, 2007
Four Eyed Bird Watcher, Teacups
Sea Shanty, Ragamuffin Children, Werecat Lullabies, 2007
Throwing Stones, Sneaky Feelings, Tuatara: A Flying Nun Compilation, 1991
Made Up In Blue, The Bats, Daddy's Highway, 1987
Magic, Teacups
Sophie, The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, A Little Bit Wonderful, 2008
There Are Birds, Ruby Suns, Sea Lion, 2008
I Hope The Pope Makes You A Saint, Lawrence Arabia, Lawrence Arabia, 2006
Ballad, Teacups
Princess Chelsea, Your Woman (White Town Cover)
Princess Chelsea, Monkey Eats Bananas

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