Monday, April 20, 2009



Last week was folksy overtones - this week it's electronic. Sure, there may be an occasional barely recognisable guitar chord, but this show is essentially digital maelstrom. I tucked in a little sweet girlie thing at the end that does have some guitar and drums. I just felt it needed it at the end. More for myself than my listeners, cos I'm a selfish bitch at heart.

I want to acknowledge the phenomenon of Creative Commons and free audio here. Not that there is anything wrong with paying for music. Oh no! But there is a new online culture where artists make their music available for download. So here's a plug for the four artists whose free music I am playing in this session:

Kraus: one of his albums was described in The Listener as "somewhere between a pop Moog record and the harshest no wave." Kraus has the best website I have seen for a long time. Highlight: his interviews with himself. Oh, and his music. I think he's pretty fucking fantastic.
Dsic: Ex-pat New Zealander living in Bristol, UK.
Crude: Matt Middleton has been making music in Dunedin since 1994.
Disasteradio: Luke is Rowell is a Wellington artist who is influenced by Commodore 64 games. You can tell this just by looking at his website.

Here's the playlist for the show:

Golden Axe, Track 02, unknown, (1:26)
Disasteradio, Mail Order Computer Kit, Disasteradio, Open source audio. (2:52)
Kraus, Birds, Red, Green and Blue: 1998-2003, free audio. (4:10)
Kraus, I Mould U Jelly O, The Facts, Creative Commons. (3:24)
Kraus, Exterminating Angel, Red, Green and Blue: 1998-2003, free audio. (3:51)
Kraus, Light and You, Red, Green and Blue: 1998-2003, free audio. (2:47)
MHFS, Tracks 01-08, west Auckland Driving Songs, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon. (Entire release -20:00)
Seht, Gas Reg Stn. + Carrilon, The Voice of the Taniwha, Last Visible Dog. (1:05)
Omit, Slip Link, Tracer, Helen Scarsdale Agency. (3:10)
Omit, Incrustation, Transmogrification, Deepskin Conceptual Mindmusic. (1:44)
Birchville Cat Motel, The Frog Prince, 7", Anthem Records. (4:58)
Crude, Aerosoll, Syringes and Insects, Open Source Audio. (13:29)
Crude, On An Industrial Scale, Syringes and Insects, Open Source Audio. (7:02)
Seht, cydonia, The Green Morning, Digitalis. (5:36)
Seht, B1. ERKK, HRRY, Digitalis (forthcoming release). (6:17)
dsic, Witchita, free audio (2:25)
dsic, 101005, free audio (2:31)
dsic, For Gary Boone, A History of Microprocessing Vol.2: T.I. TMS 1000, free audio.(3:40)
Gate (3), Dis.1.Beat, My Dear Sweet Reluctant Sweetheart, Hell's Half Halo. (4:01)
Gate (3), Pnc#2.aiff/Mry.1, My Dear Sweet Reluctant Sweetheart, Hell's Half Halo. (5:09)
Kraus, Washing Dishes (Electrolux Version), The Facts, Creative Commons. (2:53)
Bachelorette, Your Magic Air, Isolation Loops, Electroplate. (4:44)
dsic, Flat Air Oxygene, free audio. (3:01)
Kraus, Prance of the Ravening Eagle, The Facts, Creative Commons. (3:00)
Kraus, If These Jaws Could Talk, The Facts, Creative Commons. (4:25)
Kraus, I Can Explain, The Facts, Creative Commons. (0:59)
Omit, Eska-Flex, Tracer, Helen Scarsdale Agency (2:17)


David Cauchi said...

I completely endorse the last sentence of the first paragraph.

matthew_middleton said...

hey Rose, thx heaps for spinnin' the CRUDE ! looks like an awesome show you got there. Come see Crude play 16th of May at the Adelaide...

s. said...

That Crude stuff was fucken MAGIC. Matty is that some kinda companion volume to "Fumes"? Kinda like Con Schnitzler's "Rot" & "Blau"?

Rose said...

happy to spin anything that sounds so good! Don't worry, there'll be more Crude in times to come. Glad you liked the show.