Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Pushing the genre out a bit with some lofi niceness.

I have discovered Autistic Daughters and I am in love. Sweet sweetness.

My fave track today is a new unreleased track from a demo sent to me by Stephen Clover (Seht) pictured. When I listen to it I feel like I'm in a David Lynch film. And that's a good thing.

111 Taranaki, Sophie Moleta, Runner compilation, Next Best Way
Lull, Swung, Key and Voice, PseudoArcana
Still Rain, Lovely Midget, Self Titled, Corpus Hermeticum
Rehana's theme, Autistic Daughters, Uneasy Flowers, Kranky
Twilight Conversation, Roy Montgomery, Scenes From The South Island, Drunken Fish
Florence Crown, Last Replay, Autistic Daughters, Jealousy and Diamond, Kranky
Clear by Morning, Peter Jefferies, Electricity, Ajax Records
Shield, Surface of the Earth, Interference, Corpus Hermeticum
Exhibition 1, Peter Gutteridge, Pure, Xpressway
Fires Thereof, Glory Fckn Sun, Vision Scorched, PseudoArcana
Move Objects, Surface of the Earth, Interference, Corpus Hermeticum
UNGH, Seht, HRRT, unreleased
The Face and Detached, Dean Roberts, Tempo Technik Teamwork compilation, Staubgold
Costume, Tim Coster, Mornings, PseudoArcana
Sea Goose, Nigel Bunn, Runner compilation, Next Best Way
Beat Tactique, Crude, Faux, free release online
Syringes and Insects, Crude, Syringes and Insects, free release online

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